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  1. A lot of whining about Sloane lately, so I for one welcome back our imperial AA overlords. Imps have always had massively great fighter alpha strikes that will delete your very soul. This isn't new, this isn't because of Sloane, although we are seeing more of it because she is that archaetype. Thing is she isn't that archaetype, so much as supporting it BEYOND the squadron game. Sloane and Sato have something in common, both require you to win the squadron game before you can actually get much out of them. Sloane burning tokens on squads is miniscule, the imp alpha was going to rip those squads apart on contact regardless. That's what they do, because if they don't, they melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. Seriously, folks have been so used to the reb dominance (and I still believe imps are back foot to rebels currently, in flotilla meta especially as they save a good 15 points on their activation padding) that they have forgotten what the imp squads are actually good at, especially when they other imperial tools that kept them moving also got hit with the bat. Welcome back swarms, welcome back face melting alphas. We've missed you. (Will come back to edit inevitable phone typos).
  2. So he had a ball of ties, and you ran for fighters forward to get annihilated ahead of your ships? Master-stroke of a maneuver there.
  3. Sato is a chronic underperformer, who aside from triggering black crits long range adds between .5-1 avg dmg to an attack iff you put the pieces in place. He looked good on paper, then failed to deliver his promises. This is a player issue but a card issue.
  4. Current state of the Hawthorne. On closer inspection, these pictures are actually terrible, oh well better once based. Added 2 more slightly less bad.
  5. @Willange I prefer not to have to remember stuff too, like the other day when I gave a young player one of my 6 odd trc... ffg pls send me 6 exhaust trc alt arts 😁. Playtesting is tricky, especially when you need to keep a game moving (aka infinite time is unfortunately not real). You get a team, who are likely grumpy and frustrated, say break the game, and hope they do as you adjust. It's loads of work, but a labour of love of folks who want to steer their pet game, even a little. Huge sacrifices and massive respect to people who playtest ANYTHING. Hell players here just won't in many cases as, 'its work'.
  6. @Willange, I see balance through 'counter design' as very bad design. If you feel the need to design a counter, you should probably go back and address the item that was such a problem it 'needs' a counter. What you end up creating are RPS scenarios, and those are a terrible thing. This is FFGs already standard practice and I think balance through counter design is exactly why things get out of hand. It is the exact reluctance to errata that creates a lot of these situations as when when final piece of the puzzle drops, it kind of becomes 'what have we done'. I agree, changed cards should be reprinted, and who knows, they might be in the future. Include changed cards in the following release sort of deal. I'm from MTG in the 90s, and Armada. But we look at other systems, such a D&Ds evolution over time, and warhammer, and we see these shifts in response (not always for balance reasons albeit), but to provide the game the current helmsmen are envisioning, or possibly that the players desire.
  7. Shall we adopt a new verb? Something that encompasses the high and mighty attitude of the world's greatest armada player, all who disagree are merely wrong, and lack skill! I mean, we can already Admiral Nelson something, or Ben it. Is this the next thing?
  8. See the problem is, in a living game, errata is REQUIRED as a matter of course. Yes it might occasionally suck, yes it doesn't work well in physical forms, but it often has to happen. The thing is, it isn't always as simple as 'don't publish something unbalanced'. Sometimes an old standby becomes the lynch pin of something catastrophic, after it had time to simmer and build for a long time. Each individual part isn't a problem, but put together, it creates a monster. If you simply take the 'shouldn't have published that last piece then' approach you greatly limit design space over time. Design space is pretty important, if it continually gets narrower because of the constraints of existing material, you need to have a definite end point, and a rather myopic approach. Say you want to stretch in a different direction though, and one card is holding you back... Well you fix that card. That's the sensible approach, opposed to just killing off a game people are enjoying with less and less unique ideas (or none at all). Sometimes off the hop you don't anticipate the design space issues that might arise with certain cards, and a too late approach is a bit silly.
  9. You just popped up in between a supply restock, hold tight, it'll be alright. People like me who bought 3 of each wave 5 squads probably didn't help, I need more wave 1 too.... (3 isn't enough).
  10. we 100% agree. And it is a great ability to gain, no doubt. If anything though, it makes the squadron game even more important as Imps can push in a different way than a std bomber list, ergo protecting their squad game AND punishing with it. It is a neat archaetype, built mostly around highly squishable squads albeit (eat flak!)
  11. The good old emotional knee-jerk. say 2 interceptors attack a scatter ace with FC/howl. Thats 6 avg dmg, and 3 more dice each in the balance (4 coating swarm), no reason that shouldn't delete any scatter ace, Sloane note required. There is a lot of emotion about how Sloane is stripping some autonomy from the defender I think, more than anything. People don't like options being withheld from them under any circumstance, and this one 'feels' like more than the super-accuracy that it is in the squad game (which ultimately has very little effect on the outcome, aside from improving a wiff slightly as you suggest). Whether that change is actually telling often is another story altogether, but people get caught on the action, not the result.
  12. I've found the impact on scatter aces EXTREMELY negligible actually. Thing is, if you are bringing Sloane, you are bringing bit hitting anti-squads. Those big hitting anti-squads, like a FC boosted howl ball, are throwing 4-6 dice each with a reroll. Most of the time they just roll a scatter ace in 2 shots anyway, 3 on the outside. Just like they used to. A lot of people's reaction to Sloane is 'holy crap, people are bringing imperial AA lists again, run bombers run!'. They've forgotten how devastating those were anti-squad because rebel squads were busy having a hay-day for the last bit.
  13. I'm guessing you missed the memo on photobucket? Its pay to play now.
  14. I was making a SS of that as released, I should probably get back to that. I too suspect (or at least hope) a dial reference will be legal as it is technically open information.