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  1. It has been a while since I have put anything here so here is a more cartoon style drawing of one of the more prolific NPC's; Quinn. One version is what she looked like when she met the party the other about a year and some cybernetics later.
  2. Is there any mention of Arkanian Offshoots (hybrids) and how to handle them mechanically? Or are they simply treated as normal Arkanians.
  3. I have GM'd a game that has been going so long our highest experienced character is sitting around effectively 1700 earned. Some of the characters have been min/maxing since the start and we had quite a few issues at some stages because of this, especially since not all characters were combat oriented, so in order to deal with the characters that were 11 soak, 6+ defence or cortosis you had to throw in things that could one shot other PC's. Similarly there are PC's who put out 20-30 damage with breach so in order to make something strong enough to take a hit other characters would not even be able to hurt it. Splitting the party is one way of dealing with this but honestly it is one of my least favourite methods as quite often in those big climactic moments you want the party to be side by side fighting together, also splitting the party up can slow down the narrative, so although it is good for making the most out of each players strengths/weaknesses it can become annoying to the PC's if done over and over again and is not always the best solution. Three of the most helpful and simple tools you have are red, setback dice and time restraints. Firstly as already mentioned in this thread red dice can always cause havoc and the more creative you get with your despair the more fun everyone has. Secondly setback dice can become surprisingly helpful (although they can also prove to be fickle). For instance in one campaign the crew found themselves on Aurea, this was a campaign with almost no combat although since I didn't want to be mean to the combat characters I had the odd bit of stress relief. One such encounter I thought would be a walk in the park was against a flock of Aurean Vultures straight out of Sons of Fortune. What made this interesting was that it was in the middle of the day in a desert, so it was stinking hot, the vultures were sweeping down from above so the PC's had the sun in their eyes, they were fatigued as they had to get up really early and had been really busy up until that point and the PC's were driving on a skiff. By the time all the environmental factors were taken into account the PC's without any resistance to heat, brace etc. were rolling up to 6 black dice. Furthermore the vultures were not targeting the PC's directly but the skiff they were on trying to tip them off. So the encounter became a tower defence style race to kill the vultures before they took down the skiff. Amusingly even though some of the party members could roll 7 yellow dice (with talents etc.) the black dice did work that day and although they normally would have taken out the group of rivals built for 100exp characters in maybe 2 rounds, 8 rounds later the skiff was crashing into the sand in the middle of the desert. My number one piece of advice is creative encounter design. I find it helpful to think of the best encounters in video games, rarely the best fights are simple stat checks where the two groups use all their skills and sit there wailing on each other until one drops. Generally the best fights are the ones that require the characters to be creative and think on their feet. For instance one encounter there was a 500xp Nemesis (which was around half the PC's at that time) who had limitless swarms of mindless remotes with improved bodyguard (not to mention they had a host of ways to annoy the PCs). Trying to hit her repeatedly with standard attacks would have been futile as the remotes would just keep jumping in front and take the hit, however blast weaponry could still trigger hurting her, you could stop the flow of the droids into the room limiting her supply for a short time, she controlled the droids using a collar on her neck which could be sundered, etc. The point is she was not that strong herself however the fight was more about how you fought not how strong you were. Similarly think of the environment, interesting areas with multiple ways to interact with things; cover, computer terminals, ray shield controls etc. always add layers of depth to a fight and often allow the PC's to fight things that would normally be beyond their means like tanks. Having multiple objectives in an encounter as mentioned prior especially when there is a time limit is always a fun thing to do, you can use it to split the party or you could use it to force the PC's into lose/lose narrative decisions which can be really fun especially when playing with people's obligations or morality. One thing I would say to be careful about when creating more strategic fights though is make sure it is still flexible and there is more than one way to go about it as some times the PC's will just completely miss how to deal with a situation leaving them in a massive hole (a mistake I have made in the past).
