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  1. Silencer wing so far. Still not sure if I'm feeling this specific gold here. It's kind of a pain to work with.
  2. First Order test scheme. Not my best work but it gets the idea across. Might try a brighter gold though, not sure if the contrast is enough. Not quite sure about the solar panels either. Been having a hard time coming up with a color for those. Plus need to do the cockpit glass too.
  3. Test scheme done on the victory and the ISD I. I like how the scheme turned out. Execution could be better, but I need to redo the base coats anyway.
  4. Is this what airbrushed primer is supposed to look like? Specifically the slight grainy texture to it. (I realize that that isn't an armada ship, but pertains to my armada stuff) The last shot is what the primer looks like when painted, minus the fuzz that never got cleaned off the model.
  5. Looking back at the original announcement article, it looks like there are 3 titles and 2 superweapons. It also shows the other ship variant as well.
  6. Some more work on the ISD II. It's still a bit hard to get good pictures because of the lighting. The brighter copper is vallejo liquid copper. The darker is screaming bell. I think the liquid copper will look better if I can get it brighter for more contrast. Thoughts?
  7. Engines. Now that I look at this it looks like I need to do another pass with the airbrush. I see a few spots I missed.
  8. Just regular super glue. I can take a picture of the engines when I get home from work.
  9. Its interesting because the isd and vsd are the same color, it just depends on the lighting how bright it looks.
  10. A partial test of the rebel scheme I have in mind. This one is kinda sloppy since I'll probably end up redoing it now that I have an airbrush and I might go with a darker blue. I think I'm probably going to use the copper highlights as a way to connect my fleets.
  11. Going to just start sticking all my repaints here so I don't have threads all over the place.
  12. TIE Defender finished. Honestly this one is really hard to get good pictures with. It looks better in person as the camera doesn't really pick up the silver highlights well. Happy with how it turned out though. Might go back and clean up the silver a little.
  13. A pair of reverse action tweezers was really helpful for those. Still took a few tries to get them positioned right.
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