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  1. Haha
    Darthain reacted to sndwurks in Unicorn Clan Pack   
    I just realized we are all missing the single most important part of this article.
    Wild Stallion has a 0 Political skill, and not a - Political Skill.
    You can now Policy Debate a horse.
  2. Thanks
    Darthain reacted to Drasnighta in New SSD Photos & Info   
    “Time... Line?  Time does not go in lines!  It goes in Circles...  THAT IS WHY CLOCKS ARE ROUND!!”
    -Pvt Caboose, RvB
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    Darthain got a reaction from Recon00 in Polda's humble efforts / I painted some ships...   
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    Darthain got a reaction from Recon00 in Repaints from the Outer Rim   
    I enjoy how the debris fields are all 'rebel' ships.
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    Darthain reacted to Spawnod in Restricted List   
    Didn't the same thing happen to Netrunner? They printed too many power cards in Core and did not realize how people would actually play the game. I would rather have this list now in the mindset of the player base, opposed to 2 years from now when decks may look more or less the same. 
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    Darthain got a reaction from Aetheriac in [Tutorial]Simple crystal effect   
    Stealing @Polda ideas and running,  done the  glazing stages ( I think, as I want the full panels to be a bit brighter, can always brighten/darken later if not satisfied) . Quick going so far.

    I'll take a moment to go a bit more into glazing, if I may digress.  (not saying I'm happy with the above yet, but it needs the rest of the effect to draw it together, then we'll see).
    Glaze medium is clear, weird fluid, what it does it is kind of spreads the pigment out (kind of defloculates it), so your paint added to it is more transparent.  The medium you use (I use golem) might be a bit thick, but I also paint on a wet palette.  This means you need to add water (I add less, as the palette gives some).  It can be almost 50/50 with my particular medium to get it moving right.  If you paint either GW or Vallejo, you are going to need a medium to make glazes, and naturally this one does the trick.  Has to do with their pigment types.  I've limited experience, but I hear P3, due to their liquid pigment, become glazes quite readily with only water (or washes, if you go too far). 
    What the heck is a glaze?  A glaze covers evenly, and shouldn't pool into the crevices.  If it starts pooling, it is too thin, you've made a wash.  I suppose you can wait a bit, or start over at that point, or add more medium or paint.  whatever works.  It will generally be moderate thin, but it should be controllable, not running wild.  Test the transparency on your palette by dragging the brush along, should provide you with pale colour of your base.  Enough layers will make the base again (magic!). 
    Glazes can be a bit tricky, if you are new to them, you may find yourself leaving them in small bunches all over.  Glazes respond a bit better to swipes than strokes.  So you can use that to your advantage.  When you drop glazes you will need to direct them.  Generally a good stroke across your 'start point', then a sweep to 'push' the glaze to the apex you want to work to.  Maybe a few more sweeps and you will effectively create an instant gradient from low (start point) to high (end point).  It will likely look a bit thick at the end point, but as it dries it will regain transparency and thinness, remember we watered this down.  Once you get used to pushing the glazes anywhere you like, you'll find this can be quite easy compared to some other highlighting and blending techniques.
    Now dry time, that is going to be a bit more of a factor.  Glaze medium dries slow.  Keep that in your mind, and stay off previous areas when moving around, else you might rub the glaze off with your hand.  Give ample dry time, otherwise you will lift the previous glaze, you really don't want that, it is more difficult to correct due to the rather gradual nature.
    The above is merely 2 layers, I made a fairly heavy glaze.  1:1 paint to glaze medium, with water to get it nice and pliable (the water I added, on top of the wet palette was a wet #4 I was using to mix with).  You can take glazing a lot farther, with just a tip of paint into the water diluted medium and gradual build up to where you want to go.  Below another glaze I did (also mixed with iridescent medium), 7 layers later...  Space ships are more my game, I'm new to figures (and am not even a year into space ships).  But I figured I'd share some nice observations about glazes, as once I unlocked their secrets, they are fantastic to work with (all lighting effects on that ship were glazed, I might have some closer of the windows but don't want to hijack this golem thread). 

