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  1. It has to be in play. If it's in a province the ability won't trigger
  2. In case this is whats causing confusion: its dofferent to have a - than a 0 as a cost. 0 menas you pay 0 fate to play it. - menas it has no cost to pay, so you cant pay anything
  3. *SPOILER WARNING* ^ Because of all the options. How did your story go? I saved the general but the lion didnt take the city, and I didnt get the messages. When the general said a messenger was taking the scrolls away I was like "oh f***k, I should have intercepted him".
  4. Why not borrow the card from a friend? Here for casual play I prpxy and when Ive gone to events if I or someone else is missing a card or ship he asks for someone to lend it. Heck, my first tournament I owned nothing and borrowed even the dice I used
  5. A cycle has 6 packs. If you want to keep strictly to clan cards and don't mind spending a little more, you could buy the 7 clan packs instead of a cycle. That way you have a bigger card pool of clan specific cards, maintain clan theme, and don't get a bunch of new rules to add up.
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