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  1. Number 1 thing I would like to see is skirmish mode with AI. Very easy to have a map generated and tell the app where you are on the tiles. I would have loved to see a campaign using the iconic heroes as the main characters. That was the biggest complaint among my friends was using unknown heroes, and is why I prefer skirmish.
  2. I just watched a demo FFG did at Gen Con, and during the demo they did not have enough dice. Seems like every game you need to buy more dice. Sigh.
  3. I am pretty good at painting, but even I would pay for pre-painted. No reason they can't do it. They do it for Arkham Horror, even though there are unpainted miniatures in Mansions of Madness.
  4. They didn't for Runewars yet. Where do you buy terrain?
  5. I just hope they sell terrain we can paint. I don't want a mat with cardboard terrain. I don't know how to make my own. Please offer this and you shall have my money!
  6. For the gates, I purchased that at Etsy. Just search etsy Eldritch Horror gates. They have colored gates, which I recommend. I will probably paint my gates.
  7. I finished a Cthulhu miniature and used it in a game of Eldritch Horror, and I must say it looks cool having such a large figurine on the board. I may need to try this with some of the other Ancient Ones. See link for a pic. http://pin.it/7MqMf93
  8. It is for local pick up only. I just tried.
  9. I have been checking every day. would be nice to get a release date.
  10. The only annoying part is finding the monster token. Other than that, I just place it next to the board for reference. I rarely even need to look at the monster token since the app gives you the most important info. Being able to see the beautiful board underneath the clear bases is the best part.
  11. I used clear bases on all my miniatures, except the real big ones that don't need any base. Very easy process, but the investigators are a pain. I had a couple investigators who lost the tip of one of their feet trying to cut it off the original base. Still glad I did it though, and would do it again.
  12. I love painting miniatures and I have been trying to create an enhanced Eldritch Horror game, but the problem I run into are the epic monsters. It would be cool if you could sculpt all the epic monsters for the game and expansions since you cannot find miniatures anywhere for those. I know I would buy them all!
  13. Thanks for updating the link. Do you still have the templates? I wanted to use them for customizing some of the monsters.
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