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  1. Oh wow, then Nova is a real beast! It doesn't even say once per round Thanks for the replies!
  2. Hi, I used Nova in a very efficient way, so I was wondering if that was legal. I defended or took the damage with my hero, but I still triggered Nova's ability, to deal 2 damage for one energy to the enemy. It felt really cool, but can you do that? Trigger, even if Nova is not the target? Based on what RRG says about ''you'' this should be illegal. Only the target is ''you'' during attacks I guess. But then I took a look at ''initiate'' which should happen before declaring who is defending. Nova's ability Interrupt: When an enemy initiates an attack against you, spend ⚡ resource ➡️ deal 2 damage to that enemy. Then I found this in the official FAQ: SPIDER-MAN (CORE SET, 1A) Q: When does the villain “initiate” an attack against Spider-Man? A: An attack is “initiated” the moment the game determines an attack will be made against a character. This includes attacks made from game steps (such as step 2 of the villain phase) and card abilities (such as an attack initiated by the “Assault” treachery). Spider Man’s ability resolves before any of the steps of the process detailed in the “Enemy Attacks” section are perfomed. I guess it doesn't matter who is eventually the target. What do you think?
  3. You are right, the guy must have removed it. I don't think he would be happy about if he knew but I will upload it for you... source: Anonymous
  4. Sorry, I thought I replied. Here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2984821
  5. So the folders are ready: This one is all I could gather for the Imperial Assault. Half of those I didn't use, feel free to ask abou specific tiles: https://www.thingiverse.com/Allarin/collections/imperial-assault And for these I couldn't find a file so I learned some basic modeling in blender and came up with these https://www.thingiverse.com/Allarin/designs Good luck!
  6. Thank you all! Yes I'm working on one folder. Most of them were free downloads you can find on thingiverse, but I'm uploadig my files today too. I will paste here the link then
  7. Hello, So, Imperial Assault has now taken me like half of my hobby time ever. I've been working on this terrain / scenery collection since I got my Ender 3 printer 10 months ago. Now to get my lazy group to actually play the game, because solo sucks. No pun intended I will post some chosen pictures here, but there is 18 in this gallery on imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/M0iJQ6H Next up: LED lightsabers!
  8. Hi mate, I finished adding the content of Lost Legends on wiki yesterday. Feel free to use the info from there descent2e.fandom.com/wiki Edit: the only thing missing are links for the new classes on main warrior/scout/healer and mage. But the content is there. I couln't figure out how to add it there. I contacted the admin today, he should finish it
  9. I guess snakes and tentacle monsters could be another cathegory.. maybe purple masters, but I would need to repaint some so.. maybe another time (Plague Worm, Naga, Chaos Beast, Merriod, Carrion Drakes)
  10. Here is how I did mine. I matched something like a cathegory to them and kept a consistent Master theme, like The Undead, Demons, Humanoids and Beasts. Minions are always more common. Undead matsters glow teal-green. Demon masters are in green flames. Humanoid and Beasts are in white-ish clothing or pale skin (like Azog in The Hobbit movies)
  11. Thanks! sure no problem. Here. It's free for all https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2971285
  12. Hi, So she is my favourite character (don't tell to Quinlan and Hera), but I had some issues with her miniature in IA. I figured I could try fixing the legs so I 3D printed some and now it clicks for me :P. I wish I could take better pictures but this is the best from like 10 attempts Next thing will be the sabers. The right one should be like 20% longer, but I will sort it out once my tiny LEDs arrive https://ibb.co/NmK5QQM
  13. Ah, that's what I feared. I saw people houseruleing that.. buying it for 600 credits outside the app. I guess that's the way to go
  14. Hi, The title is pretty self-explanatory. Is there a way for Diala to get it in the app? I know there are better options for her, but for me the theme and skins go first Thanks!
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