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  1. I looked up Magneto, and he's the oddest mando I've ever seen. Some kind of sith, apparently...? That's it in a nutshell. They function kinda like a religious group: beginning unified by purpose, stagnate, bog down, infight, schism… the works.
  2. Must be one **** of a hat... I've never had a pc fight over anything worth less than 500 credits.
  3. Most of my books come from shady web-based sources...my game store is completely cleaned of all eote stock BTW, just noticed that this thread is still alive! That makes 1+ years that this thing has been-dare I say it- Fully Operational! :b
  4. Jacen - Kylo Ren, anyone? Add that to my thread about fan canon. I might use that topic as the base for a supplement of some sort... Oh god, Desslok. Don't mention Sharknado.
  5. …Which just so happens to be the kill count on my fps! ¬ \ (''/) / ¬
  6. Only 7.14 percent of SoT and LbE will come out after the 16th. Meaning: Expect the last two or three pages to come out a few days after the rest of the books. God, I love extrapolating.
  7. Have some villains shoot all his girlfriends, then shoot him. That is some f***in' creepy stuff. I mean shooting to happen in the game. I just realized how that first part sounded.
  8. If we could decide what is canon, what's not, than how would the films be organized? What about the prequels? What resources would you all like to see canonized?
  9. Lots. *sigh* Nothing will stop the hard-core Mandalorian fans from getting their say... (et tu, Bruté?)
  10. I'm still waiting for Outer Rim worlds sourcebook - unless one already exists, iwc I'd appreciate someone telling me. I've got like five Bounty Hunter characters in the works, ever since I got no disintegrations. And as kreiger22 will no doubt be delighted to hear, one of them really is space jackie chan! (martial artist/guardian). Don't worry, you'll find someone. Takes most everyone a while. That's what he said!
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