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  1. Okay.... now that we have a second book in the works, Any predictions oh great and mighty prophetess? Help us Absol. You're our only hope!
  2. I'm definitely on the fence with this one. While I applaud another book and will get it like the other completionists here, the content definitely leaves a lot to be desired, at least from the initial article. I'd have much rather have seen them compile the new npcs into new adversary decks than in a book. I'd use those far more than having to flip through a "monster manual" for a suitable challenge. Give me that so I can create an encounter on the fly with all I need on the card. (Though I totally understand that a book will sell better than the cards) As for Ewoks... meh. Iconic SW species sure, but not something i see everyone scrambling for. I'm hoping it has more to it than what has been revealed. It's not the book I wanted, nor is it a book I think we needed, but it's the book we got. I'm just thankful that today's announcement was a book rather than the end of the license or some other doom and gloom.
  3. warchild1x

    Shards of the Past

    After a quick Google search, I assume that he's referring to this
  4. Used this guy as a Drall Technician/Shipwright for one of the players in my campaign.
  5. warchild1x

    How would you stat this bomb ?

    100cr http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/category/5/
  6. warchild1x

    Another Character Generator

    That's shiny! Where did you order that from? Also, looking forward to a new release!
  7. What people seem to forget with this is that FFG losing the warhammer licenses had more to do with GW than anything else. It wasn't that they weren't happy with FFG, they just wanted a bigger piece of the pie and more control (from what I've heard/read). The Mouse hasn't issued any statements so we have to presume that they have no issues with that (And unlike GW, that wanted to bring a lot of their licensed products back in house, Disney doesn't have that option... yet). We've already heard, the line is focusing more on region books and era books . No mention of 2nd ed has been made. At this rate we just wait (as patiently as we can) and see.
  8. This is always pretty accurate... or accurate enough for my tastes. http://www.swgalaxymap.com
  9. warchild1x

    L Master List (9.0)

    Very odd. Thanks for the repost. Looking forward to the next update
  10. warchild1x

    Dangers of the Shadowlands

    Stealing this! So silly. So much fun!
  11. warchild1x

    L Master List (9.0)

    So, not issued a cease and desist after all? Welcome back. Any changes since the last post?
  12. warchild1x

    The Complete Species Guide

    I too hate the sort by stat presentation, it does lend itself to a min/max style of game play. Alphabetical is more natural in my opinion, especially if you're trying to find species X that you thought was really cool in legends. I also appreciate the idea of this resource, but calling it a "complete species guide" when the stats in various cases deviate from FFGs published works is a misnomer (especially when 90% of the reasoning for the changes amounts to "I didn't like it"). I know its stated in the first post that this is a Legends focused, homebrew Labour of love but it still feels like false advertising and could lead to confusion for new players who don't know any better (or miss that first post caveat).
  13. That was the thread for that extremely detailed (read: borderline copyright infringement) list of all the weapons, gear, armor, etc that someone made up and posted awhile back. (not just " See DC page XX for details" but full on stat blocks and verbatim text) We all commented that it was a bit too detailed, but then since FFG did nothing about it, we assumed it was okay. I assume it finally came under scrutiny and got nixed.
  14. warchild1x

    Future books and wish lists

    Personally, I want a book on shadowports. That could include info on black sun, zann, etc and whoever else controls them. A CSA book would be good as well. An imperial book wouldnt hurt though I don't think it's a must have.
  15. Hrrrm. Doesn't sound like theres a solid date then. I will defer to the ever hopeful "before Christmas, but more likely February" crowd.