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  1. Hi all, There will be a doubles tourney with 2x75 points, both players can pick any faction, only reb+imp disallowed. I'm fairly new to X-wing, and looking for feedback/ideas. So far what came to my mind is: -Fenn Rau and Kanan + Lowhhrick and Poe -Jakku gunner and Bossk + Vessery(D with ion cannon) and Glaive(D with tractor beam): Bossk smashes in, Glaive tractors targets in r1 of Bossk who unleashes cluster missiles with fearlessness -Jakku gunner and Moralo Evval(HLC, tactical jammer for Blackout) + Vessery and Blackout: Moralo has a big area covered with 4 die attacks, and provides Blackout with obstacle. Which could have the most potential? Also, bombard me with crazy ideas please!
  2. Balancing Relay

    After reading relay first, I thougt it was a sort of boosted comms. If the relay squad had to be in command range of the ship wanting to relay through it I think it would be absolutely fine.
  3. The Arrestor Cruiser

  4. AF 76 (Caitken&Shollan)

    I think they were designed for mc75 armored cruiser. If they were officers, theyd actually see some play, but Im pretty sure people will opt for ls,oe whenever they can for rerolls. For Ackbar Af my personal preference is gt, its not hard to have 2 ships in red range in one arc. Obviously they help the first shot you take, but it wont shoot second time if you cant pull off the slash, and the second shot is unmodified... Im not sold on them.
  5. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Shape wise this is my fav ship: But it will never feature in armada sadly...
  6. What will Wave 8 bring?

    How about the cheramic white from R1? We could use a proper isd1. There are at least 76 isd types, and possibly a million more!
  7. Have Chimaera, do I need Vanilla ISD?

    Fleet building wise, Id put squadrons(2 of each imperials and a single copy of rogues and villains) and gozanties(2) to top priority when you expand your fleet, but Id suggest getting an Isd, and a possible second later on, depending on your budget and your goals.
  8. Wave 7. MSU Imperials

    I did something similar, if you play the list very well, I think it can cause surprises. I have the same 4 raiders, 1 BCC gozanti, and 6 firesprays. If you can manage to strip shields from long range, the rest shouldnt have problems to finish off the target. And its the bigger the better.
  9. MC-75 Experiences!

    I like the ordenance cruiser with Sato, but I refuse to touch the armored. One-shotted a quasar with it, and dealt 3 dmg to an Isd with the same shot ^^
  10. New Falcon? *possible spoiler* ?

  11. Nav officers with Arquittens?

    And -6 for the officer
  12. Nav officers with Arquittens?

    13? 8 you mean, dont you?
  13. Nav officers with Arquittens?

    I used it with ET, speed1-2 and its perfectly manueverable.
  14. Fish Foiler: ISD + Demo + 4

    Id defo drop motti. Jj/sloane.