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  1. I think toturi will recognize aramoros voice, he will conclude the scorpion are trying to make a coup, and will marshall and army to fight back. No coup will actually happen, but to everyones eyes it will be so. In the end everything will be ruined because of miscommunication. "Tragedy is born in the silence of whats left unspoken"
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/27/two-swords-fall-from-heaven/ New story! And finally the dragon army arrives. Also, Daisetsus party grows. What are your thoughts?
  3. I think that wasnt the intention in design but once printed they went with raw rather than rai for claritys sake. Thats my theory at least.
  4. Make it phased back and introduce the dynasty packs one by one monthly until you catch up with what is official today. Thats what we did here
  5. I dont know if its efficient, competitive, or broken. But I find it very thematic that the crab at last have a builing fortresses playstyle. And thats a playstyle that attracts me to play the clan.
  6. Doesn't the seppun hidden guard already do that?
  7. I agree with the first paragprah 100%. The second makes sense but theres so much you can plan that way. Some particulars must still be taken into consoderstion anf that takes time. Also, based entirely on my hollywood movie watching experience, you have to be a pro AND carefully plan, rehearse, prepare etc a plan for it to succeed. But I understand for narrative reasons your point makes sense. I think the main evidence everythings happening hours after the emperors death is that noone has commented on the event and are doing their stuff as normal
  8. But aramoro had tiem to assemble a team, including infiltrating and replacing a guard assigned to toturi. I would guess that takes some time, specially since toturi probably knows the faces of his bodyguards. Also there were many shinobi acting in concert and all that, already infiltrated in the rooftops of one of the most important places of the empire. That kind of operation cant be done improvised or hastily planned
  9. I think thats better done in a case by case scenario based on the person. His main clan of choice, playstyle, interests, etc. At least thats what we try to do here. I always tell people not to buy anything until theyve tried the game, and we are all willing to lend cards to new people, both before they buy stuff for pñaytesting, and whilenthey buy and get up to date, to help them access the entire card pool even if they havent bought everything yet. We have also tried having two tournamet leagues: one with everything and one phased back, with less dynasty packs legal so new guys dont feel left out (we made a core set only when the first pack of the second cycle came out, and introduced -in release order- one pack a month). We're also talking about going with two decks, one of them noob friendly with only some packs available.
  10. I would change the way the void ring works: you can choose to do what it does already or choose a character and remove an attachment from that character. I think that would help to solve a lot of the attachment problems in the game, and bring the void ring more in line with the other ring designs, which have an A or B structure (except earth which has an A and B structure)
  11. All cards are legal so far. As for how overwhelming the purchases are, it depends on ypur budget and how soon you want to be up to date. Advice I give to people in my local area is to buy 3 core sets first. Then choose your main clan and, if it has a clanpack, buy the clanpack next. Then buy dynasty packs based on card content for said clan. If it has no clanpack out, ignore that part. I consider children of the empire as another dynasty pack for these purposes. If budget is a problem, you arent sure what clan you like the most, or arent sure about the rules, go to a store, borrow some cards, amd try the game before you buy anything.
  12. Honestly I dont understand why meido wasnt made an action. I also dont understand hownit passed playtesting the way it is now
  13. I can mever type correctly with the iphone keyboards. And autocorrect sucks
  14. I agree glory isnt a good reflexion ofnthe character for duels. I think having some duels be unavoidable, and having some (more than currently available) be avoidable with a cost (like being fishonored, or losing fate, or paying fate, etc) is a good solution. It avoids bully dueling, gives some agency to the duels target, but at the same time gives something to the player who initiates the duel -even if its not as good as the duel itself- to compensate the investment. That, with more duel control and cancel cards would be a very good solution imo
  15. Ffg has already addressed the bully dueling with the new duels. You can take the duel or refuse and be dishonored (just being able to refuse with nothing happening wouldnt make sense) and theres a duel cancel, which, as far as I know, is the only cancel in the game that works against events and character abilities other than ready for battle, so thats there too. Also theres that duelist that lets the winner draw two cards, and its a political duel on a 2pol character that cant enter military duels (so as to have easier bullying) and is assassinable, so theres some actualnrisk in using it, and requires some more investment to secure a win. I dont think duels shouldnt be bully duels. Players invest in the bully and spend cards and fate on him. Expecting that investment to have even a 50/50 chance of winning wpuld suck. And if Im investing 3+ cards for a duel, I expect it to win. I dont think its wrong that it shouldnt be that way. I agree that it should be controlled and tempered, and I think ffg has done a good job at it so far fixing it. But at the same time i think if duels were non bully they simply wouldnt work. Also, doing a duel has other costs, namely the cons of having tower characters, and the fact the conflict deck loses space for other things. Also, there are many cards that deal with attachments, to control attachment based duels or buffs, holdings (both in events, other holdings in case of phoenix, and characters with the new lion guy) to control holding based duels, and characters to control character based duels (cloud the mind, send home abilities like rout or outwit or kachiko or the orator), or "make thebtext blank" or "cannot be targeted" abilities I think its just a matter of adapting to a duel focused deck and taking some tools to deal with the situation in as much measure as you see fit. Basically, adapting to a meta
  16. New article with the fifth pavk is up. That new dragon stronghold looks interesting for a fate manipulation deck. Thoughts? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/6/4/a-champions-foresight/
  17. Ive seen that term before and dont know what it is. What does knife-fighting mean?
  18. I used divididers from magic and now some plasticard ones I cut myself
  19. Shouldnt the unicorn letter be out by now? Also, theres something I dont understand: will kunshu be a neutral card and the choice affect only the story, or is it neutral as a preview and will be a clan card of the clan that wins?
  20. Hopefully the lion clanpack will solve this, the same way the unicorn one did for them
  21. Its not for every deck, but some can make good use of it. Like you, Im still not sure if its worth taking (when its worth taking it) 3 copies of it.
  22. As far as I know casual play only means you either care more about having fun than being competitive and/or play sporadically. It doesnt mean you dont care about the game, or balance, or rule/card clarity, etc. Just because you dont care (or dont care much) about statistics, curves, tournament winning decks, etc doesnt mean you dont care about the state of the rules
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