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  1. Elrodthealbino

    How many bases do I need to pack?

    I am a relatively new Armada player having only done a handful of games. I am the sole owner of the collection among my friends, same for x-wing. I know with X-wing, if I pack about three large and medium bases and eight small ones, I have enough for either party play almost whatever we want that isn’t weird jank. The Armada bases are giant. What is the average amount of each size I should carr?
  2. Elrodthealbino

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    You might have an easier time getting your friends to play due to the fact that they don't have to buy anything. I consistently play with a group of three and I have never had a need for them to buy anything. Two cores and the cards for whatever campaign you are playing at the time is more than enough for everyone to play and have a top tier deck. No purchases by your friends would be necessary.
  3. And in all honesty, unless you are only playing solo, there really isn't much in the way of waste. If you play with three or four people, you need more tokens. It is also nice to have a second chaos bag for the other side of the table. The encounter sets go nicely in the Return to Night of the Zealot box to keep that nice and tidy. The only things truly extra are the weakness cards, and the ,15 investigator specific cards.
  4. Elrodthealbino

    Printing Campaign Guide Issues

    The PDFs also have a crap ton of typos. The latter half of Dunwich was full of misspellings. Not your standard substitutions such as "there" or "their," but words missing letters and some things which were pretty hard to parse. It was awkward to read out loud.
  5. Elrodthealbino

    YT-2400 2.0 the new Jumpmaster?

    What made 1.0 Dash brutal was the fact that he was always nailing you at r3 with 4 dice and you got no range bonus. That will no longer be the case.
  6. Elrodthealbino

    The Forgotten Age talk - light spoilers

    We played with Mateo and Finn. Finn was at 2 health and 2 sanity at the end while Mateo was full up. We were both extremely flush with cash. I need to put in a willpower pumpable. He definitely has the money to support it.
  7. Elrodthealbino

    2.0 Card Size, Reduces your Space on the Gaming Table

    Also, extra munitions cards will be a thing of the past. I think they are also trying to steer people away from the 90 card fat ships. Your average Nymranda list looks like someone is playing the Arkham Horror LCG off to the side.
  8. Elrodthealbino

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Wait a second. Did....did I just have a good time watching the top 8? That was unexpected.
  9. Elrodthealbino

    Thoughts after watching the Covenant play through video with Alex

    Yeah. And for what was essentially a beginner's game, maybe Krennic was a little too complicated a mechanic for demonstration purposes. Also, did they forget to move Jek Porkins one turn?
  10. Elrodthealbino

    Poll: What’s your favorite ship maneuver?

    I guess no one plays the ship, so I guess no one said it. IG-88D’s hard 3 S-loop. It is basically the decloak+hard 1 candy cane on a large bank ship.
  11. Elrodthealbino

    Play times for Carnavale and Rougarou?

    It would be two player. It sounds like I may be out of luck with these. Might do Mansions of Madness instead then.
  12. I have been sitting on the PODs in reserve for a while, and now with the next Carcosa not beong until the end of January, I am thinking about pulling one of these out. However, I have a little less playtime than usual tonight. Can either of these be completed in about two hours?
  13. Elrodthealbino

    How many monsters do I actually need in my box?

    $50+ is a bunch of money to spend on an insert to a game I don't play all of the time. Although I appreciate the heads up.
  14. So I need a little advice from the guys here who have played it a lot. I have all of the add ons and what not and I made it all fit into the box with a little help from some other ffg boxes placed inside so the box barely closes. It is heavy and a little awkward (although surprisingly well organized). Can I thin the herd on these monsters a bit? Am I actually going to see six Cultists, two Shuggoths and two Star Spawn in one scenario? Do critters like Nightgaunts usually show up in pairs or are they typically one-offs? Yes I realize it is random, but I would love to be able to cut it in half without proxying. My player situation is usually three, possibly four players, any scenario goes, but as it stands we have only done the first two. Before anyone says "skip the minis, just use the chits" I have one player who dislikes Arkham Horror LCG (which I feel is the better game) specifically because there are no minis.
  15. Elrodthealbino

    Hour of the Huntress

    This works for me. I would have bought the book anyway. Someone mentioned ordering at a store. Is this a thing I can do? Neither amazon or Barnes and Noble have any listings. I would much rather buy this at a brick and mortar. Either a bookstore or a gamestore would be fine.