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    Darthain got a reaction from Aetheriac in [Tutorial]Simple crystal effect   
    Figured I'd chime back in with what I did for colours, for future reference (as Polda was so kind as to spur this one and share his colours).  Overall, this scheme is really simple to pull off and have look good.  There are not really any 'advanced' techniques, as long as you are willing to beat the initial hurdle and get used to glazes (which can be intimidating at first, hence my previous diatribe). 
    3 - Basecoat - Black + Violet.  I mixed black and violet until the black was showing a 'blueish' hint really, that was it.  I went back and did the runes in black (pure) before I started)
    4 - Layer 1 - colour - violet (vallejo model colour) - single layer of glaze.  I mixed 1:1 paint to glaze medium and diluted it as the above, until it was 'right'
    5 - Layer 2 - colour - blue violet (VMC, very close to gene stealer purple, I have both, it was a toss up, this one was slightly lighter).  again, one single layer from glaze was enough at 1:1, not precision glazing but per Polda's advice you have so much going on no one will care.  Swipe that glaze!  (steps 4 and 5 are really easy, and fairly quick, naturally step 5/layer 2 is quicker, less area, less thought, you already mapped everything step 1)
    6- Lining! (Dead white w/ a tip of blue violet)- this is the hardest part of the whole job mostly as it is painstaking.  I used a lot of side brushing on the places that were oblique enough to do so, but very light pressure is what we want so we get smaller lines.  Naturally I slipped here and there, but such is life and at the end of the day it will come out in the wash.  This step took about as long as layers 1 and 2 together (about 3 hours for me !, 2 sessions).  When you start it will look like crap, don't be discouraged.  Once you start getting past 2 whole arms you will see it coming together. 
    7 - don't skip this step and do everything at once like I did, or step 6 might slay you
    8 - reflections - I dropped a few, a bit different as I've reposed most of my golems. 
    Result - the rock is done, I'm going to wait a bit and varnish the rock up so when I do the rest I'm less worried about how I handle the miniature.  I tend to touch them a lot, particularly larger models, as I go.  This can rub paint off sharp edges of things like star destroyers, I recommend this step. 

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    Darthain reacted to Athelin in Melee and facing   
    You can't be flanked flanking. You are only flanking when your front edge is touching your enemy side or back.
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    Darthain got a reaction from Tvayumat in Melee and facing   
    Cool, for those edge case side to side conflicts.  Makes the shift charge of leonx/Aliana more interesting.
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    Darthain reacted to Uthoroc in Universe name change - Runebound becomes Terrinoth   
    Just a curiosity, but I noticed that FFG renamed their "Runebound" category under Products > Universes to "Terrinoth" (I couldn't find it for a minute! ).  That seems indicative to me that they want to strengthen their homegrown Fantasy IP and detach it a little from the original game that spawned it, and makes me more hopeful that RW will stick around as part of that IP. 
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    Darthain reacted to Church14 in The Runecasters Episode 14: The Apology War   
    The few tips for facing Uthuk:
    -Chip Damage matters
    -They will run you down. Latari’s precious lateral movement feels underwhelming against being engaged in turn 1.
    -If they have aggressive Shrieker, be very conscious of their ability to do a reform+charge at initiative three. 
    -The morale deck matters now. You have been warned. 
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    Darthain reacted to Athelin in Latest Update 8/29/2017   
    I wonder when you are going to stop these kind of posts. For a miniature game you don't need an update every month, just enjoy the game and stop toxicing the forum.
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    Darthain got a reaction from Budgernaut in Tabletop Admiral Overhaul Beta - Help test!   
    It is looking great, but if I could make one request, can the formation selected (2-3-4-6-9, etc) be shown on the unit in your army, opposed to just the block cost? 
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    Darthain got a reaction from Panzerninja in Roadrunner v Coyote   
    Played my first 2 games against Uthuk tonight, fielding the elves, and that's about how I feel.  ****, those guys are fast.  I kept finding myself out of position with my cavalry, and closed on too soon with my archers.  I just couldn't make it work for me,, as they were always a bit further out than I thought they should, by any right, be.  The Uthuk are so much faster than waiqur or even humans, with such bountiful stacks of panic tokens I was getting blown out left right and center. 
    How has your first experiences with the Uthuk been?  I'm back to the drawing board as they require an entirely different approach to combat than anything else on the board right now.  They are also particularly good at systematic dismemberment.  Ravos is a scary bastard. 
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    Darthain got a reaction from Panzerninja in Fear Incarnate and the Steadfast keyword   
    I looked at this differently and here's why.
    Steadfast happens during the test (see while), it increases the cost, so yes 3 would be 4.
    Fear incarnate happens after the test is complete (see after) steadfast is no longer in effect, as we are not completing a morale test at this time.
    Ergo, card does damage for symbols as written.  Steadfast is no longer active while fear incarnate is referencing the card.
    We could go into further details with steadfast and 'treated as' vs combat ingenuity 'reduced by' steadfast is not increased by, therefore it has no tangible effect other than the interim.  Less solid than the timing gates above albeit.
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    Darthain reacted to Glucose98 in New Units release dates   
    Descent had a really long run though.  This game is still what.. 10 months old?
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    Darthain reacted to Athelin in Yellow Command   
    There is no relation between color and commands. It's usually represented as you are calling, but you can have yellow march or red range attack. The colors are basically to limit the options on the right dial, so it depends on the design of the character.
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    Darthain reacted to Willange in New Units release dates   
    Me and a co-worker were talking about this today.  FFG really does release things too slowly.  I love FFG games (so does my co-worker), but it's just frustrating to get in on the ground floor with their games.  I love the potential for cool stuff in Runewars but it's just progressing at a snails pace and Armada was the same way and I imagine that in 10 months or so we'll see a similar issue with Legion.  I mean, battlelore stuff was slow to come out and then got shut down for runewars.  Runewars has been stuck at the printers for the sake of Legion's release.  I'm sure Legion will hit the same roadblock sooner or later.

