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  1. Hi mate, I finished adding the content of Lost Legends on wiki yesterday. Feel free to use the info from there descent2e.fandom.com/wiki Edit: the only thing missing are links for the new classes on main warrior/scout/healer and mage. But the content is there. I couln't figure out how to add it there. I contacted the admin today, he should finish it
  2. I guess snakes and tentacle monsters could be another cathegory.. maybe purple masters, but I would need to repaint some so.. maybe another time (Plague Worm, Naga, Chaos Beast, Merriod, Carrion Drakes)
  3. Here is how I did mine. I matched something like a cathegory to them and kept a consistent Master theme, like The Undead, Demons, Humanoids and Beasts. Minions are always more common. Undead matsters glow teal-green. Demon masters are in green flames. Humanoid and Beasts are in white-ish clothing or pale skin (like Azog in The Hobbit movies)
  4. Thanks! sure no problem. Here. It's free for all https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2971285
  5. Hi, So she is my favourite character (don't tell to Quinlan and Hera), but I had some issues with her miniature in IA. I figured I could try fixing the legs so I 3D printed some and now it clicks for me :P. I wish I could take better pictures but this is the best from like 10 attempts Next thing will be the sabers. The right one should be like 20% longer, but I will sort it out once my tiny LEDs arrive https://ibb.co/NmK5QQM
  6. Ah, that's what I feared. I saw people houseruleing that.. buying it for 600 credits outside the app. I guess that's the way to go
  7. Hi, The title is pretty self-explanatory. Is there a way for Diala to get it in the app? I know there are better options for her, but for me the theme and skins go first Thanks!
  8. This thread is exactly what I was looking for. It's great! Great job mate do you have a full list please? I dont have many opportunities to play but even with a few games we realised we would never use RGC for that price again. An updated cost list would be gold
  9. Ok now, how would you resolve this case: Silhouette-trickster She is carrying a [1-hand], [second 1-hand with the Battle Tome attached via Arcane Fusion]and the [Handbow] She misses and deals 1+3 weapons = 4 damage right? The Battle Tome isn't equiped by wording itself. Silhouette would go full crazy getting drunk all the time so she can only miss everything. But if the Battle Tome isn't equiped, you can't unequip after use. So can she use the Battle Tome double surge ability without limitations?
  10. So, we finally got the bridges between mage and scout and possibly every other hybrid combo. What's cool is that the Trickster is going to make hybrid weapons and I feel like there are definitely some crazy things to be done with the skill. What do you think? We can only apply magic weapons so: https://descent2e.fandom.com/wiki/Cathegory:Magic My first wow moment was with the Heart Seeker. To apply ability to ignore los in combination with any weapon with Blast could be devastating to any OL. Or have the Staff of Greyhaven-ability to convert 3range into 3damage with an equiped BlueYellowYellow weapon could deal some nice damage! 3xp may be a lot but looks like every campaign with the Trcickster will be totally different gameplay and I love it!
  11. You can do it! Always good to see a complete collection. Currently, I'm terrified by my unpainted Descent figures..still 41 to go and I'm spent already
  12. ..and deal with it. Don't house rule, you never know how it's going to impact the game and someone is always hurt. It's better to grumble about developers together and deal with it, then to have a victim friend
  13. Thanks, looking forward to your 'all done' picture! How close are you?
  14. Aaah.. finally. Didn't work with the phone before.. nearly smashed that thing. Thanks!
  15. Hi IA geeks, So, I've finally finished our copy. One copy of each release. Took me 7 months to get the collection together, paint and re-base. How do you like the idea to distinguish groups with the base shape? Currently, I work with a strain token(hexagon) and a weakened token(octagon). I always envied heroes their activation tokens so I'm going to do something simirar with excess weakened/strain and number tokens for round ones. Print a green and red side on a sticker paper. I don't yet know what I'm going to use for 4th Death and Stormtrooper triangular group. I will update when I figure it out https://imgur.com/AB1xFCE It fails every time I try to attach the picture via link.. no idea why
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