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  1. I would like to preface by requesting you read my entire post before the bbq begins. I don’t honestly think there is a problem with dueling inherently. The mechanic is pretty sound and thematic. In an even match, if both parties are even in their strike. The duel in a tie. If one is less honorable, they stand a better chance to win but must do so at the cost of honor... etcetera... it even goes that within a few similar numbers, the more skilled participant should win but can be beaten, if honor is sacrificed. The issue I perceive is that while duels are traditionally, conceptually between two parties and conflicts are between any number of parties, why do we use the same stats? I do think making more duels refusable for a cost is good. But additionally I think duels based on base stat or even more appropriately, glory would be better and more thematic. Base stat allows for closer stats. Doesn’t prevent bully dueling but definitely limits it. Glory, though, that is a whole different ballgame. It is more personal to the character, it isn’t modified by status, and it’s number range is most of the time between 0-4. Yes there are outliers (the emperor, Satorii, Isawa Mori Seido...), but in most honest cases I think it would be more balanced and allow for more diverse bidding, allowing for increased interactivity in duels. Just some thoughts.
  2. No, this can take up time. It can easily lead to stalling. Please remember that fences only keep honest people out and the rules as no different. Aside from that, it’s just practice.
  3. I imagine they will definitely do a Core 2.0. It would easily be relavent to story arcs or even generational story relavence. Regardless, FFG has a lot of space to work with here. I could imagine, if nothing else, an every two (or at a stretch) three year core rotation. And I honestly think it would be beneficial for the game. I know with net runner, when that happened, if you had purchased all the packs, you would have all the cards, but purchasing the new core gave new artwork.
  4. So I gotta say, I can’t agree with all the post errata negative hype for restoration of balance. Did anyone play Upholding Authority ever? Sure there is counterplay. You think there wasn’t before? As if there had never been Pathfinder’s Blade accessible or Cautious Scout if you were crane or any of the possible solutions for unicorn or the ever popular unicorn splash... No it’s not as degenerate. But just like so many other cards, if their effect go off you are in the same boat. And uh, so what Fire provinces are you going to play? Abandoning Honor? Wait... that’s on break... Feast or Famine... Fire only and on break... um... illustrious forge? One time maybe and less efficient than any other “draw a card”? Ok so Meditations... wait that gets stopped by the same as current is without the honor effected efficiency... Basically, start looking at the response to counterplay options. Use whatever is most efficient for you goal. The sky really isn’t falling.
  5. Sorry, I was meaning Wholeness. Which would be Jank before, but I could seriously see this version being stupid lockdown.
  6. I think the errata to Tadaka is good but doesn’t make him any less potent. Mostly because it puts the cost in the hands of Phoenix requiring them to interact with their opponent rather than their opponent interact with them. Hey look a reason to play Way of the Phoenix... On the note of the Scorpion Stronghold, I think this was pretty unnecessary. Even if it was somewhat needed, I think the design could be a little better. Something like add a cost that says: if you are less honorable than your opponent, Bow the stronghold and lose 1 honor: your opponent chooses to give you either 1 fate or 1 honor. That would have the inherent issue of being your opponent’s choice and you will still pay the honor cost. Both effects are good for scorpion but in different ways, and giving the honor nets only the loss of 1 honor and no Scorpion gain. Still... Restoration of Balance... I think this errata is perfect. It adds counterplay. I doesn’t mean the dragon player can’t help force the break but it does mean that it doesn’t create such the NPE of randomness the on reveal did. I think it is still playable as well. You can still make a province lineup that your opponent just doesn’t want to run into.
  7. I agree. I actually like the anti-holding mechanic of the new lion as well. It isn’t perfect but it is somewhat thematic... now, bring on Hiroru.
  8. Years ago, when the game first began, lion were not about swarm. They were fast, hit hard with lots of pumps and efficient characters. As lion and unicorn lost their major keywords, and the flow doesn’t easily allow for swarm in the same way they did it before, lion is missing something. I really feel that it would be nice if they went back to efficiency Characters with honor gain backup. I think the exclusion of traits is good though. That means less remembering a rule and more printed on card effects. Still would require a change but not a bad one I would think. I think there does need to be more trait driven cards that are good for lion. Like there are for Shugenja and Monks...
  9. I can’t mirror the sentiments about going first. I have gone first on all but two games at multiple stores and playing at home and I have only lost one game split amongst multiple decks. I think it is more important to realize the strategy of how to play first versus going second. Also, don’t be afraid to mulligan. If you do, you will get to “draw” two sets of 7 (one seven, one six, play one, draw one) before your opponent goes. Gives you more chances for specific starts. Plus something like a first turn ember imp really sets the tone.
  10. I would actually assume it afterwards in the same way fight abilities work in conjunction with using a creature (pg7 from the rule book). Wherein the you don’t perform any Fight abilities until after you check to see if the creature is still alive. Otherwise they have the Before Fight text available.
  11. I definitely think there are issues with the 6x6 method of distribution. Not necessarily from a seller perspective. Been said before, anyone who wants them will buy them. More casual players will buy them at a more casual rate. The main issue is that is keeps the environment stagnant. If that happens, it reduces the players playing the game and ultimately reduces your competitive and casual appeal. I think they need to reconsider this to build interest and keep people interested. Even if they were all packs larger like DotV and they had 6 releases a year, that would be better.
  12. Perhaps more than any other game of FFG I have seen or play. Three is necessary to be competitive.
  13. I think the real problem shouldn't be considering a playstyle an NPE and for the most part an individual card either. Mechanically, honor is a resource which is harder to gain but has a significant downside if you spend it all. The thing is that attacking it doesn't force the opponent to not play the game while watching the attacker play. It still requires interactivity. To be honest, the bid for cards can cause the most issues and that is purely gambling and there is skill to it. Now I realize the examples where a player felt there was nothing they could do but, that could have happened through challenges as well, just with a different set of cards drawn. If that were the case, then we may as well just say losing is an NPE and be done with it. And while at least someone out there tried to make us think there are winners and those who get participation prizes, losing gives us an experience that we can examine and figure out if our choice was good or bad; informed or naive. It allows the development of other skills necessary to succeeding at your goal, i.e. winning. L5R old and new has been about the game within the game, I think even moreso in the new version as it does an exceptional job of not allowing a vice grip on controlling your opponent. The downward spiral can now be mitigated. it is, however, an exercise of patience and observation.
  14. I'm actually happy with the new game. It's refreshing and provides enough difference from the original that the bad of the old gets overlooked. FFG is actually pretty good with games of attrition as well. I actually prefer those. One difference is that the old game was not a game of attrition even though it tried to look like it. This actually seems to take elements of other AEG games though and combines them with FFG standards. Original Doomtown and LBS come to mind.
  15. I think what you say about single core is true. I have different decks for each. As I am still proxying, I haven't been as concerned with the 1 vs 3 scenario. I think you have to abuse the rings to truly make dishonor forcefully viable. To that end I have been focusing on a Phoenix deck for that even though I traditionally play Scorpion. I actually hope they keep single core alive as an environment using just it and the packs associated with the current expansion set as a sort of limited format. Perhaps not all the tournaments but for different ways to look at things.
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