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  1. Stellar terrain and those bases look nice, the pointy rocks are it.
  2. That copper harness/balder on the death knight, nice touch.
  3. The high up negates waiqur wounding to some extent, and the flinging banes will certainly be new, I agree. Elves will have a good match I think, as their biggest fear currently is high armour, imo.
  4. Bonus actions happen after the main action, but otherwise independently. The verbage on the name is singular, so either or.
  5. All of these are actually the same thing, reading the board state and acting accordingly, the difference is the uthuk get more randomness, doesn't make it any more or less difficult. Everything in the game this far is, imo, quite straightforward. I mean it's a light wargame, and it's fun, so I doubt that'll change much.
  6. Absolutely, self proclaimed here.
  7. 1) dwarves are awesome, but it is nice when things aren't all he same 2) meh, uthuk are also practically analogous to most orcs already. 3) just no 4) underdark is and always will be trying too hard. Good/evil is overdone and frankly a bit juvenile as it is, without perpetuating tropes. 5) generally admissible, but generally overly generic 6) always no. The jarring out of place steampunk/gunpowder race is silly.
  8. I suppose that's the problem with fantasy. It is as much an established trope with deep set expectations as anything.
  9. So what I was running at a small OP event yesterday was the following, trying random stuff out, seeing what works for me, and what doesn't. Location - Kitchener ON, Flint's CCG (Southern Ontario) Players - 4 (another Waiqur, I did not play them) Aliana w/ Ambush Predator Maegan w/ Malcorn's 2- 3x1 Cats with column tactics 2 -2x1 archers with fire runes 1 Scion with viscious roots I've had some great luck with malcorn's and effectively shutting down a non-violent runes Maro in the past, so figured I'd see if I could make fire runes do some work, why not. My 3rd and 4th games with Latari as follows. Game 1 - Take the ridge (be close to objective tokens) in the long canyon Opponent - 12 block reanimate deathcaller disco 2- 2x1 archers with CI 2x3 deathknights with column tactics, deathmist banner, and guantlet So this match was problematic, for a few reasons. 1 is I couldn't roll an accuracy to snipe the deathcaller for my life, so he dropped Maegan over 3 rounds. The second was I could not make a dent in the death knights with anything but my cavalry, which I was mostly using of the disco block. End game loss 7-4, 35 or so margin (40 points were won by my opponent for the objective). With the narrow battlefield, and point defense style objective it was very difficult for my list to compete with his big blocks for holding points down. Death knights 3 armour was giving this one fits. The archers were next to useless, I bunged a bit with my cav and lost them in a single flurry, which lost my stopping power for his. I think I killed 3 death knights total (my dice were off I guess). Fire rune wasn't doing work here, as it was near useless against the knights unless I have 4 unstable up, the loss of Maegan made that a bit tricky to maintain, and the flop decided it didn't like me. Aliana and a cat block were able to near single handedly take down the death caller block though, through ambush predator (round 4?), and a good bit of flanking. She was the MVP all day really. End game, I killed more points, but lost to the objective Game 2 - Hunter's Querry - Hammer and Anvil Opponent - Lord Hawthorne 3x2 cav, MOI, Tempered steel I think 3x2 crossbows - piercing strike, can't remember 3x2 spears - eagle banner, something horny My archers traded for his, effectively, due to his cav. But not before some severe fire rune work (it was great this time) and the 3 distance charge by leonx at 4 punishing his bold moves. A fair trade, I'd say, but I am biased. My superior mobility managed to net 5/6 objective tokens. Was a bit lax on positioning, didn't manage to kill more than 2 figures of spears and the fancy toys Didn't kill the cavalry, due to a few cute choices, allowing them to obliterate Megan through my mistakes. Being cute with the Cavalry involved not closing in with Aliana (closing in is afterall optional), but in saving her from the cavalry's swing, I exposed her to Hawthorne. she limped away with 1 wound left due to her awesome 3 shift + green shift modifier. Game won, by a 60 odd point margin? Can't recall fully, never write things down. Think it was still a 7, kills were roughly equal on both sides, but objectives strongly in my favour. Things I feel are take-aways: -High armoured units give elves the fits. The need for 2 hits to damage a single death knight was quite an impediment. -They scions move like roadkill, and I don't feel did enough work in these games to justify taking. I just don't give with them overall -Aliana dances with the best of them, always a standout. -Closing in is all good and well, but with the early attacks of the Elves, I often found myself just waiting to charge again next round. Protecting my squishy units seems more important, and my opponents didn't seem used to this style. This probably won't work again next time. That said I was generally flanking, so they had no means to attack me anyway (as currently only Latari have shift charge, I think). -Maegan doesn't seem to be able to do enough work for me. Her ranged is lackluster and her Melee too average. Her variance is extremely high, throwing 4-5 dice, but it never seemed to workout, my dice were luke warm at best this day though. -Small archer groups just don't feel like they do enough work, more slight road blocks / target saturation items. The majority of all meaningful work was done by Aliana and the Leonx. - I freaking love Leonx initiative 7- 4-march and reform. - Although rallying on Elves is really rough/ I don't feel worthwhile, superior movement often kept me away from acquiring blight in the waiqur game. The big blocks mean I was able to screen his archers the entire game. - Protected (as per crossbows) adds up very quickly, solid ability -apparently ignoring anything but hits on fire rune dice was a mistake, so it should be slightly more potent next try, if next try happens.
  10. Star wars is lame, that is all.
  11. Not sure I see that at all, or any difference, they appear to be a know when to push army, just another style.
  12. Had a lot of fun with malcorns the other game, kept casting away unstable with my Maegan, as Maro was sitting opposite.
  13. Turtles are sacred to the infernal, sorry. in all seriousness though, it looks like the Uthuk are all about momentum, and I like that being added to the game.
  14. Yeah, these will be hella fun to fight. I enjoy how they address a lot of cheese stuff present (like turtling up and banking inspiration for a few rounds)