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  1. I dont think we will be getting anything else to support Saruman (especially attachments) otherwise it would be in the pack with him. Theres 1 spirit event I believe unspoiled which may be doomed but otherwise there prob wont be anything more. Which is totally fine, because with his staff and all those other events there is lots to 'fill' a deck with.
  2. Now that would work well if you also had lore Aragorn
  3. Yeah Nori is terrible unfortunately. His art looks like it belongs in a minecraft/cartoon type game, and compared to lotrs normal art it looks ridiculous. And his ability is just not good. Anyway, I have a question about Saruman. If you trigger the steward of orthanc ally ability and give an event doomed 1 to draw a card, does that also ready Saruman? It would be a shame if it didn't but I am unsure.
  4. @Felswrath Your list of allies is missing 1 that Im surprised hasnt been mentioned yet; ally Denethor! Nice to finally have a use for him, he will be good to see in the opening hand! The new hero unfortunately doesnt really help the gondor spirit allies like damrod or the lampwright, but she looks real good in a gondor/rohan deck anyway, and making denethor useful is quite a feat. She is just what Gondor needed;a low theat quester who can help early game willpower.
  5. @dalestephenson I dont plan to argue long over this, I understand that you feel the way you do. But the designers didn't decide to give this card errata because it was underpowered. And lets be honest; Caleb and the team know better than you or me what is best for this game. I trust them and appretiate their work, as Im sure you do as well. Im also not sold that more people like the old card as you say, there are several members on this forum that have expressed otherwise.
  6. @dalestephenson You got a little hung up on my example of why the map is too good. Danger in Dorwinion is just one example. The map definitely shut down design space because of its existence and it made cards like striders path not as useful. Its repeatable nature and low cost was too good and I have always tried to avoid using it. Why? Because it just isnt that fun to ignore every travel cost in the game with this. The Harad cycle brought a lot of locations with forced effects ( as Seastan mentioned) and I believe the existence of thrors map was the reason. Its still a good card, and certainly not a coaster. Off the top of my head I can think of a few locations that make you reveal a card to travel there. Discarding the map is totally worth cancelling that, and you dont need to have a resource on hand to do it.
  7. Im so glad to see this change. A simple 1 cost repeatable effect that completely avoids travel costs is overpowered and poor design. Look at the second quest from Shadow in the East; Thrors map completely breaks that quest. Thank you Caleb for fixing this broken card and others like the ridiculously overpowered burning brand.
  8. Also you could run the non-unique harad allies, just use them as discard fodder to ready a boosted Kahiel or Jubayr
  9. First Id like to say that while I have played this game for several years, this is the 1st time I posted on this forum, though I have kept up with it for a long time. Im a big fan of your blog Durins Father, keep up the good work! I like your idea about the Harad deck. My inital impression was not to necessarily get to 9 characters on round 1 or 2 but to really try get some of the best allies over several turns, like ally arwen and the twins with harad or something like that.
  10. How about a Harad deck? Those powerful uniques should do it
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