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  1. While the nerd in me personally loves having a quantifiable x is y distance apart and it takes z hrs to get there with a class Q drive. The GM in me has decided that Pretty much any number you choose will be the right one.... from a certain point of view. All the information, Canon and Legends, is equally fallible because there are so many variants (and retcons) across all the media that until Darth Mouse and the SW story group say: A Class one Hyperdrive Travels X Parsecs in Y Hours and this is the way it will always be from now on, you can make it up and still be right. You have to remember that in the movies (and to a lesser extent comics and books), EVERYTHING moves at the speed of plot.. You need to get from Cantonica to Crait to get the macguffin? That's 2 minutes of film time.... as opposed to the likelihood of several months real time which would really be monotonous and boring to watch. Another problem comes in with the concepts of distance and space. A lot of people, SW writers included (Lucas being one of them), can't grasp how big a galaxy really is. So when they see Point A and B on a map and want to connect them, They don't factor in the actual distance, they just go... ok Boom. You're now on Ahch-To, and we're left to do the math based on what we know of science and technology and the physics of the SW universe and can't make it work. Myself, I make it up as the story requires it. Leaning strongly on a larger, slower galactic travel standard. Its one of the driving plot points in my game. Up until very recently my players were stuck with a Class 3 Drive that took them months to get from A to B and they've been constantly trying to upgrade it, by any means necessary. I love knowing the math to get from A to B exists but I'd rather worry about what my players are going to do when they get there than worry about how long it takes them to do so.
  2. Think they added a link at the bottom of the rpgsessions page. Where it says Bot Help Here's the direct link though just in case. https://app.rpgsessions.com/assets/discord-bot-help/v2/2.pdf
  3. Yup. I may just suck it up and pay the stupid exchange and shipping rates and order it online from the states. I'd rather have it than wait for a possible reprint.
  4. My FLGS (in Canada) just told me that their Asmodee rep said it was unlikely that we'd see it in Canada until Edge issues a reprint.... so whenever that might be. 😒
  5. Just started to play around in the vehicle/character sheet portion and I'm liking it so far. I'm currently using SkyJedi's D1C3 bot on Discord but the integrated character sheets and Game Table has me intrigued and I may switch. One note for development in the character/vehicle sheets. Where the radial dice image appears on the side. You show all the icons except for the force dice symbols. They would be a great addition.
  6. None of my local stores here in Canada have it yet,
  7. I loved finding this adventure when I first joined the forums and have since tweaked and modified it to suit my group. Now it sits waiting and primed for the right time to spring on my players (aka their next astrogation despair).
  8. In your datacustom folder, you should have a sub folder called EquipmentImages (if not you can create one). Put your image file in that folder and Name it the same as your itemid. Save as a png and next time you load up the program it should show up as the default. Can do the same for vehicle and species. There are pixel size limits to make them look good on the page, but off-hand I don't know what they are. Though I'm sure with a little experimentation and looking at the existing files, you can figure it out
  9. So that leaves jedi with only 4 specializations and every other career with 6 and no signature abilities (that we know of yet) This kind of gives me hope that they are possibly planning a jedi class book that hopefully has 2 more specs and some signature abilities.
  10. Not entirely true. Loronar E-9 explorer. Listed as 65m long and is Sil 4. It's not an "if x = y then z must = q" statement. Length and Sil are not a direct correlation. Sure you can make guess-timations but It is not an exact science.
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