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  1. Thank you! I was looking at pages 53-55, regarding selecting career and specializations. You're a saint!
  2. I'm helping my friend make a character, and I've been reading and seeing many different sources say you get 4 free career skills and 2 free specialization skills. Where in the physical book does it say that? I have the actual book and I can't find that anywhere. Just a reference to it's location will let me see it with my own two eyes in the book and put my conscience at ease. lol. Thanks in advance!
  3. I also made some custom stats for the Codru-Ji. Here's something I had in mind, with an explanation for why. Br: 2 Ag: 3 In: 2 Cu: 2 Wi: 2 Pr: 1 WT: 10 + Br ST: 10 + Wi Exp: 100 Special traits: Wyrwulf form: Having previously lived for years as six legged wolf-like creatures, they've learned a thing or two about surviving. +1 to survival skill Four arms: Similar to the combat rule surrounding using multiple weapons in two hands, the Codru-Ji are a highly dexterous race and as such can be highly deadly in battle. The game rules for attacking with two weapons stand, except that in addition to what's normally required for two weapons to hit, you need the additional advantage for the 3rd and 4th weapons to hit. (For example, you would need 2 advantage for 2 hits, 4 advantage for 3 hits, and 6 advantage for all 4 to hit) this is still in workshop, hasn't been officially combat tested yet. If anyone does, let me know. I thought a Dex of 3 for stats made sense since the wiki said that they're very adept with their four arms. I made their presence 1 because the wiki said they are very xenophobic. They may be handsome/beautiful, but they're still awkward in conversation with most other species because of their upbringing.
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