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  1. @Jimbo2142 For whatever reason I could not ping you via editing the old post, so second post to ping you
  2. https://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t18207-armada-super-sternenzerstorer-in-deutsch#297465 Apparently originally announced on Facebook (see second post) But I boycott Facebook, so I wouldn't know for sure.
  3. There will be no German translation/version of the SSD. I find this more concerning than making me angry, however some are less pleased about this. Or you know, interview the winners of the nationals and talk through their lists. Provide a few custom made scenarios, showcase some ways to paint squads, game reports, videos, communicate whats going on and so forth.
  4. Congratulations PT! Well done! Thanks Ninja for organizing these
  5. I am fairly certain I would have been stomped. My performance these months has been rather awful.
  6. I have to return the compliment, this was another nice and relaxed game. And if I finally be able to remember that my VCX can't use precision strike then I will have accomplished my goals for the tournament.
  7. It was a pleasure to play Veggie and he was a very good sport. Suffice it to say I probably owe the RNG dice generator a bouquet of flowers. One hull left on My MC80H1 forced a ram on the MC80 instead of the Gr-75 with Adar (both one HP) and that made it possible for Luke Skywalker to actually hit /crit and then hit something and thus to KILL a ship after I was tabled. (That bouquet will probably bankrupt me)
  8. Hey, hey, don't look at me like that ? I have no horse in this race that was just my initial suspicion what would happen with this.
  9. Yes it is. Established in the Bloodline novel. The picture looks more like a dude, which makes me confused. I could have bet a Sabine show was their thing, her looking for Thrawn. Now I am not so sure. At least it looks nothing like Sabine.
  10. To me it sounds like the opposite.
  11. The word Bounty Hunter is not mentioned once. Jango and Boba are not even mentioned as examples to this person, so it might not be about bounty hunting at all. Initial thought: Sabine gets her own show? Maybe Ketsu?
  12. Ah nonsense, just admit it, you like to see those cards being flipped.
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