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  1. Yeah, definitely not physical wings. In the second part you quoted it's referencing the analogy in the first. Edit: Also, some very important parts of the Silmarillion would be changed if the Balrog were winged.
  2. How is there any confusion about the date this change goes into effect when they have the date printed on the document?
  3. I love this idea but it would probably require being online or filling your device storage. If you had the option to opt in would be best, i think.
  4. I expect K2 and the probe droids were waiting on FFG getting better with the new plastic they're using for figures.
  5. We must not ignore the Ewok air superiority.
  6. Maybe his whirling blades just make him immune to ranged damage that round. Though it likely will just increase his cover.
  7. If they changed arsenal it would make Weiss crazier. Shoot at R3, move into R2, shoot. Points aside the only thing that bugs me about the T47 is trying to use both arcs.
  8. Would it help if Arsenal was changed, allowing movement actions to interrupt the attack?
  9. These look fantastic! As to painting board game minis, it's a slippery slope. Once you start doing so it gets hard to play something unpainted. I'm firmly stuck in the "paint all the things" mentality.
  10. The time period is also before Bilbo gives up the ring. Is Frodo even alive?
  11. I like to blindly add the weakness to my deck. Adds some nice flavor when i attempt an important test, but find out that I'm Cut Off.
  12. I think that if players are finding the game too difficult OR too easy they should read through the rules again. This game is still new; missed or misinterpreted rules can really change the difficulty.
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