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  1. I've mostly done the above. I've also done some rearranging in gimp, but i don't know the program well enough I guess because the lines lose their sharpness. For most ships I could only fit about 3 hangars/gear boxes per page anyway, aside from a few small things like vultures.
  2. I'll bump this please. One of mine has a very loose cockpit that I would like to tighten up. I imagine it would pop off with a little bit of leverage and then I could reglue it tighter, but I'm not the most experienced with this sort of thing and any advice would be hot. Thanks.
  3. The email I got with my code included a link to a FAQ regarding the zip code issue, https://store.us.asmodee.com/policy/order-preorder-faq/ Here's the relevant portion: Q. Why does the checkout say my address failed to validate? A. We are experiencing a temporary issue where the auto-fill on some web browsers are not accepted by our systems. If you encounter this issue, please try one of the following before placing your order: Type your address manually, without using auto-fill. Clear your cache and browsing history. Switch to another web browser. If you've tried each of the above and are still encountering issues, please email webstore@asmodeena.com. Your message should include: the address you're entering for your order, what browser you are using and if it's via mobile or desktop. Any screenshots you can provide would also be helpful.
  4. Not to be too grumpy or dump on anybody, but I'm not sure I'd buy that it's out of context or simply an emotional argument. And maybe not that it's a part of the core design (although I realize Wazat couldn't read the article at the time of writing.) The Tournament Regulations pg 2 state that: "Tournaments are played using the rules provided in the most recent version of the X-Wing Rules Reference and this document, both of which can be downloaded from X-Wing.com." The Rules Reference, as stated in the blog post, the defines Winning the Game on pg 20 as: "The game ends at the end of a round if all of a player’s ships are removed from the game. The player with no ships remaining loses, and the player with at least one ship remaining wins. If both players’ last remaining ships are destroyed in the same round, the game ends in a draw." A game going to time comes up in the Tournament Regulations on pg 8: End of Round Each tournament round ends in one of the following ways: • One Player Defeated: At the end of a game round, all of one player’s ships have been removed by being destroyed or fleeing the battlefield. The player with at least one ship remaining immediately earns a win and the opposing player receives a loss. • Mutual Destruction: At the end of a game round, all of both players’ ships are destroyed. Players follow the rules for “Final Salvo” below using all of their ships to determine the winner. • Time: At the end of a game round, the round time limit has been reached. (If time is called during a game round, players must finish that game round.) The player with the greater score receives a win, and the opponent receives a loss. If both players have the same score, they follow the rules for “Final Salvo” below to determine the winner. • Concession: A player voluntarily concedes defeat at any point during the game. All of that player’s ships are destroyed. The conceding player receives a loss and the opponent receives a win. Remember that collusion among players to manipulate scoring is forbidden, and the scores should still be calculated based on the final game state (including the winner’s destroyed and damaged ships) (see “Unsporting Conduct” on page 3). I find it interesting to note the order here, although I'll admit that this is some conjecture. It starts with one player being defeated according to the rules given above in the Rules Reference regarding "Winning the Game." It is followed by both players being defeated according to the same rules. I believe it's fairly reasonable to assume that if either player finds all of their ships destroyed, it is because their opponent set about destroying them because they recognized that the object of the game, given in the "Winning the Game" section, is to destroy all of the opponent's ships. The last way that a tournament round ends is with a player deciding not to play the game anymore. It is in between these options that a game going to time occurs and it must be somehow determined who the winner is when neither player has met the conditions set forth for winning the game. Order of presentation aside, I do think it's telling that of the four ways given for a tournament round to end, two of them have the goal that players achieve the stated means for winning the game. The other two are concessions to life moving forward outside of the game. That is to say that players may choose to no longer play, and that the game rounds can only last a certain amount of time. The Tournament Regulations pg 7 are also of note for stating that a game that goes to time is not actually concluded. If a game has not concluded when the time for a tournament round runs out, the players finish the current game round and then calculate their scores We can then see from the Tournament Regulations pg 8: Calculating a Player’s Score A player’s score helps determine who won the game in certain circumstances and is used to calculate Margin of Victory (emphasis mine)... It seems that determining the winner based on score at the end of the round, is not set forth as the main and normal mode of declaring the winner of the game. Rather, it is assumed to be a circumstance outside the normal way that a game is designed to end and a winner declared. All of that said, I don't think it greatly changes the way the game is played because at a tournament we all know that games go to time and score is always calculated at the end. As such, it does become the default means of determining the winner. But I do think it's good to note for the sake of discussion that the aim of the game is to destroy all of your opponent's ships.