  4. Rules for crafting droids like an astromech were introduced in Special Modifications (page 80) which also introduced rules for crafting weapons and gadgets. There have been a few other books with crafting rules including Keeping the Peace and Endless Vigil from FAD which include armour and lightsaber/podracer crafting rules respectively, there is also Fully Operational, the upcoming AOR book which will introduce ship crafting rules. To give you a bit of an idea on how it works for an astromech there are two stages; first building the chassis which if you have the parts (specialist chassis) is a daunting (4) mechanics check and takes 56 hours of crafting with successes decreasing time by 2 hours and advantages or threats giving a variety of positive or negative effects, secondly you have to program the droid which for an astromech is navigation directives which is a hard (3) computers check and takes 72 hours with success, advantage threat working the same as before. Of course you do not have to follow this directly and to get the full details you are best to buy the book (it is a good one) but hopefully this gives you an idea on how it works.
  5. Next is Kanu (Selonian) captain of our crew: Then Lelila (Dathomirian) Trevine (Human) the rebel pilot/mechanic And finally one you have already seen; Thurora the rebel pilot
  6. It has been a while since I shared my progress on learning how to do digital drawings so I thought I'd throw these up. Most of them are still works in progress and there are another four however they are still in very early stages. Also the backdrop used is not mine I just googled it so credit goes to the original artist. Edit: apparently I am going to have to do this in multiple posts and very compressed versions due to the new restrictions around file size, any advice on how to get around this would be helpful Firstly; my character Tura (Nautolan) then Ada (Twi'Lek) and Carrus (Corellian Human):
  7. There are a lot of things in this game that are unbalanced, auto-fire just being one of the ones that always seems to come up as it is very easy to abuse. The nice thing about this system is it's focus on narrative tends to allow GM's to gloss over many areas which are not as finely tuned as some would like. Unfortunately combat is one of those times where it becomes harder to work around certain mechanics for a GM, so your options are either to get creative with encounter design or to house rule it. If you opt for the house rule route my personal favourite is to increase the advantage cost for each additional shot; so 2 adv for the second hit, 3 advantage for the third. I find this generally does enough to stop it getting out of hand as to get 4 shots off from a single roll it already costs a total of 9 advantage instead of 6, but for one or two extra hits it does not change that much. Personally I also have no problems giving NPC's auto-fire weapons unlike some have suggested, although I generally would let enemy Rivals/Nemesis automatically have the spitfire talent as it means you can distribute damage across the PC's if you want to trigger a lot of extra hits you shouldn't intentionally use everything available to ruin a single PC's day for no good reason, it is a story after all not a competition. Also during a campaign I let all the minions from a human gang on Nar Shaddaa have auto-fire weapons, I toned their damage down a bit in case but the point was to give them the feel of classic gangsters with tommy guns which I thought worked out well.
  8. Or maybe an updated Driver Tree for Explorer, If I were to put small vehicle rules in any book it would have been that one. Slightly off topic but it is sad that a lot of the Explorer stuff feels the most outdated, the curse of being the first career book... It would be great in my opinion if eventually they went back and updated some of the older trees and things a little, like actually giving the Hired Gun bodyguard tree supreme bodyguard.
  9. ​This is interesting. The gear seems more suited to an EOTE campaign than an AOR one so it will be interesting to see how it fits into the adventure. ​It does give me another question though; most of these seem very similar to a lot of gear/weapons that already exist in EOTE, you mentioned the Stun Collar can do lethal damage (without detonating) which is neat but how is the Shock Whip different form the Neuronic Whip for instance? Do any others have some unique quirks to them or are they all mostly similar to other things with slightly different stats.
  10. I am also quite interested to see if there is any new gear related to the Mandalorians. Also are there any other playable species introduced? ​How much detail is given to the new factions and the planets that appear? Although in other rulebooks they have fleshed out Astrogation a bit more, are there any new tables or details added to further flesh out the skill?
  11. Jump Boots and Jet Packs in their descriptions state that when being used to treat the character as a vehicle. Does this stop the character from using personal scale talents when flying/jumping about? To me this makes sense for some talents but other talents it seems the added mobility would make the skill easier not harder such as dodge or side step. Furthermore it does not seem using either of these would stop the character from gaining the benefits of talents such as defensive stance or reflect/parry. Following the RAW it would probably be a flat no as you are treated as a vehicle but I imagine a lot of the time it would be better if this instead becomes GM discretion as to what talents can and can't be used in the specific situation. I sent a similar question to the developers a while back but have not got a response as of yet so I was wondering if anyone on the forum has an opinion on the matter.
