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  1. I had a pre-rhymer nerf mixed battle. B-Wings with rhymer did 'well' pushed by yavaris
  2. Sort of stated above, only can echo: More aces list than Sato. 9 squads, id stop one since 1 is deployment wise wasted. If you need more Points, you could downgrade your corvette, and upgradig the Transport to combat refit at the pruce of wing commander would be beneficial too.
  3. In my experience, 3x combat Transport, 1 with tory farr, Jan,Biggs,Tycho,3x Xwings is quite a Solid start for a Sato list, which leaves around 196 Points for combat ships of your choice: Defiance, Salvation, (Paragon), apt hammers, corvettes are all Solid choices. The mentioned base worked me pretty well, x-Wings can hang around for Long periods around ships, while tycho goes wherever he is needed. Their dmg to ships is okay-ish, but can deal with squads too. Toryn boosts their Anti-squad capabilities, and the flak of the 2 other flotillas. And the flotillas fill the role of carries and provide decent flak, but also thanks to Sato, They can punch way above their strenght (once played most Wanted, rolling 3 blacks from a 24 Point ship is Just insane).
  4. Bit bored at work... I was thinking about Writing Articles in ffg style, revealing w8 with lancer fregatte and corelian gunship, and w9 with strike cruiser and cc-7700. C'mon, give us an article already... I hate armada is the Black sheep. But Even X-wing is Getting less and less focus
  5. Hi there, I can recommend you Warboar games in Bromley or Dark sphere in Vauxhall. Prices... you know its cheaper to buy online, so if you want to support a shop, just close your eyes, there is not much difference in pricing.
  6. Why dont you go for af2b-s with gt-s with this setup? Season It with any turbo laser, and suddenly you End up throwing 7-5 dices in the red range.
  7. I would place tuskens 2. after hutts on the bottom.
  8. thanks all for the Answer, there is a lot of sense there we Both played armada for 2 years, i Think we can handle the upgrades;) Just gotta get used to the movement templates and ships capabilites
  9. Thanks for all the answers and the helping attitude. I don't consider myself new player, Im in this game for 1,5 years now, usually finishing in top 3 at local tourneys with 10-20 players, played at regionals and at euros. Yeah, from now on it might sound just whining, but I hope you understand me. Im not against the new stuff coming out or anything like that, just it became a bit frustrating me to end up with a fleet im satisfied with. Sometimes I post some of my lists here, but the usual answer is this and that would kill you totally. Well, thanks, but as you guys pointed out, there is no fleed without weaknesses...
  10. Hi all! Just a quick question: made 2 list for my friend and myself to play our first game. I know it should be simple and etc, but you know, it wouldnt be the same... We wanted to stick with the vanilla stuff, leaving scumm and their madness for the moment(I read a lot of QQ about them). So the question is, is this two list 'fair' to play against each other, or does one of the side have advantage? 100 points Tomax Bren (28) TIE Bomber (24), TIE Shuttle (0), Cool Hand (1), Fleet Officer (3), Weapons Engineer (3) Darth Vader (34) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (1) Colonel Vessery (38) TIE Defender (35), Ion Cannon (3), A Score to Settle (0), TIE/D (0) Tomax should support the 'big guys' with tokens, Vader to grant Vessery the locks, Vessery seems to be able to dish out a lot of pain. VS: 100 points Jake Farrell (29) A-Wing (24), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2), Intensity (2) Garven Dreis (27) X-Wing (26), R2-D6 (1), Integrated Astromech (0), Adaptability (0) Keyan Farlander (44) B-Wing (29), Advanced Sensors (3), Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6), Extra Munitions (2), Stay on Target (2), B-Wing/E2 (1), Intelligence Agent (1) All 3 are on same PS, to have felibilty in their moving-shooting order. Garven plays some sort of support ship role, Farrell and Keyan will like its extra token. Jake seems to be quite adept at arc dodging, Keyan will hit very hard what he locks on. For me without any experience, they seem okay, but obviously you know better. So please, enlighten me:)
  11. In my opinion, a good list is 50% of succes, 40% knowledge, 10% luck (matchup, rolls), obviously you can argue this. My criterias: - activations: for me, 4 is the average 5 is bottom msu for me, 3 starts to feel too few, If I can, I try to avoid taking first punch, so a comms net flotilla is present in my fleets 4 out of 5 cases. - deployment: I consider 8 as the average, couple of times outdeploying my opponent won me games. - defense against bombers: have to have enough firepower either in form of squads, flak, or a good mix of them - a ship to deal reliably with flotillas - flagship: has to be tough AF, or nimble and quick, my personal taste is pickle or Jainas light, or ISD (VSD with tua, if...) - prepared to deal with the actual 'hotness' aka full squads, Avenger Thats all what comes to my mind atm.
  12. Hi all! Did anyone else experience frustration too while building lists? As the game expanded, more and more options became available, so did my 'checklist' for list become longer and longer. There are now quite a lot of criteria for a good list to fulfill, and I almost always end up being unsatisfied with the list, as I can't meet all of them. Also, this started to keep me away from playing... Anyone else with this problem?
  13. I Think he could be an officer, with the battle meditation like ability. Looking at opponents top dials before setting yours makes Complete sence. Or to tune It down a bit, but make It still powerfull: Before revealing your command dial, you may change It to any command. We have the limited 6 Point version of this already, so 10+ish Points...
  14. Exept if 'something' big gets revealed! I Think there is still 'hope' for something else apart from the Two ships we gonna get. CC arrived the same period last Year, so who knows? Armada is build on Hope. Also, there is some unrest at x-wing too, They dont recieve articles these Days...
  15. I Think Keyan moved to the Shadows after CC, Both new b-Wings have Better potential against squads, and currently still the heavy squadron list rule mostly(obviusly other lista can Shine too), so you need that extra anti-squad power. Nym was never a thing, at least here. Ig88 was always under appreciated in my opinion, but its a solid pick, if you can defend It or keep out of danger. A-Wings, ceptors and Intel ships hate It, and can go against ships too.