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  1. Wonderful! thank you so much. If I might make a suggestion. If you're redoing the B-Wing, I would find it useful if the box were made to store the model with the wings closed. We already have boxes for the only-open version, and it would save space to have the new models fit in the smaller sized base. Thank you for your work!
  2. This probably shouldn't be super effective, at least the Composure part. The obvious trick to try would be spend focus>barrel roll>fail barrel roll>focus>profit. But that would miss the whole thing of Anakin's spin is not a barrel roll action. Am I missing a trick? But it sounds like you're making some good, insightful progress. Good job!
  3. I would never have started playing X-wing, nor would I have ever known Game Stores existed if it weren't for seeing the ships at B&N. So while I buy most of my stuff at the FLGS, I use my coupons and try to get enough at B&N in hopes they'll have incentive to keep it on the shelves.
  4. I had it on Temmin last week and had two good opportunities to use it. I could have dropped it on an already stressed Thane with one hull left, at best it would have killed Thane, at worst I would have kept him stressed an extra turn and facing the wrong way. But, just like I've always done with rigged cargo chute, I forgot I had it until I dropped the focus token.
  5. I appreciate your vote of confidence in my memory. I should indeed be able to remember that, alas...wait, what was I saying...
  6. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ffgorganizedplay/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2332431903668063
  7. Basically what everybody else has said...in my few forays into RPG, this was the ship I ended up flying. I've thought it was cool ever since.
  8. It's been so long...let's start the campaign anew!
  9. Haha, yeah that doesn't quite fit on the side so well. I'd like to hear the Air Traffic Controller calling for it though.
  10. Very nice! It seems to be having some identity issues though... It's painted like Donatello, but named (Leonardo) Davinci. Even so, super killer.
  11. I've always wanted a Stealth-X in the game... Maybe that's why I fly T-70s painted black... I also have a soft spot for Ghtroc 720
  12. I also miss having the ship names on the side of the dial I'm looking at while planning.
  13. While I'm sure that adjustable points is a good thing for the game (at least until the game is someday no longer supported), I very much miss being able to listbuild with only the cards. I enjoyed being able to put a few cards on the table and swap pieces in and out quickly without also doing it on an app. I also miss the missions. I played each one at least and always enjoyed them.
  14. This is probably my new favorite X-wing blog. Thank you.
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