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  1. Not looking to be "that guy" and come on hard plugging another game on this forum, but I know some folks on this forum have been following both Runewars and ASOIAF, so I suspect a single post in a necro'ed thread wont annoy folks too much. This community was one of the most fun aspects of Runewars prior to release. I found the ASOIAF community severely lacking because there was no discussion forum like we had here. So, I decided to create one. If you are casually interested in the game or if you are following it hardcore but find it difficult to track the changes in the Kickstarter format, check it out. https://asoiafcc.com/ Discussion forum + game information, basically. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. (PS, just completed painting my full block of 48 reanimates + full command)!
  2. For those that collect multiple games (like myself), just want to point out that the Kickstarter is ending in about 2.5 hours. So, if you want to get the exclusives for ASoIaF, then now's the time.
  3. ASOFAI is winding down and after looking through everything I think both games will probably be successful. CMON is doing a good job on the KS giving you fun stuff (replacing all of the cardboard in the boxed set primarily) without pushing away retailers. The way they are doing the characters is also really neat too. I am obviously not throwing away my Runewars stuff and still have a lot of it on the painting table, but I think there may be room for both games in the market. I bought into the kickstarter because I have been looking for a "historical" style wargame. While not really historical, Westeros has such a rich history and low magic that it really gives me the best of both worlds for a "historical" fix. Lannisters v Starks is actually more engaging than Greeks v Persians, heh! For those that havent been following it:
  4. Added Kyndrithul as a rumor's product based upon the Army Painter guide. Updated the product status for each product. Also added a new section that will keep track of all Promos, for those OCD completionist like myself.
  5. Archers seemed OP in the demos but FFG nerfed them hard right before release by removing the auto hit modifier on their wheel. As it stands, I think Daqan are straight up better. This is largely due to the movement options for Oathsworn. That said, it's early and it only takes a single upgrade to completely reverse the tables. Play a lot. Learn a lot. When the game is inevitably balanced, brag that you were here now...
  6. Hey bud. I know how you feel and, you have been around and very positive for quite some time, so you deserve to be heard. My response, admittedly rose colored, is that this game's strategy is AT LEAST 50% knowing your army and 50% knowing your opponent. I would guess if you spent the next 9 months playing Daqan, Waiqar and Latari, you will be better at Uthuk when they come out than someone that focused on a single faction the whole time. i don't say this to minimize your (very rationale) thoughts, but rather to give you a bright side. You are a very good member of the community and I'd hate to see you get completely discouraged. (For the record, I consider myself a mercenary and I'll play whatever is OP at the time of the relevant tourney! So Daqan it is until further notice!!)
  7. Updated this post with everything to date.
  8. Don't see any news article up yet, but weeeee https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/runewars-miniatures-game/products/heavy-crossbowmen-unit-expansion/ **News just hit on the main page. Must have just got lucky and hit the product page a minute or two before the News was posted.
  9. There are a few good starter 200 point lists for Waiqar on these forums, but I haven't seen anything specifically for Daqan. I've put together the following list for my Daqan forces. I have 3 cores. Kari Wraithstalker + Heartseeker (42 points) Spearmen 2x1 (18 points) Spearmen 3x3 + Front Line Rune Golem + Trumpets (68 points) Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points) Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points) Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points) Idea is pretty simple. Rush the 3x3 Spearmen brick up the gut of the board. In my experience, it can pretty much go toe-to-toe with anything anyone runs right now. If its going to run into archer cross fire, turtle up with the extra defense while still pushing forward. Use your Cavalry to protect your big brick's, flanks, and look for other flanks. Use the 2x1 Spearmen unit to Shield and deliver Kari to somewhere that she can wreck havok with ranged from out of Line of Sight with Heartseeker and be in position to clean up toward the end of the fight. Been simple and fun so far, although I haven't really played anyone that would be considered a vet of miniature games to give a real challenge.
  10. Updated with newest information.
  11. I don't know, but there is no rule, golden or otherwise, that says "if wording on one card is consistent with the rulebook, it should be interpreted in a manner to read in contradictions on other cards." Between the interpretation of "all" other ranged effects and "certain unspecified" ranged effects, I don't see how anyone can choose the latter with a straight face. Do "all" ranged attacks need line of sight? I disagree. The purpose of a rules forum is to discuss and clarify rules. Even if the analysis for this particular rule has been thorough, it is still a good exercise for the forum may help others in the future.
  12. Do you have a recommendation for a laser brand?
  13. For what it is worth, my interpretation using the English version: Rules Reference - Rule 46 - "To perform a ranged attack or resolve other ranged effects, a unit must have line of sight to its target." (emphasis added) Kari's Card - "Choose another enemy unit at range 1-5. That enemy suffers..." (emphasis added) I do not see how this ability can be interpreted as anything other than a "ranged effect" that "must have line of sight." For what it is worth, I believe Ardus interpretation is the exact same...he needs line of sight (even though it does not make a lot of sense), and I think that cards such as the Carrion Lancer that say "and in line of sight" are poorly drafted, but should not be determinative because they do not contradict the Golden Rules, second bullet that states "If an effect on a card...contradicts rules found in the Learn to Play booklet or Rules Reference, that [card] takes precedence." Nothing on the Carrion Lancers card contradicts a rule in either book. So, very strict rules as written, I think both Ardus and Kari's abilities necessarily require line of sight because there is nothing on the card that contradicts the baseline rule in the Rules Reference. Note, I understand the argument about the construction of other cards that specifically include a line of sight reference, but...bottom line...there is no golden rule that says "to resolve a conflict, look at how other cards are written." So, I feel that line of argument is unpersuasive from a rule as written perspective. The above said, my gut tells me that FFG made a mistake and neither Kari's nor Ardus' abilities are supposed to have line of sight and it will be FAQed soon, by a parenthetical that says "This ranged effect does not require line of sight."
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