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  1. It will be good for the B-Wing to have a more defined role then "Slower and less maneuverable X-Wing".
  2. Oh, I agree. Ion Canon Turret is far superior to Dorsal Turret. It averages out to about the same damage dealt (if it does damage), and has the potential to ionize an enemy. That can be rather amusing, such as when someone decides to tail you, and you manage to ionize them and get them to fly into a proton bomb. Or the rare occasion when you manage to get someone to fly off the map because you ionized them 2 or 3 turns in a row near the edge. But in general I find that if I'm given the choice of "1 damage plus maybe ion tokens" or "2 or 3 die attack that does nothing but damage", I will almost always chose the 2 or 3 die attack that only does damage.
  3. My VCX and Y-Wing will occasionally fire off an ion cannon blast. But that's mostly because the turret is the only thing that can attack. Provided the enemy is close enough that is. If you can fire an attack that can potentially do 2+ damage, it always feels more worthwhile then a 1 damage+ (maybe) ion attack.
  4. Ion is decent. But it seems to be rather situational. And the situation doesn't crop up very often that makes 1 damage and *maybe* ionizing the target a better choice then 3 or 4 damage (potentially). Every time I've put an ion cannon on my B wing so far, I end up never firing it. To the point where I stopped considering it, for the most part. Maybe that'll change with the new config card. I mean, getting an Ion blast in as a bonus attack sounds more useful then doing the ion blast instead of a primary or heavy laser canon blast. Might start trying to use the other situational cannons too. I don't use Jamming Beam or Tractor Beam because doing damage is generally more useful. But doing damage and tractoring or jamming? That could be useful to do.
  5. I'm limiting myself to one each of Medium or Large ships, 3 each of small ships, and one each of Huge ships. Course, the duplicates are only coming about now that I have 1 each of the currently released ships for my faction.
  6. Still, most ships will be risking damage to get a munitions catche. Although, now I'm picturing a Raider captain trying to get catches and swearing up a storm because his ship keeps destroying them
  7. One of Han's modifications, or maybe it was Lando's modifications (in the Legends continuity at least) was the ability to control the turrets from the cockpit. having turret gunners isn't required, but it allows the Han and Chewie to concentrate on flying and/or programing the nav computer. As well as letting the turrets shoot in different directions. When slaved to the cockpit they both fire in the same direction at any given moment. As for the B-Wing's S-Foil card being a "pure upgrade" and thus should cost points, as others mentioned it doesn't benefit all B-Wing pilots equally. Braylen Stramm for example will either spend all his time stressed thus preforming white maneuvers and unable to fully take advantage of the Stabilized S-Foils, or he'll be able to take full advantage but will be doing blue maneuvers most of the time. Either way, he's slow, predictable, and doesn't really benefit beyond the ability to double tap if the S-Foils are open. This is because he can reroll 2 dice during any attack or defense if stressed. Ten Numb on the other hand can make full use of the upgrade practically every single turn due to being able to spend Stress as if it was a Focus token. The added mobility options will help with dodging arcs while reloading, repositioning for an attack run, and so forth. Imagine doing a barrel roll to arc dodge, linking into a red Lock, firing a torpedo at an enemy ship, then opening up with an ion cannon blast which you can mod as if you had focus. And if you didn't need to spend it on an attack, you could still use your stress to Focus during defense. Although it is generally best used on the attack. The two generic pilots get more benefit then Braylen does, but not quite as much as Ten Numb. So, what price should the upgrade be? If it's too cheep, Ten Numb may become broken. But if it's too expensive, it'll never see play on anyone else. Possibly never see play at all. And keep in mind that to get the most use out of it, you do need to invest in a cannon upgrade or two as well. Oooor, you can make it a 0 cost upgrade and adjust the price of each pilot to reflect how much Stabilized S-Foils benefits them. WHich is the same tactic that was used for the X-Wing's s-foils. Yes, landing struts and grappling struts have a cost. But those also benefit all the pilots equally.
  8. And aren't those droids also ridiculously cheep, costing 19 or 20 points each to include in your squadron (before upgrades)? *checks*. Ah, the Hyena costs 26 for the generic. Meaning that with the config they cost 20 or 27 points. Compared to a rebel B-Wing which costs 41 points at minimum or a T65 X-Wing which also costs a minimum of 41 points. Those configs also, to my knowledge, provide a neat trick as opposed to the iconic ability of the ship. X-Wings can open or close the S-Foils. The movies never explained why this was important, but did establish that X config was "attack position". While the B-Wing's ability to "lay flat" is what allows it to even land.
  9. Strikers can carry bombs, and I've seen them get a bit more use out of them then the Y-Wing does due to the improved mobility getting a "free" boost provides. On the rare occasions I chose to fly Imps, I put proximity mines on the Striker since it can't reload anyway. And maybe Skilled Bombardier so I don't have to get quite as close to be effective with the mines.
  10. Let me rephrase that... 2.0 released Galactic Empire bombers don't have a sensor slot.
  11. I suspect the upgrade will have a cost of 0, and ship prices will be adjusted. Why? Because the upgrade card represents a core capability of the B-Wing. Just like the S-Foil card for x-wings represents a core capability of the T-65 X-Wing.
  12. What ships am I using? Uhm... Rebel BT-A4 Y-Wing, Imperial Tie/SK Striker, and imperial VT-49 Decimator are my only options for using bombs. And I mainly fly Rebel Alliance. If I had one, I could also use a BTL-S8 K-Wing. But at a glance it looks like an even worse bomber then the Y-Wing when it comes to speed and maneuverability. It's only real advantage looks to be the ability to carry two types of bombs. Oh, and none of the rebel ships that can carry bombs have a Sensor slot. Come to think of it, the Galactic Empire bombers don't have one either.
  13. I take it you really hate it when someone punishes you for tailing their bomber by dropping a proximity mine in your face, or ionizes you so you fly right into their proton bomb? Earlier today I managed to catch a friend with a seismic charge after ionizing them so they'd fly into the rock I was going to blow up first.
  14. "I'm too busy with the other 300 'drop everything and do this right away' tasks you gave me, come back later" said many employees of corporations however.
  15. At least part of the reason it's taking people so long to set up Epic matches is the number of ships being fielded. Another reason is everyone having to read over the scenario which all have different suggested point values, setup rules, and deployment rules. In addition to possibly having additional rules you need to be aware of. You might have a 300 point list made up. But what if the scenario chosen calls for you to field 350 or 400 points, and all you brought was the stuff for your 300 point list?
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