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  1. I really want to start playing a Star Wars RPG with my son. 2 things. 1, I don’t like that this is split into 3 games. And 2, I hate the new canon. Is it worth getting one of the FFG books? Or should I try and get hold of the 2007, or even the 1996 RPG?
  2. Stevey86


    Hahaha. It needs to happen! ?
  3. 4 is right for Lando. The travesty is that he’s a 5 for Rebels. Lando is not Dash’s equal by any stretch of the imagination.
  4. Because I will always fight to the death rather than running away to save points.
  5. Would certainly shut people up moaning if that is the case.
  6. Your mistake was putting HLC on 2 of them. Now 1 with HLC and 2 with Tractor Beam, that’s where the fun’s at.
  7. Naked Etahn, 2 Bs, 2 Z95s. Ran that for a while around wave 7-8 time (back when a 2 dice attack might actually do something). Absolute crit fest. When you're pushing that many through, it's just cripples everything. Basically BBBBZ with crits.
  8. I **** well better still be able to run my triple 2400s!!
  9. Well obviously Maarek would be a 5 in literally every Imperial fighter. And I only say 6 for Dash as he's every bit as good a pilot as Han. I'm happy to have Han drop to a 5 though.
  10. Agreed to an extent. Rather than initiative I'd like to see pilots have competency ratings for several ships. I.E. Wedge a 6 in an X-Wing, and then a 4 or 5 in a few others. And Dash a 6 in everything, because that man can fly anything. Even a snowspeeder without needing a gunner.
  11. Yeah I wondered that at first looking at the E-Wing. Do I have to "push" for a Lock in order to boost or barrel roll. Then I saw the HWK-290. There's no way that thing gets forced into a red rotate arc in order to focus!
  12. Defenders and E-Wings will still be able to run in 3s. The clue is in the numbers in the conversion kits. It is exactly half as many of each ship (rounded up) that can be squeezed into a list. There's no way they make it so that you need to buy 2 of each kit to be able to cover everything, then be left with 4 lots of Defender stuff and only be able to field 2 of them.
  13. End of round attack is rear arc only, not turret. So 3 dice with Phantom docked or 2 dice with Phantom II docked.
  14. Yup. Jan and Kyle over Jyn and Cassian any day. ?
  15. If the HWK-290 dial is unchanged we riot!
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