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  1. This is what I asked of them in the first post of the topic I linked in my last post. Edit to this, max obligation will be 15. 5 initial, with up to 10 additional obligation. I had explained that I would weight the scale to be appropriate to the number of players we have. Though I don't know how many that will be because it looks like I may be dropping the inactive people. Not knight play, you start with character creation experience only for your race. That being said you start with an additional 2000 credits due to the base. When you are making your sheet can you please write down how you use your experience and money, just so I can look at it if I need to.
  2. At this moment I'm sitting in my in person roleplay so I'm just going to leave you with this to read up on until I a have moment to fully respond.
  3. I'm going to send messages to all the inactive players and try to get responses out of them about whether or not they want to continue playing. I would say at this point that you're in just from what I've picked up so far.
  4. I would still love to do this, I just haven't had the will or energy to hunt everyone down and request posts or something. I know people like avalon has said he would MIA a little while longer. If there are people who just can't commit anymore please let me know so we can still continue.
  5. Sorry about that everyone, I tried to make posts and posts links here and there to prevent something like this. I will post the links again and then I will PM everyone. BigT, I will make a reaction post shortly, I was hoping to get a few reactions from the other players before I moved things along in your corner but now you can see what happened. again, here is the IC thread
  6. Everyone, at the onset of the our escapade, here is the lay of the land. Courtesy of GreyJedi from these forums. Mind you, this is before Deeblo decided to pick a fight with our resident trandoshan Note to everyone, please ask any and all out of character questions here.
  7. IN CASE YOU GUYS DIDN'T SEE IT!! The first IC post is up! I tried to lay out a bunch of different little side events that are going on at the same time, any one fire away and talk amongst yourself. I have a way to move things a long in the very near future, but I figured I'd give you guys a few posts to get talking, make friends, make enemies, bring their people to life! Everyone follow the thread by clicking the follow button in the upper right hand area of the thread, or by clicking the 'notify me of replies' slider on the bottom left corner of the reply bubble when you make your first reply. Here's to the fun misadventures we may have *hold out glass for clinks*
  8. EDGE OF THE FINAL EMPIRE A STAR WARS STORY Opening Crawl The DEATH STAR has been destroyed. News is just now starting to reach the ears of IMPERIALS and REBELS alike. The RESISTANCE see this as hope, the GALACTIC EMPIRE see this as war. The political and social climates of the core worlds are starting to destabilize. Renewed efforts on both sides put everyone in harm's way and the patrons of a small bar in the underworld of Coruscant are no difference.... The sounds of a ruckus bar accompanied a drunk aqualish stumble out through the open door with the dimly lit sign "The Kandra's Kiss" hanging above with a slight slant. Inside what appears to be a bar like any other of the countless purveyors of alcoholic and narcotic consumables that lined this warren of streets below the upper crust of Coruscant. The bar, and surrounding booths, were full of patrons trying to forget their sorry existence, those stopping through after work, those getting a few drinks in before work, and those actively working on their own agendas here in the Kiss. Behind the bar, and seemingly the current life of the party is a jovial, slightly portly, elderly human male, currently in conversation with a blue skinned female pantoran by the name of Sevia. "Yeah yeah yeah, I just can't believe what you're saying about Wyada. I've known her to have a few drinks, but to stumble out of a cantina in broad daylight, what passes for that down here, that's just unlike her. Man, must have been a hilarious sight." Erza seems to inwardly smiling at the prospect of an old friend doing something amusing as he was conversing with Sevia and tending to the ministrations of the patrons at the bar in various states of coherence. Across the u-shaped bar a group of three individuals a hulking vibro-axe-wielding gamorrean Deeblo, a lavishly dressed bothan Kolir, and a tall, thin kyuzo Embal were conversing over their mugs, the discussing slowly turning more and more agitated, and probably broaching the classification of argument. Erza had thought he heard the phrase 'bounty thief' spouted more than once. At a booth on the opposite of the bar from the main entrance a pale trandoshan named Skauge, a nondescript Duros Vooz, and two rodians that appeared to be twins were playing sabacc. Judging by the reactions of both the trandoshan and the duros, they weren't too happy with how much the rodian just won. Sitting by himself, separated from the others at the bar by at least two seats on either side as if emanating a 'do not disrupt me' vibe was the only other kyuzo in the bar, Kimbo. Kimbo had appeared to notice that others were not approaching him, but he didn't seem to mind at all. That was until he was bumped into from behind as a diminutive verpine Villo was pushed back by a group of drunken humans full of themselves with they think is a mixture of righteous power and liquor induced bravado. "What is this rebel sympathizer doing here?! Why should I have to wait behind an alien at a human bar?!" The lead male said with disgust dripping off his tongue turning back to his two other companions thinking himself quite funny. Destiny Pool OOC
  10. No.12, I wanted to ask you about Villo. You say in his description that he is "A slim insectoid, barely standing 185cm tall,..."......I initially read this as he was short....but 185cm is roughly 6ft, and on wookiepeedia the average verpine height is listed as 1.9m which would put Villo just shy or average. Is there a typo here? does it work? why do I keep having trouble with the **** spoiler tag??
  11. Well it looks like you guys aren't really in that bad of position then. Destiny Pool Light Side: Dark Side: Not too shabby, perks of playing with a lot of people. I hope to make the IC post later tonight, or at the latest, sometime over the weekend.
  12. I spoke with John, he is going to make his appropriate roll with orokos some time tomorrow and then I am going to make the opening post. We are going to start in The Kandra's Kiss, everyone in the bar in various starting position doing various things and then some stuff will happen and yay we'll be on our way.
  13. No, we just haven't heard back from everyone with the destiny rolls and I've been swamped at work. I messaged the people who haven't responded.
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