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  1. Um, for the fun? To play other members of this wonderful community, apart from the regular sparring partners? To see other lists, other tactics then your usual? To practice and get better?
  2. Yes, like this. But I find your lack of agony disturbing. (on the pic)
  3. Id consider downgrading the vsd2 to one, since you use It as a Carrier. Saved Points Will buy you a quad battery turret and an external racks on that ship. Also, centicor, supressor isnt really helping you i Think droping those and Two rbd-s could buy you another gozanti with comms net.
  4. I wouldn't mind if I was being choked on a Darth Vader alt art. Don't know if it should be a rebel style, or Motti though
  5. X17 if I fly her under Sloane, empty if Im tight on bid(I go 13-17 if she is included).
  6. You can even start from the objectives, deciding to build for first or second player(if you start with objectives, you probably go for second anyway). Figure out which ships can do best for those objectives, then which admiral gives the biggest boost to your fleet.
  7. Why would It make worse? If its a problem, you take one of them as safeguard, so you ruin it for your opponent. First activation would be on one side, no matter what, last on the other. I see problems if the same officer is present Both armies: It has to have some sort of 'if this card is present in Both Fleet, treat Both cards text box as if They were blank'. So, theyll be present in most of the fleets When released, and slowly fade out When They become wasted Points.
  8. Its a crime not to include gunnery team on liberty. Also, so many points invested in improving navigation. Why not Madine? Cheaper then Leia, and you could drop all the nav teams, while adding an engine techs on lib.
  9. Well, according to some leaks, we will get officers providing a pass option, one allowing the ship It is attached to to be first no matter what, and one for the other faction to be last ship in the turn in w7. Take this with salt. But these will cure your problem.
  10. Id suggest to look at the Fleet list forums, lot of ships pop up regularly, go for those, ignore the upgrade parts.
  11. +1. Same Experience here. Even with 2 isd2, qlt,ls, the flak wast enough to keep the fighters away. They got damaged, but They Jump inti hyperspace before they pop, and usually there is no time to Kill them before going down. In the End, all Points invested in anti-squad went elsewhere.
  12. Im looking forward to add It to my assault frigate ackbar list. H1 wasnt good Enough, usually i had too much acc and blanks, lets see if this makes red reliable.
  13. Okay, I see Where you Come from. So normally for this trick you look for a situation When your Enemy is further away than r1, but not further than 2xr1, and the obstacle removes the minimum range. Well, waiting passively for your opponent to get there, im not sure if a Half decent player would do Such a silly thing. You can set a trap on your own, pinning down Enemy squads, holding him back for the next turn: Soften up targets, then he does what you described. But he would do the same ammount of damage if he went in streight away, but your way is keeping him alive. For extra 6 Points.
  14. Wookie slaves, who else?
  15. You cannot Double tap him this way. If you are engaged, fct doesnt work, if you are not, mauler doesnt do damage. I Think you cannot be engaged and unanged at the same time.