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    I tested my dice...

    This has to be my favorite post in the whole thread. This is the attitude I see among at least some pro players in a lot of games, though I'd honestly hoped X-Wing was different. (remember the guy who got in trouble for spinning dials at Worlds? We couldn't believe it. X-Wing is better than that! And I saw behavior at our last Regionals that left us flabbergasted, such as deliberately switching from assigned tables to get better matchups and maximize their MOV. Players obsessed with winning will justify anything). In Magic The Gathering people look for ways to stack their deck with the way they shuffle. Back in the days of Quake, people used to replace models and sounds so they could easily see opponents (even through walls sometimes) and gain a competitive advantage. I'm sure someone out there has a buddy standing behind his opponent and signaling to him which maneuvers they're dialing in. When someone is more focused on winning than on winning fairly, everything they can get away with becomes fair game. But it's not fair, it's not honest, and it's not allowed. The fact that the right dice can double the effectiveness of Heroic without any point cost investment, or have the same weight as a focus token on defense, shows just how much of a competitive advantage selected dice can offer. And you're arguing that you should be allowed to produce this advantage, and not share it with your opponent. Or in other words, you don't believe you should have to win only by the merits of your skill; you also need help from the dice that your opponent doesn't get. You can be better than that. There's no good reason to be relying on altered dice odds to help you win, and if you believe in yourself as a competent player, then a shared & fair dice pool should be something you embrace. Players can make all the arguments and excuses they want, but stacking your dice to favor you is unsportsmanlike, if not outright cheating. Dice are a part of the game that is explicitly meant to be random, and you're trying to tweak that component's randomness to favor you. It's like using tricks to shuffle your MTG deck in your favor (e.g. by marking the sides of cards in some subtle way and learning to shuffle them into place). If you have a problem with the random component of the game, this is the wrong way to address that. Shared Dice Pools are the correct way to fix this competitive advantage -- it puts you BACK on a level playing field so you struggle to cheat effectively. You have every right to opt out of playing the game. Refuse to share your dice and that's exactly what you're doing -- it's right there in the rules. Any TO worth their salt will inform you that you're sharing, or you're leaving. Shared dice pool prevents your opponent from gaining an advantage you don't gain, and it prevents you from gaining an advantage over them. What exactly is the problem with fairness? If you're so upset that other players could be tweaking their dice, then that's all the more reason to embrace a shared pool, randomly choosing which player provides which color of dice.
  2. Yup. Though tough doesn't have to be the main focus; all the other terms there are frick'n fantastic and I'd love to see more emphasis on that!
  3. I've always defined a beef list as something whose game plan is to have tons of health and possibly bonus defense effects, taking forever to kill a ship and reduce the fleet's effectiveness. Until now I've never heard anyone narrow beef down to U-Wing + Leia lists, and nothing in the term "beef" seems to imply that in my mind.
  4. The point of my reply was that beef is a wider concept than the Braylen-Ten-Cassian-Wedge list. It's generally how Republic lists in my area are built (including when I fly republic, sadly), it's a big reason why double-tap y-wings and scurrgs work (as well as veteran turret gunner being so cheap and good), and many rebel ships are built bulky and that's kinda how the faction is built to run. (And that's a shame because Rebels have way more interesting features to build fleets around. IMO beef is boring!) So I'm saying FFG can and likely will nerf Braylen-Ten-Cassian-Wedge, but once it's dead and gone, beef will still be a very frequent playstyle. Double-tap Y-Wings will still be an option, Republic ARC and Torrent bulk is a mainstay of the faction, the right crew options could propel 4x Auzitucks back into relevance someday (hah!), and if jumpmasters are fixed then 3x or 4x jumps could be a thing again, etc. The way the game is built, there will always be the drudgery of lots of fatties on the table. So relying on a nerf isn't the best option. It'll take the edge off by removing the Braylen Boys, but boring-to-fight beef lists will still be around -- if not in known forms, then in new ones. So I think I still need to start constructing lists that rip them apart faster so it's less boring, and maybe be more discerning with my opponents when flying my favorite jank. ;)
  5. I hope that's the case for beef. But for Boba, that was one ship, easy to tackle. There's a lot of beef out there, and it would have to be an across-the-board nerf. The B-Wing Bunch ("here's a story / of a sassy U-Wing...") is just one particularly popular example. I worry FFG will nerf that slightly and call it good, and thus the larger beef-heavy meta will remain untouched.
  6. Wazat

    Are coins valuable?

