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  1. They put a link in the rules forum, but it's managed to get to page two... I haven't compared it to the rules dump you mentioned though.
  2. RebelRogue


    wait, so we're all trusting the app now?
  3. RebelRogue

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I'm a Star Wars fan and I don't enjoy talking about how much Star Wars sucks.
  4. RebelRogue

    Unofficial ruling Doc.

    Regarding attacks, measurement is the first time you must actually do anything to let your opponent know that a ship is attacking. That is, the entire process of shooting can be done without telling your opponent up until you measure range. The engagement phase happens and it comes time for a particular ship to engage. When a ship engages, it may perform an attack. I can decide that the ship intends attack, but I still don't have to declare that to my opponent. But in my head I know the ship intends to perform an attack. If a ship performs an attack, it becomes the attacker then follows these steps: 1. Declare Target: During this step, the attacking player identifies and names the defender of the attack. a. Measure Range: The attacking player measures range from the attacker to any number of enemy ships and determines which enemy ships are in which of its arcs. I secretly know that my ship intends to perform an attack. I secretly know that the ship becomes the attacker. At this point I have to declare my target. The directions for step 1 immediately move us to step 1a - measure range. Measuring range is the first point in the sequence where I must declare to my opponent anything regarding a particular ship's attack. After that I can decide not to fire my jamming beam at the ship at range 3, but I have already declared my intention to attack at the Measure Range step. Deciding not to fire is a separate declaration to not attack.
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    Nib cost me the game

    Sounds like a fun place to fly!
  6. RebelRogue

    Nib cost me the game

    Wait...I'm not the only one flying Temmin?
  7. RebelRogue

    A fix for epic?

    The only wish I have for Huge ships would be a power management option. In general I find the system interesting and enjoyable to use, but I think it would make sense to be able to route power back out of a weapon system. So if you have energy sitting in an ion cannon, you should be able to move it back to the main card. Maybe have an upgrade that lets you move it directly to another weapon card. Although there might be some timing clarification that would need to happen regarding the energy step to make that distinction meaningful.
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Yuuzhan Vong are neat.
  9. RebelRogue

    Points and formats

    For what it's worth, FFG at least sees it as an option: GAME MODE There are various game modes that limit which ship and upgrade cards are available for squad building. The X-Wing Squad Builder shows the limitations for the various game modes presented at any given time. Check out X-Wing.com for additional information. • The squad point cost for cards can vary between game modes. (RRG pg 11. )
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    Dial question for Tournaments?

    In a tournament, technically no. The tournaments regulations, pg 4: Multiple Faction Ships All ship cards and ship bases in a player’s squad must belong to the same faction. If a player’s ship has different versions in more than one faction, the player may use any version of the miniature and dial that match the full ship name when assembling a squad. All dials must be from Second Edition. Plastic dial backs from the premium maneuver dial kit may be used. But as ever, if it's a super casual kind of tournament, it's worth asking the TO beforehand.
  11. RebelRogue

    Andrasta Day

    02.28.99 STAR WARS: X-WING ALLIANCE ARRIVES FROM LUCASARTS, THE LAST ENTRY IN THE VENERABLE X-WING FLIGHT SIMULATOR SERIES This is my favorite X-wing game. I couldn't count the number of times I've strapped in and gone to blow something up. Let's remember it today. Fly the Andrasta. Fly a generic 1300 and call it the Selu or Sabra. And dear FFG, can we have the Otana please?
  12. Let's not forget the days when everybody complained that they didn't have enough shield tokens... I've not heard that complaint in a while, does everybody have enough shield tokens now?
  13. RebelRogue

    Do I need it?

    If all you want to do is play in your basement with the ships you have, no you don't need it. You can play first edition just fine. If you ever want a new ship or want to play with people that have started playing since Second Edition came out, then it would be useful. Because Second Edition is all that is being put out by FFG now. So if you ever see a new ship you want, it won't work with your First Edition collection. It's part of a new game. So if you plan on expanding your collection then you pretty much need the conversion kits. The conversion kits make your ships (Dials, Cards, Baseplates) usable in Second Edition, which has slightly tweaked rules and make the game focus more on movement than card combos. Is it more fun? Yes. I can't think of anybody I know that doesn't prefer Second Edition and find it more enjoyable. I say this as someone who loved First Edition and wasn't bothered by the problems most people complained about. So... If you are fine playing forever with the collection you currently have. No, you don't need any conversion kits. If you want to expand your collection as new ships are put out, Yes, you'll need conversion kits.
  14. RebelRogue

    2nd Edition Ships are all I could hope for

    I'll be one of the 4 Yays.
  15. RebelRogue

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Agreed, thankfully you can switch it to first person. I always played that way and rarely found it limiting like the new Battlefront game where you can't see anything from cockpit view. you could even use the c-stick to look around while in the cockpit...now I wanna go play haha. I love the PC sim games, and Rouge Squadron games are a bit more arcade style, but they're not too far off the mark that they don't scratch the fly-an-x-wing itch.