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  1. Your not missing anything. You should not be missing that token. It will make more sense as you play the campaign
  2. Hi Everyone. We recently interview Matt Newman on the Arkham Horror core set. click on his name for a link to the interview.
  3. As the title asked. Can you use one of your actions to use whisky on another investigator? Or do you have use a trade action first? Ad then that investigator can use whiskey ? Thank you auctions
  4. That's a great idea. We will try it out. Thank you everyone
  5. I am using 2 broken token inserts inside 2 netrunner boxes. One insert sleeved and 1 insert non sleeved
  6. Right as malcogent said. Also take not some cards do require clues. Like Roland's weakness cover up. There must be clues on the location to remove a clue from cover up. Even though you don't actually remove a clue from the location while affected by cover up.
  7. I have. The new expansion does look great. Do you know when it release ?
  8. Hello. My wife and I recently discovered elder signs. We current own the base game and unseen forces. I am thinking of buying an expansion for Christmas for us but I am torn on buying omens or gates . I would like some feedback on what expansion you would buy and why. Thank you
  9. My first time playing the campaign. I drew hospital debts all 3 games with skids. It was rough
  10. A card with fast does not count as an action.
  11. 2 core sets make a big difference in deckbuild with no experience. And gives a lot more options with the second copy of cards
  12. As far as encounter sets are concerned. With 2 core sets, you can have all 3 scenarios constructed at the same time. You wont have to take the scenarios apart after each one.
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