    I took them to X-Wing today. We were playing Mario Kart mode, which I was looking forward to today! I had to rush to figure out a ship to fly, so I quickly showed off the coins and asked who wanted them. Many hands went up, especially for the really cool-looking Blue Stele coin. This presented a conundrum, since I wanted to be fair. I put the decision off throughout the game, and at the end we had to determine what to do. The rebel/empire coin was easy: two people wanted it, so I rolled for who would receive it. Then came the Stele coin, which was so popular I decided to add it to the prize pool (amongst three dial kits). I also put the medal in there. I'd won first place in Mario Kart by getting ahead with a low init and wonky barrel rolls (Starviper!) and then just zooming away and maintaining a maddening lead, and I didn't want to take my own prize back. That'd just be evil and counter-productive; I grabbed a dial kit. One of the players grabbed the Blue Stele soon after, and the medal was picked last (even after the other dial upgrade kits). So that turned out to be a great use of the coins & medal! I hope people enjoy 'em!
  7. Perhaps not wrong. Conceptually it sounds fine and thematic; 'tis fighting against it in actual practice that sucks. Beef lists have gotten so, so boring to me because the strategy is "I take forever to kill", with a good helping of "and I'll still be near full strength as you're losing ships". Beef lists handle bad rounds better than other fleets do, it's very hard to remove any of their ships from the table even with a concerted effort, and I feel there's not as much risk or counter-play as there is for other list archetypes. If they were a sometimes list with more pronounced weaknesses then I could see it being appropriate, but beef lists are so good against so many types of fleets, I see the beef all the time. And it really restricts what you can fly, when beef is most of what you'll fight. And they're boring to fight now. Whether I win or lose, it can leave me feeling drained. Contrast with an aces list where every round feels intense but also brimming with potential -- they could brilliantly outmaneuver me and take out a ship, or perhaps my bump gambit will pay off and I'll killbox their top ace. But a beef list? You hit them with a full shotgun blast from a perfectly laid killbox trap, and they just groan and keep trudging forward, like zombies with far too much health. Maybe they'll lose a ship, but they don't care; there's three or four more where that came from, and you'll be lucky to have not lost a valuable ship in return for their junker. There no payoff for that perfect round against them; you have to just keep hitting for several rounds until something finally dies, then repeat. Solve this issue and it'll be far less unpleasant fighting them. IMO, BEEF is also not how I imagine Rebels -- to me they're the faction of teamwork, heart, and desperate gambits. Selfless is ironically a good representation, even though in the context of beef proliferation, it's part of the problem. Cassian, Leia, Saw -- all fantastic ideas. But right now all that intrigue is vacuumed up into the faux archetype of rebel beef; "all shall serve the beef and beef is all we shall be". No they're not, but the way the faction is built and priced, it's hard to not fall into that archetype every time.
  8. Wazat

