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  1. Before the pandemic, here we used to lend cards to new (and not so new) players as they built their collection, we even advised them not to buy everything all at once. I think part of the problem is the idea that you have to have everything to play competitively, were in truth you can lean on your local group as you slowly and sustainably build a collection. We also used to make new player friendly tournaments and escalations. Were we began with the core set, and incorporated new dynasty packs slowly so they had time to catch up (still faster than new product came out, so they would catch up). LCGs are cheaper than CCGs, but entry point can be a problem, mostly due to the mentality of needing to have it all in one go or in a very short amount of time. Social measures and dynamics can be made to ease that up and make it easier to newer people without sacrificing the strategic strength of having an entire collection at hand.
  2. Also, Yoshi is Kuwanans strongest (and as far as I know only real) ally in the civil war. Backing up Yoshi not only makes sense politically to support an ally, but can also help use the destruction of the kakita castle as leverage against Hotaru, putting in evidence her lack of control over her clan, the conflict, and inability to protect crane assets. Yoshi would be an incredibly strong piece in this argument, being the offended daimyo and having lost his family and ancestral home.
  3. They say part of the castle survived, my guess is tsuko was there
  4. Was tsuko at the castle? I had understood only zentaro was, right?
  5. Perphaps it wpuld be better of the model.changed to big boxes rather than dynasty packs. Make 3 big box releases each year, add a few more cards to each to increase card pool, and have it so that they rotate every set time (oldest big box rotates put every 12 months?) That way the card pool increases by chunks, sp changes impact more, players have more time to play them, and since they rotate relatively quickly problem cards can be taken and left put while good cards can be reintroduced later again (perphaps with new art, like magic does). If ffg invests a bit more in playtesting and design so that there are no dead cards, that would be a plus
  6. Isnt that the amount of time cards are legak in CCG models as well?
  7. I did consider the conclusion at the end a jump in logic by Chiari. Specially given how throughout the rest of the story they have emphasized how careful she is about making and voicing conclusions. I was expecting a replay along the lines of "the emperor was assassinated and the scorpion are covering up" or "covering up something" only, maybe a "taking advantage of the situation placing agents everywhere". The "shoju killed the emperor" was a very "un-Chiari" like response to me
  8. Miya Mystics ability is an action. So you cannot use it to react to a finger of jade being triggered. You would have to use the miya mystic to discard the finger of jade and then, as your next action, affect the character who was protected by the finger.
  9. Imagine I have Know the World and Wholeness of the World in hand, along with the air ring. Can I use Know the World to switch the air ring with earth, and interrupt the action with Wholeness of the World, thereby keeping both rings?
  10. What I dont understand and, perphaps someone more vversed on the lore might tell me, is: why dient the crab just send a detachment walking on the wall? I mean, sailing by river is faster. Ok. But first you have to send the dude to the village.l, which takes time, risk negotiations failing, and then have him sail upriver. And you open yourself to another clan knowing youre having trouble in your duties (something which, from the phoenix, we know no clan wants). Wouldnt a crab detachment matching on top of the wall be fsatr? And theyre protrcted from random attacks that they might get in the river
  11. They haven't said anything about as I know about shadowlands as a faction. Same for minor clans. I don't think there's a need or plan to do it anytime soon. Both shadowlands and minor clans are being left as neutral cards here and there
  12. Also, the goal doesn't have to be to unseat Shoju, just to have control. Keeping Shoju as regent, but politically powerless or at least weak, is a valid strategy as well. There's little he can do as regent if the other clans not only not support him, but politically block his move. Sure, if Shoju wants he can say "I want everyone to wear red hats" and people will do it, but he will be questioned and, more importantly, other "inconveniences" might happen if he starts wielding power based on his title without the political support of other clans. Bureocracy, misunderstandings of instructions, filibustering, etc.
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