  12. I said earlier if I fpund them I'd throw up sketches from the main campaign of some of my other characters although I apologise for the quality they are quite old and I was only just getting back into drawing at the time. The first is my character in the Main Campaign a Nautolan Mechanic named Oric Gynt, the next three were all characters introduced into a Hutt Kajidic whilst embroiled in a gang war on Nar Shaddaa. ​
  13. So looking at a lot of the pictures in this thread inspired me to have a go at drawing on the computer, so I bought a cheap sketchpad and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I am still working out what a lot of the tools do (I had almost completed the body before I found out you could add and swap between layers on paint pro :/) but I thought I'd throw up my first attempt. It is not the most exciting being a repeat of the sketch I put up previously but I thought I'd start with something I know. ​Thurora Mathudan, Arkanian/Sephi hybrid and pilot for the rebel alliance: The Original Sketch for reference: ​
  14. She does if you look closely, but dark gloves on the dark gun makes it a bit hard to tell in this photo I admit. There are only two fingers gripping the handle, one on the trigger and one resting on the back of the gun. Although now you point it out I might try make it clearer on the original. And thanks
  15. ​ This is a drawing I did of the character I play in a side campaign of ours. Her name is Thurora Mathudan and is an Arkanian/Sephi hybrid (think Arca Jeth). She serves as a fighter pilot for the rebellion working out of a small outpost on Belkadan due to a promise she made to a rebellion general after he spared her life. ​ I'll try to find some of the other ones from our actual campaign and put them up although I am not the best artist, mostly I am terrible at drawing anything with fur (which is kind of a problem due to the squib in this campaign as well as the Selonian and Togorian in the main one). We were actually looking at getting commissions done at one point for all of the characters so who would you all recommend?
  16. Thanks everyone although I am aware of Villupo and it is a great resource what I was more thinking of is a resource more targeted at the different black market goods, where each one is produced, the trade routes they are commonly found on, organisations who fence them and that sort of thing as using streetwise rolls to see if a particular black market item is available etc. is fine but it would be cool to have a compiled source of all the information we have on the varying goods to flesh it out a bit more. Thus I was wondering what the full description were for the ones in Endless Vigil, since they do not seem to appear outside of this book I was wondering if it provided information on where the drugs come from or who manufactures them. ​I get as many of the books as I can but being in New Zealand it often takes a while, for instance one of the places I have gotten a lot of them is still taking preorders for Savage Spirits with the release date in store still to be confirmed :/
  17. Also apologies I never meant to offend, nor did I assume you necessarily had such a mind set just that I can see why having balanced species can be important as some people do which can cause issues at a table when things are not balanced.
  18. I'm sorry are we talking about role playing or are we talking about mechanics? You say role playing and diversity but you're talking pure crunch. One player upset over a few points difference another may have at CHARGEN is not the system's fault, that's called envy and it's the person's fault. Of course about the mechanics of a roleplay. It is nobody s fault and nobody in envy right now. I would be absolut fine with different "strong" species as well, I just wanna know your opinion of how equal the species are, or what benefits they may have which I am not aware of. I am sure someone could have a lot of fun playing an imperial cleaning droid with all stats at 1 too, but this is another topic. Short answer most are a few are not. Long Answer: As already stated Mustafarians have double the heat resistance and a free relatively expensive talent. In my opinion this is relatively balanced as the ability to wear strong armour in arid environments can be helpful, durable is always useful and eye for detail Is not very common but stacks with ranks very well especially when using the crafting rules of KtP, SM or EV. To answer your other question in general the amount of exp or characteristics isn't often a good measure of how strong a species is. It can be helpful to hit certain points early as mentioned earlier for the Pantorans which can make a race feel strong to start with but after a while having a bit of extra exp will become irrelevant. For instance in the main campaign I am a part of half the characters have earned over 1000 exp post character creation so 10 exp here or there doesn't make a difference. Similarly there have been so many dedications that starting with an extra number in the characteristics i.e. Pantoran or one less ie. Mustafarian isn't the biggest deal. Generally speaking classes like the Xexto, Besalisk, Sathari, Toydarians and Kyuzo who have special abilities unique to them (at least Kyuzo and Sathari did before EV) tend to be slightly better in the long run. For similar reasons I personally tend to enjoy playing species with something unique to them like Nautolans who are amphibious, Kel'Dor who need respirators to survive or Arconans who tend to struggle with salt addiction more for the different rp opportunities such things can provide or species with a lot of interesting lore which makes them unique and helps flesh them out a bit such as Twi'Lek or Chiss. Otherwise a lot of species will just end up feeling the same after a while.
