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  1. Honestly, I don’t think he’s terrible; just hard. I sort of equate him design-wise to a combination Black Panther, Ms. Marvel and, maybe Ironman. I think you need a few modifications to play him aggro but, he doesn’t lack for damage. Leadership is interesting. If only played ally leadership with him though; not the inspired one. Which I think would likely be better. Honestly, haven’t lost with him yet but I did have a close call once. I think you have to think about what your damage focus is; Hammer Throw or Lightning Strike and build from there.
  2. I personally am not a huge fan of running “modules” as is. I just like the ideas but I was actually meaning more material like lords of a Nal hutta and Strongholds... nothing big but... or even allow for people to write “module” content and publish it in the foundry or in a foundry style way. I hate to say that that is free money. It really isn’t even though people like to think it is because of the IP and systems which are different used in the games.
  3. I’ll be honest, I think it is a twofold issue. I think part is the tariffs being imposed on production outside the US coupled with the smaller margins and the plausible sale. That is making the margins smaller and smaller and you have Asmodee an entity not wholly US and thus they are probably getting double hit by the political climate. Especially since they are shipping from China and there are specific additional tariffs in place there.
  4. Let’s be fair on both sides here. I understand and feel for those who have been laid off. That being said layoffs don’t have to be permanent but, it isn’t right to be all up in arms in regards to companies trying to make money. Specifically game companies as their margins are particularly small traditionally. People like to stick it to the man a lot... or the perceived man but in situations like this, I think it also important to think of the financial implications relevant to he company in general. Even more so that this means that they are likely hemorrhaging money in some lines and if they don’t do something the company wouldn’t exist at all. I do hope the the rpg wing resurfaces. I also agree that the Star Wars line is pretty much complete. I do hope they keep a reprint schedule going and at least modules for the time being. That would be something. Genesys is my favorite system by a long shot so I hope that maintains at least a handhold on existence. At this point I think the sky is falling conversation needs to be (partially) tables and perhaps help those affected find positions. Then encourage FFG to at least maintain the community presence and perhaps allow for the community content generation we see in the marketplace like the foundry. Perhaps even expand it.
  5. So yeah, here we go back to 30/30 or spirits style for all of you who remember it. Not that I am complaining... just stating.
  6. Sorry 25x3 = 75 +3 was the 78. The premium expansion numbers are from there product pages so 234 should be closing though possible 3 copies of and the ~22 per pack again was from looking at the packs regardless even still a ~1200 to ~1500 card pool. That is still more aggressive than what we have written but I think it would keep everything workable.
  7. Oh yeah and when you get to new cores... just change the roles. They can be different types of things. Expand their design space.
  8. There were rotation schedules before for l5r and there still are for many games. L5r’s was basically every 2 years. While yes, it started and was needed more for balance, it became a mainstay. It would be really easy to have a two year rotation in which a new base set describing the current storyline base and the cards relevant to the base. The distribution of older product was 1 special set a year one “expansion” every 3-4 months depending on the when. That matches up pretty well with cycles. If anything you could plausibly spread a cycle distribution. See below. 2 Year Rotation 7 clan packs (75/3;78) (546) 2 Premium Set (234) (468) 2 6 pack Expansion Cycles (~22/6) (264) 1 Story Core Set. (239) 1517 total per cycle (22 sets) You can release store cores at fencing in August and premiums in Jan/Feb. you keep the an extra premium set which puts the environment at basically 2000 cards and rotate to most recent three premiums/most recent clan pack/two most recent cycles/most recent core. Skip a month after premium and core set since they are the largest individual card changes.
  9. It’s not really always have access to them. I mean you aren’t getting soul beyond reproach and fight on together. The balance portion wasn’t really about people not having access part of the year. That would be unintelligent at best as it creates even more lopsided power skewing for a meta. It really was as incentive prize for winning. In part that makes sense but it is a rich keep getting richer scenario and bad for new players so...
  10. I can only hope those that oppose this change can look past it to the positive benefits freed roles have on the new player community if nothing else. I still think it will bring about some variation, which will be good for the game but, I really feel that telling players that they can’t play the cards they just purchased is an immediate negative play experience so... thank you to all who helped implement it. To Freedom!
  11. I would like to preface by requesting you read my entire post before the bbq begins. I don’t honestly think there is a problem with dueling inherently. The mechanic is pretty sound and thematic. In an even match, if both parties are even in their strike. The duel in a tie. If one is less honorable, they stand a better chance to win but must do so at the cost of honor... etcetera... it even goes that within a few similar numbers, the more skilled participant should win but can be beaten, if honor is sacrificed. The issue I perceive is that while duels are traditionally, conceptually between two parties and conflicts are between any number of parties, why do we use the same stats? I do think making more duels refusable for a cost is good. But additionally I think duels based on base stat or even more appropriately, glory would be better and more thematic. Base stat allows for closer stats. Doesn’t prevent bully dueling but definitely limits it. Glory, though, that is a whole different ballgame. It is more personal to the character, it isn’t modified by status, and it’s number range is most of the time between 0-4. Yes there are outliers (the emperor, Satorii, Isawa Mori Seido...), but in most honest cases I think it would be more balanced and allow for more diverse bidding, allowing for increased interactivity in duels. Just some thoughts.
  12. No, this can take up time. It can easily lead to stalling. Please remember that fences only keep honest people out and the rules as no different. Aside from that, it’s just practice.
  13. I imagine they will definitely do a Core 2.0. It would easily be relavent to story arcs or even generational story relavence. Regardless, FFG has a lot of space to work with here. I could imagine, if nothing else, an every two (or at a stretch) three year core rotation. And I honestly think it would be beneficial for the game. I know with net runner, when that happened, if you had purchased all the packs, you would have all the cards, but purchasing the new core gave new artwork.
  14. So I gotta say, I can’t agree with all the post errata negative hype for restoration of balance. Did anyone play Upholding Authority ever? Sure there is counterplay. You think there wasn’t before? As if there had never been Pathfinder’s Blade accessible or Cautious Scout if you were crane or any of the possible solutions for unicorn or the ever popular unicorn splash... No it’s not as degenerate. But just like so many other cards, if their effect go off you are in the same boat. And uh, so what Fire provinces are you going to play? Abandoning Honor? Wait... that’s on break... Feast or Famine... Fire only and on break... um... illustrious forge? One time maybe and less efficient than any other “draw a card”? Ok so Meditations... wait that gets stopped by the same as current is without the honor effected efficiency... Basically, start looking at the response to counterplay options. Use whatever is most efficient for you goal. The sky really isn’t falling.
  15. Sorry, I was meaning Wholeness. Which would be Jank before, but I could seriously see this version being stupid lockdown.
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