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  1. Coldhands

    Raddus - How to deal with him.

    What worked me perfectly so far whenever faced it: - threaten the flagship with demolisher - screening with figthers allowing only bad drops
  2. Coldhands

    What are your favorite 3 objectives?

    Most wanted, Hyperspace assault, Solar corona
  3. Coldhands

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Yeah, I know where you're coming from. If its too threatening, no squads will come any close. Unless all of your ships are threatening and have no choice but to engage . I'm contemplating to move my admiral on Warlord, and put even qbt on it--> squadron proof ship for sure (H9,Warlord, Kallus, Ordnance pods, Ordnance experts) (ofc there is no squadron proof ship). But that way this ship would become a primary target for ships, while squads avoid it. So I probably won't. But still... I had great succes with Kallus btw, Draven on the other hand, well... he might not have that much potential. A-wings, Jan, any ball with Dengar, lot less usefulness, but still a threat.
  4. Coldhands

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Cmon, where is Draven?;)
  5. Coldhands

    Latest Fling?

    Jonus. I knew he has potential, but you know, tie bombers. It was teamed up with a Glad2 Demo and VSD1 Warlord. Might be too expensive, but worked really well together, fixing red die for VSD, and Demo one-shotting flots with high chance.
  6. Coldhands

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    W7 was a huge blow to them, they are nowhere near as good as they used to be. At least here. I got good results with Cracken, but those days are sadly over/lot harder to achieve.
  7. Coldhands

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    Where are msu-s then?;)
  8. Coldhands

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    Yeah, agree. I wanted to sell my xwing collection, to invest more in 40k(started in with the money not spent on armada). Euros hyped me up for armada once again. But this situation makes me change my mind to keep xwing as it will run for years for sure, while armada is uncertainity. If I had 11 units of love, 10 is for armada and 1 for x, but it might be wise to jump off the ship as long the collection has some value. Once they declare it dead, it will worth less than the plastic its made of. Sorry for the negativity, really. But you understad me for sure. Ill visit uk nationals for sure, and highly likely the german as well. If there are no news by that time, Ill wave goodbye and buy conversion kits for xwing
  9. I had a similar thought, just with armada. We should buy it from ffg, and produce our own ships:D https://memegenerator.net/Bender-Blackjack-And-Hookers If you know what I mean...
  10. Coldhands

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    This saddens me. But only because its true. Maybe the lack of effort or I don't know. It would require like 10-15 minutes to write a small article/devblog, every 2-3 weeks. Am I asking too much? We just need the thought that they care. There shouldn't be an 'inside' fight between FFG-s own products, they should fight the other companies. Shiny big events, supporting local communities, news, make people think all their games thrive so more people will be lured in. Buy out Armada, shall we? Sorry, just a desperate thought
  11. Coldhands

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    Makes sense to me what you're saying about effect 2. Depends really how we imagine the shots. If its continous fire, makes sense to roll less, since you spend less time shooting. But... in ep3 we see a scene where the clone ship uses some kind of ammunition. That case the guns are loaded and all you need is to shoot, then makes no sense to roll less die. But some sort of reload penalty should be there then.
  12. Coldhands

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    Or a mechanism preventing people to post passive-aggressive bull. No one demanded anything, it was a brainstorming before you came here.
  13. Coldhands

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    With this mentality we would be driving Ford T-models still
  14. Dont forget those who just buy the ships to have them on the shelf. They are one of the best looking out there.