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  1. Had some different campaigns and different characters lately, so I have plenty to share! Gonna have to spoiler them to not blow up this page. (Edit: Messed up the Spoilers, sorry 😧 )
  2. I have an ex-ARC Trooper in my current game, and while we were brainstorming his character originally, we came up with some extra names that may be handy to you. On top of that, we had a brainstorming session for code names for some non-clone characters that might help out. Swoop: Hitch, Skipper, Jock, Nuna Deadeye: Gazer, Scope, Hunter, Rider Hawk: Reggie (Regulation Manual), Root, Header Spanner: Fret, Greaser, Archer Others: Talon, Node, Wink, Bull, Cutter Hope those help!
  3. Sorry for the double-post, tossing another into the ring! This is Gylix, a Jawa Ace Hotshot with his signature fiery speeder bike. While he may indeed be the hottest thing on the racetrack, his impulsive and simple way of solving problems gets him into plenty of trouble outside of it.
  4. Another one (and more to follow) from Will Nunes! This is CT-5050, otherwise known as "Flip". He's a clone trooper that survived the Clone Wars after dutifully executing Order 66, and has pursued many occupations since then. Chef, mercenary, and many things in-between. He acts as a jovial father figure to the rest of the group, who often rib him about his advanced age.
  5. Finally back, after a long time of playing fantasy more than star wars. Loving the characters i've been seeing! Here's a new one, from the ever-awesome Will Nunes. This is Albin Kyric, a surly Kalleran ex-slave with a penchant for murdering his would-be oppressors with his vibro-pick. After years of being forced labor in a mining colony, his strong resolve and stronger muscles have made him the perfect target to distract enemies from his less hearty allies.
  6. I'm back to put in my two cents again. Especially with this thread seemingly dead for a month. This is Avvahri "Gülümser" Jakaris, an ex-slave crime lord that will be terrorizing my players in the near future. She's colloquially known as "The Grinning Lady" for her facial scars, and eschews modern blaster technology for her vicious vibro-machete. This is ISB Agent Flynt Lor, a player in my main SWRPG game. He started out playing a sort of counter-campaign to the rest of the group, acting as the face of the Empire for the party as the entire group learned how to play. Now he's been captured by the party itself, and is threatening to defect if the party shows him how bad the Empire truly is from the outside. This is Vasheira Andore, an ex-guerrilla who now sells her skills as a mercenary on Nar Shaddaa. Has an obsession with the largest weapons, including explosives, and is very protective of her junker of a speeder.
  7. You can get a hold of him through his email, which can be found on his website: http://willnunesart.com/contact/
  8. I'm back! Those fuzzy dice are amazing! Now I want a pair... More commissions for my group from the awesome Will Nunes! Most of these are for a variety of side games and roleplays that I run when the players get antsy for EotE and the main session is too far away. Some of these groups are incomplete, as some players were unable to pay for their characters at this time.
  9. My group is entirely new to the system, including the GM(me). We did some Saga for a long time, but never got anything commissioned for our campaigns. This time we decided to get a group commission outright, and we went to the awesome Will Nunes for it, who has already had some of his commissions posted here earlier. So here are the members of the ISDT Corporation's First Survey Team. From left to right we have R3-D0, Miriss 'Miri' Devani, Devora Abnawaa, Jhoren Zaul, Zeth J'raal, and Azalee Sivron.
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