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  1. Ha that's a great little book. Soooo much work in that.
  2. Time to learn "thank you, thank you very much" in huttese.
  3. well I guess I should toss this up here. This is how my last session wrapped up with my players. They walked into a cantina, and they asked "hey can it be some kind of Space Elvis bar?" I said, suuuuuuuuuuuure. So what was the most ridiculous thing I could have singing and dressed as Elvis?? (also yes, the Quarren has a fake mustache).
  4. If you want to "validate" a higher price, incorporate some add on's? I like running Stormtrooper armour with helmet comlinks and vacuum seals. Rarity should be up there, if you're not a clone, it could even be restricted. If you have the armour you can pretty easily slip into a Republic base.
  5. going by that wording in the book...I'd say it's for whatever environment they need to go to, and not all purpose. My adverse cold weather coat is a lot different than my adverse wet weather coat. gives a good way to keep those players spending hard earned credits. And to create a nice complimentary wardrobe.
  6. also what about the local Imperials? Doesn't Teemo pay them for "protection" as well? They could always be a source of either trouble or help.
  7. There is a holster in one of the published adventures that does give the quick draw talent. It can be found on a certain NPC. So this has been done, and I would say that perhaps it can be crafted by using the rules, a triumph can perhaps be used to include a certain utilitarian talent? That's up to the GM
  8. I'd say that it's either like some items, and has the quality already built in, and therefore cannot be modded with it...OR...OR.....2 threat causes it to damage two steps instead of one. Double down on that.
  9. I'm looking forward to trying and introduce using a despair as the AOO mechanic, both for NPC's and PC's. I feel for brawlers and purchasing talents such as Dodge, and Defensive Stance, it would be akin to a well placed counter attack. Was something I wanted to talk to my GM about, but I rarely get to play with anyone these days, so sometime in the future perhaps.
  10. First game: We used a YT-1300 named the Icarus, I ended up taking Kaa'to's Z-95 fighter from Shadows of a Black Sun.... A second game, we ended up with a ship we decided was a HWK-290 from running Debt's to Pay from the core book I believe. So my smuggler ended up with a free ship lol not a bad deal. Group I'm GM'ing I gave them a modified YG-4210, they don't know to what extent it's modified yet as they are just working for the owner for now.
  11. It's mostly what I use my HP in my armour for lol. technically you could also give the Stormtroopers a bit more of an edge in initiative since modified optics give you a vigilance boost I believe. Just another way to make them scary later on in games I guess.
  12. I believe it's sort of mentioned in the fluff text of Stormtroopers somewhere, but I usually rule that they have vacuum seals and vision enhancements as well as built in comlinks. No point in being the Empires elite shock troops if a bit of smoke gets in your way.
  13. Vex, being the doctor can make multiple checks, but each injured character can only receive ONE medicine check as per 2P51's list. That's how I always run it, otherwise what's the point of having one doctor, or it's going on the triage system.
  14. Rogue One also makes it felt that Vader was really only important in dealing with the Emperor, and whatever the Emperor sent him to do. I haven't read any of the novels yet either. But the Vader comics go into a fun ride after ANH. It was very interesting watching him not be the total man in charge. If you get a chance to read them, you'll see him step into that spotlight.
  15. Well as far as Vader, in new canon as of the end of Vaders comic arc, he is now the defacto leader in charge of the fleet. Taking over from Grand General Tagge several months after Yavin. Up until that point I believe he was mostly a figurehead, but also a leader of men, being that enforcer of the Emperors will. The comic series was a good read, and reaffirmed that no one knew about the Emperor. I'm slowly making my way through Thrawn now.
  16. is a new one from the Tales from the Hydian Way guys. And they are actually doing published adventures. Just starting out with some AOR games.
  17. Might as well put this up here. Done for Heroes of the Hydian Way podcast.
  18. I think how I planned on using dark side pips was to just cause extra strain to use biotics. And that in turn would be further mitigated by different biotic implants that would allow you to get away with using DS points without strain. So at low levels especially, you would be able to use DS pips, but at a cost to yourself. And would make you spend money or obligation to improve your implants over time. I'll try and find my notes in a bit, might try to just take a picture, not sure if I have time to write them all out right now.
  19. The only thing that would make that much better, if they actually snuck Temuera Morrison into the movie as an old man. omg whyyyyyyyyyy didn't they do that?? I'm on board with this though.
  20. I was fiddling with this idea a couple months ago, (thought about it a few years ago), and the whole system really works just fine, the only hiccups I found with the plan was: 1) Biotics conversion with the Force. KnightVeritas there basically pointed out the way I was planning on doing it. I was basically going to wipe out the force powers (and use a few that worked fine, like Hold, which is basically stasis). Hawkbat strike is basically charge, so I was going to use that as a basis. I felt biotics was going to be a character creation thing, as you would have to deal with implant levels as well, so it wouldn't quite be like picking the Force Exile or Emergent later on like "oh I have the force now." I did have a list of the old powers spread out into different types, I'll have to find that. The new game has added some new stuff which might be easier to cross over, I haven't played it much yet (though I do seem to miss a few of the old powers like Warp, ah well.) 2)Shields, and armour. A lot of the characters durability in ME stems from a shield system build into the armour, or biotic barriers. I had a rough plan to redo the armour and bascally add in setback die that can be used once per round, and then you would have to use a maneuver to recharge them, and then there was amps, and cool down mods as well as increasing shields. I think I still need to work on it some, but it was a start. 3) Some ME class things would be armour upgrades, while others would be specializations to add, much like the Force talent trees. Cloaking field (Infiltrator), that's just an expensive armour upgrade, whereas the Vanguard would be mostly a talent tree. I feel like for some specialization trees it would be best to go back and look at how ME1 did it. But with Andromeda it shows you can cherry pick and mix and match using multiclass to get a bit of everything. I'll try and get a scan of my notes or something in the near future, or put more time into it. But, busy with things, and Mass Effect Otherwise, as is I think the whole Star Wars system fits ME just fine. Until you get into Biotics and shields/armour, everything works pretty fine as is. Oh and all Geth follow minion rules.
  21. I am the creator yes, been poking my head into this forum for a long time and only made an account recently when I saw my character get posted in this thread. I haven't made much in the past year (new job and traveling to see my gf). Was working on a comic for myself that has somewhat blown out of proportions on me, but I'm going to slowly pick away at it again. Some of it you can see in my Artstation profile: https://www.artstation.com/artist/illustrator_j That's my character, a bounty hunter I've had through various games for probably close to 15 years now? Started with a more direct inspiration from Crimson Empires II's Kenix Kil, and I've been tweaking it ever since. I'll be sure to post a bit in here whenever I finish something else.
  22. I had fun doing this one, doesn't print very well tho, way too wide
  23. Page 58 in my book is the page for the Fang fighter. There isn't a reinforced gauntlet in my book.
  24. I had a group run it in, hmmm let me think...5 sessions I think? of 3hrs each. My current group which has stalled due to work, is 2 sessions in. I expect they could do it in 5 or less, depending on what they decide to do with the information. And what and/or how many locations they hit. This group is only 3 people though, so there will probably be less monkeying about. But when they run up to trouble, it could slow them down. I would aim for upwards of 15hrs, but it can def be done in less than that. It's really about how smart they play it. Seems my groups tend to do too much lol
  25. I guess since one of my pieces was posted here, might as well slap the other precursor one in here:
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