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  1. Darth Obvious

    Imperial assault #4 on bgg hotness list

    I was thinking about getting into IA, but FFG lists all IA Core, Expansions, Packs and Maps as "Not Available" and nothing IA is listed under Upcoming Products. Is FFG killing off IA because of Legion?
  2. Darth Obvious

    The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    My mistake. You're correct.
  3. Darth Obvious

    The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Nah. I play Imperials and the Palp nerf was fair IMO. Also, the changes to the Defenders just reinstated the core game mechanic. I am a bit bummed Genius is now discarded when used. I had hoped for a solution which would prevent the Nym bump-bomb (which breaks the core game mechanic of blocking) without requiring Genius be discarded.
  4. Darth Obvious

    Fellow Biggs Players....

    I see your point, but I don't like the fact that FFG has started altering core play mechanics of the game and of the ships (Biggs, JM5Ks, Advanced SLAM on K-Wings--see FFG's own preview article). If FFG feels that things are unbalanced, then they should go to a rotation of ships and cards and ban those they don't want to see [edit: in competition]. This FAQ however makes a mess of Pilot Cards now....
  5. Darth Obvious

    The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Agreed. I don't play JM5Ks but now the whole expansion is wrecked. Why include Salvaged Astromech cards if the ship can't use them? Likewise, the whole point of Advanced SLAM for the K-Wing was to drop bombs, as FFG pointed out in their preview article. I would have liked to see more minor corrections rather than such a severe correction. (1) Remove the EPT slot from unnamed JM5K pilots. (2) Limit Biggs to ONCE PER ROUND. (3) Leave Attani Mindlink alone. It was already leaving the field of competitive play. (4) Leave Advanced SLAM alone. (5) Changes to Genius only reinforced a core mechanic (blocking). This card was being exploited so the change honors the intent of the card. This is the only change to do so. As as result, I think this will negatively affect the X-Wing community and gameplay. (1) JM5Ks are basically useless and the lack of a Salvaged Astromech even with the Title makes this ship boring. Moreover, in an ordinance heavy meta, this can no longer equip any ordinance. This is basically the same as FFG saying they don't want anyone to play JM5Ks any more. I'm not sure why FFG is still selling the Punishing One expansion in its current form since they have so heavily altered the play mechanic of the ship. At the very least, the Salvaged Astromech should have been included in the Title, but I would also favor at least one Torpedo there as well. (2) Biggs was a problem in some situations, but there are many work around, including the upcoming Harpoon Missile. BTW, I am not impressed with the FFG interview on Scum & Villainy--but a big thanks for bringing them on. In particular, the one game designer had no reason for Harpoon Missiles apart from it being a mechanic he liked. When asked about the negative affect of these Harpoon Missiles on Imperial swarms, he basically said they were dead and gave no indication he was interested in bringing it back. (3) Attani Mindlink was on its way out of the field of competition before this nerf, so this was really unnecessary. If FFG wanted to nerf it, this should have been done a year ago. (4) To alter Advanced SLAM is to alter a fundamental mechanic which FFG used to sell the ship in the first place--SLAM bombing. This was a fun and creative aspect of the game only ruined by bomblet generator and perhaps Sabine. Yet instead of limiting Sabine crew card with a range limitation or a frequency limitation (e.g., once per round), they nerf Advanced SLAM. Stupid. (5) The only reasonable nerf was Genius, and that only clarified rules which upheld a core game mechanic (i.e., blocking). Is sum, there is a difference between clarifying rules, FAQs to maintain the core mechanic (e.g., Genius), and outright changing the mechanic of a ship or pilot. This last option is not one with which I agree. Lastly, the designers seem to have lost any way to differentiate factions. Everything is becoming homogeneous and consequently, I may be done with X-Wing. I will play with the ships I already own with friends in accordance with the 4.3.3 FAQ, but FFG seems to be out of touch with the game and the real issues in it.
  6. Darth Obvious

    Fellow Biggs Players....

    I don't play Biggs or JM5Ks, but I didn't like the way the FAQ tried to correct the current meta. As for Biggs, it would have been better if FFG had simply limited his ability to once PER ROUND! This FAQ basically removes Biggs' ability. I'll chime in on the other nerfs elsewhere.
  7. Darth Obvious

    Errata cards for your use

    Thank you for all your work. I plan to print these to stickers and attach each to the outer sleeve of its corresponding card.