    Playstyles Poll

    woo, we hit 200!
  9. Wazat

    Playstyles Poll

    We're two votes shy of 200, so this seems like a great time to check in and summarize how things are going. 0% 6% 13% COUNT PERCENT COUNTRY OVERALL Toolkit Jousters (A mix of jousting and arc-dodging capabilities.) 26 13.13% 13.13% Aces (High-init veterans. Usually arc-dodgy; can be "fragile-agile" but not always) 25 12.63% 12.63% Experimental Variety (I don't care whether it's powerful or weak, I just want to experiment with something new every time) 22 11.11% 11.11% Quirky Shenanigans (Might be strong or weak, but the focus is on wacky/strange/different; the crazier the better) 19 9.6% 9.6% Thematic/Cinematic (I fly ships and pilots I like, more for thematic attraction than mechanical advantage) 17 8.59% 8.59% Swarms (Vultures, TIE Fighters, etc) 16 8.08% 8.08% Everything (I bounce between lots of styles and I love most of them, often switching preference by day; I can't stick to just one!) 14 7.07% 7.07% Shark & Remora (Ace or big ship surrounded by scrubs) 13 6.57% 6.57% Deliberately Off-Meta (I like ships more the more neglected they are, maybe to a fault) 12 6.06% 6.06% Bulk (Lots of Health and Defense, such as: Rebel Beef; sharing damage with Selfless etc; deflecting damage with reinforce or pilot abilities (like Norra), etc) 10 5.05% 5.05% Two-Ship Fleets (A scum special, but other factions do it too; sometimes has a 3rd filler ship thrown in) 9 4.55% 4.55% Device Driver (Bombs, Mines, Drones, and other similar mechanics for area control and non-attack damage) 6 3.03% 3.03% Munition Alpha-Strikes (Proton Torpedoes, away!) 5 2.53% 2.53% Anything Top-Meta (I go for whatever's strong & popular. I prefer something vetted and solid over something personalized or experimental.) 2 1.01% 1.01% Other: 2 1.01% 1.01% Other responses: All of dem Whatever yasb's random list generator gives me
  10. I'm actually afraid b-wings will become cheaper for their hyperspace intro instead of getting nerfed, and we'll have 6 more months of beef winter.
  11. I was typing a response but the forum ate it. Funny that it remembers posts from weeks ago that I already posted, but I let it show new responses and suddenly my words never were. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'm hoping the Rebel Bees 'n Wedge list gets nerfed. It'll already be hurting from a pricier Leia, and a few slight points adjustments would greatly limit its options. But they're not the only beef list... beef is everywhere and it would take a pretty wide-spanning nerf for it to not be the meta anymore. All the same, here's hoping! Unfortunately I need to start designing my casual quirk lists to be anti-beef, so those fights aren't such a drag (I'm more focused on ace hunting, but the aces are shy these days). Even on casual night I can face a lot of beef, and I need to make sure I can chop it proper. With a little luck, with the points update some of my favorite jank lists (oh please Wullffwarro War Crimes!, drop a dozen points or so) will become more functional and beef will be in the corner crying and guarding its battered crotch. Or my lists will get nerfed hard and Beef lists will be stronger than ever. Cuz, ya know.
  12. I don't fly lists that are remotely good against rebel beef (filthy casual here, and I like quirky lists), so when someone on my local facebook page asked what beats them, I only had 3 suggestions: More Beef, unfortunately. It's definitely a problem IMO when a mainstay counter to something is itself. Four Phantoms, which soak and deal damage just as well. But you need practice to get the approach, decloak, and evade-spending decisions right; making mistakes or not understanding the list can sap it of its advantages. Aces. If you can dodge the beef arcs and initiative-kill (or crit-cripple) what can shoot at you, that's a really good start. Example: Vader with FCS + Hate; Maarek Stele with FCS + Marksmanship; Soontir with Predator and Shield Upgrade; 13-point initiative bid to cope with other ace lists (or 7 if you want to give Maarek a shield upgrade or something like that). The problem such a list faces is it's a lot more delicate and unforgiving than a beef list. Beef can have a bad round and keep going; aces have a bad round and suddenly 1/3 or 2/3 of their list is gone or crippled. You have to drag the beef through the asteroids to break them up, and really be cautious with your approach, favoring no exchange of shots over being greedy. I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions. Not just for this other player, but for me to. I'm not just asking for a friend... I'm tired enough of fighting beef lists, I'd like to know what (if anything) picks them apart. I'm not optimistic that he coming points update will properly deal with beef as a dominant strategy. And... it's just so tedious to fight. I got so tired of fighting Wedge+Cassian+Braylen+Ten Numb at our last casual tournament. I'm probably going to continue flying quirky jank (and not attending most tournaments), but tis worth knowing in case that can shape my list design to make the beef lists less of a burden. And I'd like to be able to give good advice to other players, even if I'm terrible at following it myself.
  13. Wazat

    Are coins valuable?

    Okay, if that's the standard price for them then I'd love to just give 'em away. I suspect I know of some players who would be delighted to receive them. Thank you!
  14. Wazat

    Are coins valuable?

    Someone gave me a bunch of awesome acrylic tokens because they don't play anymore. But even more intriguingly, in the pile were two coins and one medal: Stele Open, April 25-26, 2015 (one side shows a metal TIE Advanced over a dark blue background, other side is alien language) Star Wars X-Wing - 2016 Store Championship (one side is rebel, other empire) Star Wars: X-Wing - Summer 2014 medal, one-sided image 1, image 2 They're quite pretty, especially the Stele coin! I personally don't get excited about challenge coins and medals; I like the ships and tokens more (stuff I actively use all the time). But if these are worth anything, I'd love to sell them to buy more ships, or just trade directly for ships. But I'm having trouble figuring out prices -- google searches don't turn up much. On Ebay I found the Stele coin for $27 but list price isn't always what things actually sell for; it could just be worth a buck and someone's hoping for a bite. The 2016 coin is listed for $15, and the medal could be $6 or $12 based on other years, but 2014 isn't listed anywhere (which could mean it's junk, or maybe extra valuable, hah!). Does anyone know a good way to find out what these are worth (even ballpark, e.g. $5, 10, 20, 50, 100, etc)? If they're only $5-$20, then I'd prefer giving them away to local players who would cherish them (instead of haggling over a few dollars).
  15. Stolen; I love me a Torani list. Adding a HWK is just decadent, I was already sold on the list! And I've been meaning to fly/abuse 4-LOM. I'm tempted to trade some combination of Shield Upgrade, R3 Astromech, and Trick Shot for Cluster Missiles on Torani. Not sure if that's necessary, but I love the threat of a double-tap -- it gives many foes heart palpitations. I love that Palob is stealing the very tokens ships need to avoid the auto-damage, and a medium-base 4-LOM is there to bump foes and line up the shot. Looks like a lot of fun!
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