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    App Feedback

    I know its just as easy to create a link on my phone to the rules or to download the PDF to my phone (already have) but could there be a link added to the app that takes you to the rules?
  2. I have purchased a starter and a display box. I will most likely not purchase anything more until the next cycle.
  3. The QR code would also prevent this, as it will tell you what is supposed to be in your deck.
  4. Printing a deck with a serial number etc.... won't work. When you go to a tournament I bet they will be scanning the QR code and cross checking your deck with what is supposed to be in it.
  5. It also looks like Spligg is set for a reprint. I had the exact same concern... I just got into Descent and am loving it and then I see that a lot of the content isn't available. I really hope this is just the FLGS' having low stock after Christmas.
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