  19. I'm sorry are we talking about role playing or are we talking about mechanics? You say role playing and diversity but you're talking pure crunch. One player upset over a few points difference another may have at CHARGEN is not the system's fault, that's called envy and it's the person's fault. ​To be fair this is a mind set a lot of people have when they first start playing rp games and when I first started playing this game it was apparent that many of the careers, talents etc. were not balanced. In general you will find Segulah that you do need a slight change in mind set which will happen over time that any rules are more like guidelines. They are merely there to help guide the narrative and settle disputes, generally I have found the more people play the less they are actively used so it can be annoying when the Jedi of the crew starts using force move and wiping big enemies out in one hit because they started mystic seer and threw half their exp into knowledge lore, or because someone decided gadgeteer, gambler was a good combination so they could hit 10 times in a roll, ultimately it then becomes up to the GM to ensure balance is kept and that each player can shine or finds ways to limit the ridiculousness of the munchkins in the world. After all the brilliance and flaw of any rp game is that how good it is often depends on the people playing the game.
  20. As 2P51 said most species are not that different so after a few sessions in although the species are not perfectly balanced it is generally irrelevant. When a species starts with less exp or characteristics it is generally because they have some special ability that makes them stronger like four arms or flight. In the case of Mustafarians this is the fact they have double the normal resistance to heat compared to other species who get this ability (eg Twi'Leks) and both sub species of Mustafarian start with an ability which generally costs 15-20 exp (durable and eye for detail). As already mentioned this doesn't always balance it properly for instance pantorans get a free rank and resistance to cold and yet are the only species who can go 5 characteristics at 3 in character creation (if they take additional obligation). Even with them though after a while it will become irrelevant. So as stated by 2P51 the best thing to do is just play whatever species you enjoy or you think fits the narrative of the campaign (no Wookie Stormtroopers!!).
  21. Force sensitive objects are always fun and can make missions feel both exciting and rewarding when PC's get to the end and get a cool bit of loot, or even as a reward for following a side quest. However in the books there seems to be a real lack of force armour considering its abundance in the old EU. There are a couple of lightsabers, as well as lots of gear etc. but no armour so I was wondering what everyone would do if they were to create force relic armour for the game? The armour doesn't necessarily have to be exclusive for force sensitives although it should still have some ties to the force. ​N.B. I do not have Endless Vigil yet so I have no idea if there is such armour in there at the moment.
  22. ​Our campaign has been going for around a year and a half, with at least one session per week giving exp of around 20 +5 for good roleplaying and we have an mvp who also gets a bonus 5 exp each session. We now have characters who have earned over 1000 exp (not including starting exp). You do have to be a bit more creative when coming up with challenges so it doesn't just end up with either everything being really simple or stupidly hard stat checks but as Whafrog says everyone still wants more exp to learn new things and improve skills. ​Saying that if I was going to start again I would slow exp growth to less than that. The simple reason being is that improving a skill or learning a new talent has almost lost its narrative lustre. When people are buying multiple talents each session or always ranking up skills it is not as monumental. Obviously if you are not playing regularly you want them to feel like they are progressing after every session but when play is regular I personally think giving less exp is not a bad thing so when they learn a new talent or increase the ranks of a skill you can make it bit more of an event in a narrative. For instance you could have a politico who in one session meets with an old senator from the republic and the way he leads and inspires his men inspires her, making her decide to do what she can to learn from him. This could correspond to increasing ranks in leadership or even learning the talent inspiring rhetoric. When characters are constantly fed exp however and are always learning talents you tend to miss these rp opportunities. Also in my opinion it should feel epic when a character first uses a new ability like double or nothing, improved quick draw or master pilot not just another day in the office.
  23. Out of curiosity is there any compiled resource available for the different drugs and toxins, or any combined resource for black market goods? Also what is the description of the drugs in Endless Vigil, interestingly from the list you gave these all seem unique to the rpg which seems odd considering there are still some in the canon which have not been introduced in the rpg yet. Thanks
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