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  1. I know this might be strange, but I'm looking for Pathfinder module recommendations for my group that will be ran using the Genesys system. A little backstory: my group just recently finished a Pathfinder AP (Rise of the Runelords) and some of the players that were newer to Pathfinder were miserable and hated it. Now my group is thinking of running another Pathfinder AP, but wants to convert it to the Genesys system. Before we do that, however, I would like to do a test run of sorts by taking a few Pathfinder one-shots or a module that we can test out how the conversions would play and feel in the Genesys system while simultaneously allowing us to work out some of the bugs in our conversions. This is 100% an experiment for us that may or may not work out the way we'd like, but we're pretty set on giving it a shot at least. Does anyone have any recommendations for some modules or one-shots that would be good for us to use for our experiment?
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