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  1. Giving him a pierce 1 or extra survibability with a defense surge, wich im still surprised he didn't get it at fisrt place, does not pair him with luke or vader at all.
  2. Well at least I started a healthy discussion around here. A discussion you just enriched with "a lot whole of nothing" usefull at all, thanks for comming around.
  3. That is not true as I just demonstrated on the OP. I dont want a jedi wookie, that would be nice though there is some racial issues in SW Universe ?, but either a pierce 1 in the melee atack pool or a defensive surge to convert the saves to fives and sixes not just sixes would be much better and balanced imo. Armada forums is filled with people like you, you should go around there some times youll feel just like home.
  4. Exactly, in a melee vacuum actually chewie gets better than he should. If he gets to strike first means he is enraged, meaning that he is not 12 health anymore, he is 8 health in the best of cases, must probably way lower, to catch that many points in a so weak plataform in the open is a sweet present for the enemy.
  5. Then, why design chewie in that way and empower his skills to melee combat (+1 dice, enrage charge) if the best way to use him is to stay in cover and use the crossbow, and pray that your white defense dice is enough to keep you alive? If he cant even melee out properly the cheapest unit in the empire? Again I feel like ffg designers are sometimes high on something when they sketch new units.
  6. If you cared to read the original post, even if chewie striked first, wich is likely to happen, he would kill 1 trooper and a half average. Taking in account that troopers will likely have tokens of their own the odds still the same. Chewie rolls 4 dice naked. Troopers save at 50%. No pierce here buddy.
  7. The point is that chewie is way less effective in melee than regular storm troopers.
  8. So, looking and looking again up to the Chewie stats card I saw that terrible white defense dice. Any rebel player who has run an AT-RT a couple of times knows what that means, they last one or two blows depending on what hits them, now im terrified about Chewie because unlike the AT-RT, he does not have armor. So he will save with natural sixes from every hit, it doesen`t matter his life he will go down crazy fast. I made a very simple comparison in a melee combat, where Chewie si supposed to excel, between Chewie and a single stormtrooper unit with 6 soldiers. Bare in mind how expensive Chewie is in comparison with that unit. Chewie: 4 red dice means 3,5 wounds per blow with a 87,5% chances to hit and an offensive surge. From wich the ST unit will take 1,75 wounds in that attack due to their 50% red dice save. Chewie will do 1,75 wounds to a STunit, not very impressive. STunit: 6 black dice means 3,75 wounds per blow with a 62,5% chances to hit and an offensive surge. From wich Chewie will take 3,121 wounds in that attack due to his 16,6% white dice save. STunit will do 3,121 wounds to Chewie. Quite impressive.
  9. Seriously, the imperial player in this example must be a brainless. Got to love ffg articles.
  10. I'm really surprised noone here mentioned Darth Maul. That guy is everywhere, at every era, legged or not.
  11. Hope not, it will mean they ran out of ideas and they will be following the community line of thoughts in marketing terms, instead of their own balanced game schedule.
  12. That makes no sense, if proven that trooper spam in the future is completely broken in terms of activation and achiveing victory through mission objectives that is something they should start adressing and fixing NOW, not in 4 waves to come. Have they learn anything from armada?
  13. Dont waste your money here. You did well by quitting before the HH you dodged that bullet. Armada tabletop game has developed to an Imperial fanboy community lurking into new strategies to blow rebel scum up with the support of developers. Now they know is completely dead and release that super stupid broken thing for 200 knowing the 80% of the community, the imperial community, will buy it handsfull. Not only 1 but also 2 or 3 of them each, so they can retire and close armada for good. Put your money in Legion while is playble, we still have chances on the ground.
  14. A whole article just to see the sniper rifle heavy upgrade.
  15. I honestly will play it the way the card shows it should be played. Until ffg releases some new faq content.
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