    That being said, I'm not leaving these games any time soon, but I'm going to wait to get into them until they are later in their life cycle and release more of what I personally consider to be a "full experience".  I love Daqan, but 2 heroes and 4 unit types (soon 5), does not a diverse experience make.  I can be like, "whooooo, look my spears have a new flag".  And yes that's significant, but I'd way rather have 3 or 4 types of melee infantry to choose from.   What I'm saying is that it's because Runewars has been so slow to ramp up that I'm going to wait on Legion for probably a couple years to see if they really come out with a diverse lineup.  With Runewars, I can have 4 different melee infantry types, but that requires me to play 4 different factions which is weird to me.  That would've been easier to do if they would do the smart thing and make prequel factions, but whatever.   Again, too little diversity early on.
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    Darthain reacted to Uthoroc in The Pale Legion - Another Undead army   
    Here's the second elven hero: mighty sorceress, queen, half-elf and daughter of the cursed traitor Malcorne, Maegan Cyndewin.

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    Darthain got a reaction from twincast in future expansions: what would you like to see?   
    the moose can definitely fly, I've had enough of your naysaying.
  21. Haha
    Darthain reacted to Budgernaut in Fear Incarnate and the Steadfast keyword   
    ... Blast. I think you have me convinced. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
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    Darthain reacted to Xelto in Ravos autowound   
    It's pretty simple. If he doesn't eat nonstop, he starves to death.
    Remember to always read the fine print before you sign in blood.
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    Darthain reacted to Tvayumat in Roadrunner v Coyote   
    Having tried precisely this combination, with Dispatch Runner... nope. It still doesn't work. I totally agree that this is the best concept for its use, and it just falls flat on its face.

    By the time you're getting Lethal 2 out of the upgrade you've already pulverized so much of the enemy that the unit in question just isn't benefitting that much.

    Compared to Dead Sprint giving the ability to make tight turns or extreme range charges? The two aren't even in the same theoretical ballpark, IMO.
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    Darthain reacted to Tvayumat in Roadrunner v Coyote   
    Good to remember that while the Uthuk move very fast, they tend to move fast in a straight line.

    Turning... they're not as great at for the most part.
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    Darthain reacted to kaffis in What I want from L5R Rune Wars.   
    But L5R is heavily influenced by honorable duels at court, which is exactly what rank-and-file battles are not, as well as armies on the battlefield. Not to mention, trying to translate less martial manipulators and characters and philosophies into the game would be an enormous mess. To paste the license onto the mechanics would be so transparently crass; I can't imagine fans of the license would accept it as a product that takes them and their fandom seriously. Even worse an insult would be to pitch it as a compatible game system in the vein of Warmachine and Hordes. The last thing L5R players want to do is take one of their very characterful, lore-steeped Japanese-inspired clans and face it off against elves or undead. It would be a thematic clash that completely ignores and trivializes L5R's own universe. It wouldn't grow the game system, and it might create a backlash against Rune Wars among players that might have been interested in playing an L5R game and RWM on their own, separately.

    I think Parakitor has the right idea for making an appealing entry point for L5R fans -- create a faction within Terrinoth that draws on similar cultural inspirations in the areas that make sense for a rank-and-file wargame, and introduce it into the game. This gives the opportunity to utilize the Eastern-inspired arms, armor, and warrior traditions to create models and art that draws on similar appeals to L5R without having to try to do mental gymnastics to explain away the features of the L5R property that don't translate to Rune Wars Miniatures or a RWM-system game, diluting both licenses in the process.
    Also, I continue to fail to see why there's this rush to declare RWM a failure in need of outlandish and drastic measures to "salvage" the system by scrapping the product and design we already have in favor of something new.
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