  5. Great write up, thank you. I appreciate your approach to deconstructing a game and will certainly be looking forward to the new formats, particularly Fog of War.
  6. Even if you don't have HotAC stuff, playing both sides for a bit might help. Just something to keep the table moving so people walking past can see what's happening. That's what I thought was helpful.
  7. I did this same sort of thing here last weekend. I used some of the Epic Battles scenarios as a frame work with a selection of iconic ships just as you mentioned, most of them being in wings. I set the game up and then used the HotAC AI to play against myself until people showed up. Sure enough, a few people wander by to pick up a dial or two and within a turn stick around for the full game. I was a little nervous about the length and complexity of the epic battles as opposed to a more standard mode, but it worked well. (I also just wanted to try some of them myself. ) Everyone that came to my table had a good time and enjoyed the wings while still having the simplicity of only thinking about one dial. I'm sure a simpler scenario could have worked well, but I was glad for the results. I think the running by myself while nobody else was there helped. People saw a game moving and being played rather than some guy bored and sitting behind a complex looking game. It made it easier for people to wander in, I think.
  8. I'm with Darth Meanie. Even if the tiles to cards ratio isn't exact with such a release, it makes it easier to find an I2 (or whatever) when digging through piles. It seems more flexible to have a different pilot on the back of the tile than the same thing.
  9. I've heard that before. I would have been so excited to see the Vong. I'm currently rereading the series for the 4th time and am enjoying it so much.
  10. I also tend to throw points at the things. I've had a lot of fun from time to time running double bombers. Usually something roughly like Vennie (56) Trajectory Simulator (6) Pattern Analyzer (5) Perceptive Copilot (8) Paige Tico (7) Veteran Turret Gunner (10) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Delayed Fuses (1) Ship total: 101 Half Points: 51 Threshold: 6 Finch Dallow (60) Trajectory Simulator (6) Pattern Analyzer (5) Perceptive Copilot (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (10) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Delayed Fuses (1) Ship total: 98 Half Points: 49 Threshold: 6 Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z294X114W206W54W189W90W71W69W236Y250X114W206W54W90WW71W69W236&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= I usually keep them very close together, choosing moves based on what rocks I can hit with the TS to keep a screen out at range three. Once they get in close they still take 3-4 shots. I'm not sure how well it works though. I pull it out now and then for casual games but the games are always very close so I'm not sure how competitive it might be. It sure feels thematic though. I do find the VTG to be essential though. These things fill up on damage and crits, so punishing ships for getting close is essential...especially these days with the high ship count.
  11. I think it's fairly likely, at least if we go by the rule of card art. She shows up on Kaz's pilot card, and its been the rare exception that a ship pictured in the background of a card doesn't eventually get it's own card. (Mainly I think of the Toscan-ish thing on Gavin's E-wing card and the Imp LAAT/le...and the Purgill hehe. Has anybody tracked that data?) But I could be totally wrong and just hopeful.
  12. Keep your eyes open, maybe someday we'll pick them out. Though it would be nice to see a bit more of the Colossus for sure. https://www.starwars.com/news/buckets-list-extra-the-escape-part-2-star-wars-resistance 6. Teaming Up with the Resistance. So what happens next? “Well, one thing we do know is that among the 14,000 ships that arrive with Lando Calrissian over Exegol in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are the Fireball, Jarek Yeager’s racer, and Torra Doza’s ship,” says Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group. The ILM team created photo-real versions of these vessels to populate the movie’s space battle, which we’re excited to reveal here. (Also, keep your eyes peeled for a number of mining guild freighters from Star Wars Resistance in the epic clash!)
  13. I always think this when people talk about ships that might come out but probably won't because something like it already fills that role. Just because the Lambda exists in the game doesn't mean I don't want Krennic's shuttle. I don't always want new ships because of new mechanics, sometimes I want new ships just to have different ships to play Star Wars with.
  14. haha I certainly hope the next one is better. I would love to be using the official version if it worked almost as well as LBN.
  15. (I'm always a little bit surprised to find out that people use the official app.) I'm proud of you all that do, though. Soldier on.
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