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  1. Cool, for those edge case side to side conflicts. Makes the shift charge of leonx/Aliana more interesting.
  2. If your front is to others side you are flanking and get and extra die. If you are attacking from your side or rear, you do not get any rerolls. Threat is equal to contacted trays, so may vary on facing, latest faq has good images.
  3. It is looking great, but if I could make one request, can the formation selected (2-3-4-6-9, etc) be shown on the unit in your army, opposed to just the block cost?
  4. Alternate list title: Darthain's Deafening Defeat Detachment.
  5. easy to do, you just report it and ask.
  6. 3/16 x 3/64 there abouts. Tenth of an inch? Not a measurement you'll run into often in trade, nowadays (yes it did have some previous niche use though) . Now if we could all come into the past and use the metric system
  7. I looked at this differently and here's why. Steadfast happens during the test (see while), it increases the cost, so yes 3 would be 4. Fear incarnate happens after the test is complete (see after) steadfast is no longer in effect, as we are not completing a morale test at this time. Ergo, card does damage for symbols as written. Steadfast is no longer active while fear incarnate is referencing the card. We could go into further details with steadfast and 'treated as' vs combat ingenuity 'reduced by' steadfast is not increased by, therefore it has no tangible effect other than the interim. Less solid than the timing gates above albeit.
  8. 1 of each expansion and 2 cores is more than sufficient for all core expansions (exception reanimates), I have 3 crossbow expansions though.
  9. There are only 3 runes, the issue is more the characters slugging it out isn't even close to the interesting part of L5R. The back and forth, dichotomy of conflict, and tug of war nature would not be captured here. Needless to say you would be stripping it down, and by doing so would undo a lot of what is really working in L5R, which is extremely distinct clan identity for each of the 7 we have already. The open framework of cards is helping a tonne there. Not to mention it is one of the heaviest dueling style card games in the market, to translate that adequately would be a heck of a bloated mess of a game. ASL anyone?
  10. I really fail to see how this could capture what makes l5r interesting. Completely different animals.
  11. So far we have 2 mobile armies, elves who are the faster wide movement and Uthuk who are probably the fastest in your face movement. Overgrowth removes the elves key advantage by telegraphing your movement, and tying you to locations. As such, I rather dislike it. If you are sitting by terrain, you are not moving wide to outflank.
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