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  1. Nice work on the space dong 😁 (sorry Mel, can't unsee it.
  2. My favourite moment so far, although vineheart will never believe it, my 2*2 golem tarpitting out a spearstar while I mowed it over with Kari from 1 unit over (engaged a 2*1 and laughed, dialed nothing but surges). The golems sat there and stunned, using armour, and just ate it. They did their job. I don't like running death stars (a bit boring) so gotta find ways to deal with things.
  3. I feel like the only siege unit people don't whine about are the lancers 😁. The siege units are not just bulk cruisers, they are the first step into the gamea hopefully heavy future assymetry, and do some weird stuff. The important thing to remember is they are all support units, not the stars of the show.
  4. Daqan to the left of me, Daqan to the right of me. A pack of the came up snarling *snarling sounds*. And that's, when I got mad.
  5. Probably 1 of everything 2 command, I bought 2 daqan command as well (haven't used the 2nd much though) so would be hesitant to do more than that.
  6. I want humans. I also want the playstyle of the elves too though. The undead currently are just an oddly simple synergy army, it isn't interesting to me yet, too straightforward. And undead is always lame.
  7. Elf thread dudes, not spikey mad max thread 😁
  8. But dude it is already brown, saves a whole step (I'm pretty greedy with my time, I have so little of it to divide amongst my hobbieS)
  9. Looking forward to it, I'm glad you appreciate the effort this literal painting newb puts in (seriously this and my Armada are it, I started last year.) Runewars has been a lot of fun so far, I really enjoy basing apparently. That was new. @Polda re: ice, forgot to mention aggrellan works year, but it is a bit pricey and doesn't go too far (not sure how many more trays I'll get from it, 2-3?) But for ice I've got a distress crackle paint that is clear. Going to play with applying it over blue and dry brushing edges. Need some still water effect as well.
  10. @Polda a nice fluffy snow look, just spatula it on. Unsure about durability naturally, dead simple though.
  11. Good plan , I could field 16 trays then! Obscene.
  12. personally I'd like to see their performance before I buy 12 trays worth
  13. Of course, but this is a situation where english and gameplay don't exactly align well, which is why it amuses me.
  14. I enjoy how you use a 50% variance and 'consistently' at the same time.
  15. So I've been cleaning up the elves, and after having cleaned 4 starters of Daqan, and 1 of Waiqur, I was prepared for the worst. The elves though, have much less mould line issues than the wrist smashing daqan ever did. They are pretty quick to clean up and assemble. Quite the improvement from FFG on this one.