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  1. Nice Thanks Sadgit, you're a superhero... Captain Terrinoth... Leader of
  2. The heroes keep asking me about the Wolf, what works on him and what not. There were some confusing answers from Justin, so we are sonfused too. These are some exaples and the conclusions I assume correct: 1) Wolf and Delve(Treasure Hunter) - can't apply +1 heart if the Treasure hunter is adjecent to the Wolf only 2) Wolf and Roganna the Shade - can't apply +1 heart if the targeted monster is adjecent to Wolf only 3) Wolf and Alys Raine - the Wolf ans Alys Raine are adjecent; the Wolf is dealt damage - Alys can recover fatigue Are these correct please? ..btw the other 2 heroes...ehm heroine are Syndrael and Ashrian... and the girls kick my ***.
  3. Yesterday, we playes Siege of Skytower (it was brutal, and the luck went nuts. I have never seen so many heroic moves unlikely to work, ..that actually worked) Anyway, I'm using Basic II for the first time, and I came into situations when I couldn't play e.g. Blinding Speed, because best target(Syndrael Knowledge 3, Awerness 2) was defeated. So I just wanted to make sure we played it right, I can' find the official answer: Can you target a knocked-out hero with the Blinding Speed and similar effect cards?
  4. Seems to me that all spaces (1)s and (2)s are available fot the Knight. Looks naturally when following the text of the card. All of the blocked spaces(goblins and reanimate) are equally adjecent. I can't see any catch.
  5. oh I think I get it.. so you just cannot interrupt the movement until the very moment you are adjecent, right? (for a melee, no reach)
  6. But how about this reply from Q: How does interrupting movement to attack interact with large monster movement? A: When moving with a large monster, you always choose 1 space it occupies to count movement. If you interrupt movement to attack, you choose any space it occupies to continue movement. This could result in additional spaces moved during the movement. If I understand it correctly, this is a reply just the case you described as not allowed, but here it say it could result in additinal spaces moved. Am I overlooking something?
  7. Ah... I feared so. This would make him pretty playable if it worked. Do you discard the token after the one attack?
  8. Hi, The card reads: Exhaust this card during your turn and choose a monster within 3 spaces of a trap token and place 1 of your hero tokens on that monster's base, indicating that it is marked.The next hero to attack a marked monster adds 1 to his attack results. I was wondering, is the 1 only a one time use? There is no mention about discarding the Hero token, and as this is the only effect of the card, I suppose it lasts untill the Hero token is discarded right? ''The next hero'' sounds like only 1 time use, but I hope it's not the case. The Stalker is pretty unattractive already for my heroes but I try to reveal the strong sides of all classes to them... as they're lazy to do the research themselves ...okay not all of them. Thanks!
  9. To be honest I was a little confused by the reply. But it looks like the condition can be applied to all targets only via surge.