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  1. Got my stuff up on ebay, feel free to browse, tons of promo and more, dirt cheap. https://www.m.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?sid=coldhands1234&isRefine=true&_pgn=1
  2. Sort of testing waters: gonna split my collections into 4 smaller batch, all 4 will contain all ships+squads from one faction, but im flexible and can take some exta ships from one to another. One lot will be in range of £250-350. Is there anyone interested in a lot, before i put them on ebay? Uk based, shipping anywhere at buyers cost, tracked and secured only for safety reasons. Also, got tons of alt arts(got a single copy at least of 90% of them), dice sets, range rulers, tokens, if youre after something, pm me and ill check my collection.
  3. Wiothout dice modification, the cymoon sucks. Vader helps it big time. Or, at least intensify firepower. You could split one raider into two gozanties, one to push the squads, one with comms net to feed cymoons IF. And that would leave you with a healthy bid and 5 activations. 4 activations as second player without ships designed to stall the game a bit will leave you more often than not exposed.
  4. It became my habit to have Mauler around with minimal escort(Dengar,Zertik,Tempest), and Warlord with Kallus, H9, Ruthless, ordenance pods. Obviously ozzel aint good with this. But leaves Palp situational, at best. Sloane fleets are declining in numbers in my are.
  5. Too bad none dares to say: too situational, close to poor. Id go Vader anytime my fleet needs its dmg boosted. Also, Vader removes the need for LS, OE, leaving those slots open for something else. Am I going too far if I say Ozzel+2×IO>Palpatine?
  6. Might be just me, but while I find the 10 dice front arc a bit underwhelming considering to its lore(I'd be much happier with bit weaker zones ans 4 shots per activation[getting closer to the avg dmg output to two isd-s]), yet I'm sort of okay with that simply for one reason: for one player its fun to one-shot ships, but for the opponent its highly unfun. There is already a sort of power creep, killing a large ship in two salvo isn't unheard of(for some extreme instances it can be done in a single activation) and that can take the fun out of the game for one player. I think its ok for smaller ships to go down quickly against larger ships, but you (I) would expext meduim-large ships to hang out for a bit longer.* *This is just an opinion and might be biased since I was experimenting with these sort of fleets where a large ship can be destroyed in two salvos very reliably.
  7. Hat to blink at that cr90 a couple of times. It didnt go away. Why not a pelta for the same role with IF? It can actually repair up aspiration, increase whole fleets dmg output. Could fit an ordenance upgrade too.
  8. You forgot to mention legion 2.0
  9. Its a no from me, if theyd portray an imperial 'hero' in solo movie style.
  10. Im with you, 100%. You not only pay 12 points for the title, but 1 shield per blue die. 4 points, maximum. Or 1 blue die against ship plus the option to get one more at the cost of shield point.
  11. Add a red with kallus. If you dont roll a blank, its double hit. Blue is 50/50. Pods dmg is 96% + 75% to double hit again. 8d go with oe so the ship remains sort of usefull against ships too.
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