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  1. If they changed arsenal it would make Weiss crazier. Shoot at R3, move into R2, shoot. Points aside the only thing that bugs me about the T47 is trying to use both arcs.
  2. Would it help if Arsenal was changed, allowing movement actions to interrupt the attack?
  3. These look fantastic! As to painting board game minis, it's a slippery slope. Once you start doing so it gets hard to play something unpainted. I'm firmly stuck in the "paint all the things" mentality.
  4. The time period is also before Bilbo gives up the ring. Is Frodo even alive?
  5. I like to blindly add the weakness to my deck. Adds some nice flavor when i attempt an important test, but find out that I'm Cut Off.
  6. I think that if players are finding the game too difficult OR too easy they should read through the rules again. This game is still new; missed or misinterpreted rules can really change the difficulty.
  7. If there were Sackville-Bagginses in this game the app should rightly direct all enemies their way by default.
  8. I would like to see at least one more dwarf (for those "If your ally is a dwarf" conditions for Gimli, regardless of someone having the Dwarf Friend title), at least one non-Ranger human, maybe another Tookish Hobbit. I think that I would like to have the vast VAST majority of expansions simply include Enemy figures and items, also some Big expansions that give more tiles. They could sneak some of the 100s size tiles in with the smaller enemy packs too.
  9. Hiding in a bush, doing skill checks, riding barrels, climbing trees, talking to characters...
  10. I use my phone, casting the screen to my Roku and displaying on the tv. Works well. I think i got the Roku free somewhere at some earlier time...
  11. I've found that Bilbo is excellent at interacting with tests. His inspiration from stacking the deck is really fun to play to.
  12. Are you sure that rule isn't simply talking about cards with two triggered abilities (like if Hide and Sprint are both listed)? It seems the original question was around a passive ability and a triggered ability. Resourceful has its Fate x2 turns into Success ability, then it also has Discard to Hide. Do you not get to do both?
  13. I expect you use the banners to identify the enemy groups. The app should remember how many figures are remaining in each group, so I don't see a case where you would run out of all banners as well.
  14. We've only just finished the first quest of the campaign and I can't wait to play it more. We're using Aragorn and Bilbo in a 2player campaign. I really like the scout/prepare/set-the-deck to maximize the likelihood of passing the various checks. We acquired an item and a title in the first session, which was also fun. I'm working on painting the figures right now also, which is an added bonus that may increase my rating of the game. If I was un-interested in painting the minis I possibly would be less excited about each session, but it's hard to speculate from a viewpoint that I don't possess. You must have it, precious.
  15. I've found that painting the eyes before painting the skin can really help make eyes easier to do.
  16. In one of the live streams the designers said they tried doing this, but it did NOT work well.
  17. I guess i meant "Generic Padawan" with no name. I do like the idea of using Entourage instead of Detachment though.
  18. Also, depending on the hardness of your water you may get weird results. There are also some paints (typically metallics, from my experience) that tend to separate or just not work well with just water.
  19. Now, let's talk about whether Balrogs have wings or not...
  20. I think the biggest clue is from how much effort is put into stating how extremely rare Galadriel's golden/blonde hair color was. The movies portrayal of "All Elves are blondes" wasn't the biggest change from the books, though, so...
  21. Given what sounds like a lot of good knowledge about Tolkien's world, can we expect a blonde or the properly dark-haired Legolas? :-D
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