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  1. I am looking for 3-4 players for a friday voice game on roll 20 on fridays 8pm EST i will be willing to talk about rules and what would like to talk about rules and ch creation with each player. we shall use discord to talk or skype. pm me if interested
  2. Can natural magic projection be increased with nat magic based round the tables of nat magic
  3. Do smart magic users reall op ki and psycic users. Are martial characters truely outclassed in anima? I seem to have some freinds argueing over that its pointless in anima to play anything other than a magic user or at least someone with magic.
  4. plus when you summon a creature how does issuing ordered work and actions and do you have to keep rolling control
  5. Can you use natural magic to change or enhance and object like making bamboo grow or changing an items color, how long does it last? Or per say making things or creating things. PS: i would like to know if you cast a spell with a 24 hour duration when do you pay the upkeep or maintenance.
  6. can you summon a creature then merge with it using natural magic like a big buff. its something ive always wondered. like merging with an oni to get a massive attack buff or something
  7. when you reach inhuman and zen ability with ki does it carry over into psycic and magic stuff or is the rules for inhuman and zen applied only to ki
  8. if your maintaining a spell can you still steal zeon and or accumulate.
  9. If you summon a creature can you potentially just keep summoning creatures and stealing there zeon or is that not allowed? 2 can someone give a clearer explanation of magic levels and buying more.
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