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  1. Both sides of the argument are a bit polarized to my opinion. No, FFG has no obligation to reprint errated cards and give them away. Would it be a nice and consumer friendly practice? Definitively yes, and I don't think we will be many to complain if they did. Will it happen? in a LCG, it's highly unlikely. Heck They would sell an update pack with the errated cards updated, I would be happy to buy it. As long as it's reasonable and does not become a habit every 2 months
  2. Personally the theme does not speak to me so much, but well tastes and colors... The mechanics however didn't made me rise an eyebrow. I never clicked with LOTR LCG due to it's core concept and effect: it's not really playing it's just building the right deck for the right scenario. AH LCG brought the campaign dimension with cards that "leveled up" and strict deckbuilding rules allowing you to have your deck evolve and increase in power during the length of the campaign. This made the the whole coop experience way better as you didn't had a one size fits all deck that was perfect to handle all the 8 scenarios of a campaign. Now here the coop and AI mechanics are not so different from what has been seen in the past. Reminds me of LOTR, reminds me of Arkham, reminds me of Heroes of Terrinoth, reminds me of Aeon's End, reminds me of Legendary: Marvel... that's too many games that, even if all have their little differences, share too much mechanics in common to justify an added interest. If you want to get your hand on your first coop card game, and you like Marvel, and you prefer the LCG idea to an in game deck building like Dominion, well, this one sound fun, but for any hobbyist with a average-sized games library, this is just redundant.
  3. The LCG model appealed to a different type of population than the CCG. Before the LCG model was made, card players had not much choice. Now they have. THe LCG model has shown its flaws however and it can be understandable a publisher wants to no longer go full in. It will be just a matter of profitability in the end. I hope they will keep it rolling. This is the only model I'll accept when it comes to an evolving card game.
  4. Your assessment is correct: Early and Late game are favoring the runner. By ANR standards, there are 3 phases to the game: - Early game: The Corp didn't protected all it's servers. It favors the Runner, who can get "free" runs, on unprotected servers and allows him to pressure the Corp economically by forcing it to rez as much ICE as possible - Mid Game: The Corps has ICEd all it's servers and runner's does not have his full rig on the table ( Missing critical Icebreakers or essential economy cards or console) This favors the Corp as there will be servers the runner can just not access. This is where the corp will try to score as much agendas as possible and win the game -Late game: The runner has his full rig and in some rare cases is barely interested in drawing anymore. Favors the Runner side again. The longer the game will go the better the Runner's chances to win. The whole's Corp strategy is to make the early game phase a short as possible and the Middle game phase as long as possible. How? Economy denial, tag punishment, damage, rig destruction etc... Playing the Corps requires usually more planning than playing the runner when you are a new player because you have to take ownership of the flow of the game, and that's something you need to learn. If you let the runner do whatever he wants and just try to defend yourself passively by placing one piece of ICE after another, you will lose. And this is why pieces of ICE and Upgrades that have effect that cannot be shut down by just paying a bunch of credits are powerful. These will hit the runner way harder in late game than a regular credit tax. I think the easiest Corp to pick to work on that is Jinteki, due to the multiple trabs and bluff aspect. In the end, all corps have tools to scare the Runner, but Jinteki has the biggest ones. The Runner must be scared to run. The fact he has an option in the turn structure just before accessing the cards in a server to Jack out is telling something. Get him fall on an Obokata Protocol, or he gets his share of Snare! . He will start to be very careful before running, which means he will take longer to prepare, and in turn leave you more space to score your agendas. It's all about offering the runner to choose between 2 bad choices.
  5. "This option has been a widely requested feature" Yeah, like it was expected from the beginning, as a core concept of the game "and I’m happy to provide it to you" ... after my dear Editor which I have a contract with, lashed at me for the poor performance of my game and the avalanche of bad reviews. "Although many groups will undoubtedly prefer the game’s original rules, this variant is ideal for groups that want a team-oriented experience. It works great with new players, families, or just about anyone who likes cooperative games. " Translated by " you, ignorants, don't understand the superiority of my original design, here take that hasty build rules fix else I might lose my contract with this editor. This will at best made people who regret having bought this not regret it so much anymore. I hardly see how this will make sales after the failure this game made. When most board game reviewers on youtube took the time to bash this game, it means it has serious issues anyway. The market is filled to the brim with better ones.
  6. Am I missing something here by saying that this would make Mantis rather a Crab clan family rather than a distinct great clan? Originating from a Kami's grandson is not as originating from Hida himself. My understanding is that the 9 great Kamis, the children of Lady Sun and lord Moon are at the highest of the celestial order after their parents.
  7. I understand that Mantis loyalists are eager to see their clan back as it was in O5R but the whole claim of Yoritomo for the Mantis being a great clan on itself makes little sense if we look at what defined a great clan at it's foundation: a kami. Unless I have a lack of understanding of the lore, there is not another Kami directly responsible for the creation of the Mantis clan. And Yoritomo is an exceptional human, but certainly not a Kami at the same level of Hantei or any of the 9. As we have seen some families change allegiance from a clan to another ( Yasuki, Yogo...) why not simply include the Yoritomo familiy in one of the 7 already existing clans? It makes little sense to me that no Great clan has any family dedicated managing a fleet, while Phoenix, Crane and Crab have access to coastal territory. It would be not such a big shock to me if the current Mantis was absorbed by Crab to help with the supplies required for the Kaiu wall, or the Crane to help with the crisis the currently face due to the Tsunami. Phoenix would be an odd choice for sure, but at least it would make more sense they will be able to handle Orochis if they will be brought back. And heck, as sneaky bastards get along, I don't think Scorpion would mind having them under his banner either. Having your family accepted into a great clan is by far the biggest honor a family daimiyo could hope for. Becoming a great clan on the other hand is technically not possible.
  8. FFG does no longer have the license to sell Netrunner products. Will they get it back later? unlikely. This is gone for good. If you are still interested in this awesome game, second hand purchase will be the only option by now.
  9. Just an idea that seems pretty obvious to me about why L5R doesn't get to be a big thing in Japan VS GoT being a big one in Europe. GoT has been created by an Occidental mind. George R R Martin is embedded in the Occidental culture, shares the language and has the right feeling for how everything should sound, look like and react. There is not such big disconnection from American and British culture ( and I say British specifically and not European in general because the way usually Americans depict French, Germans, or Italians for example is ridiculous). So for an European audience, there is nothing odd and getting into the universe is natural, no matter how fictional or how much it's inspired from reality. Another example of a successful setting despite cultural disconnection that I can give is the 7th Sea RPG, which was sometimes really off the rails when it came to portray the nations of Thea, all largely inspired by diverse European nations. What kept the whole thing together and allowed the game to be successful is that each European country is very different and to the eyes of a french for example, the way the Eisen ( fictional Germany) was depicted was not strikingly odd. Each player group only made fixes in the game lore for his own country and went on full with the rest. This is however not possible with Rokugan as all is mixed up and the great clans are not each specifically inspired by a distinct nation. L5R has been also created from an occidental point of view and I can only imagine how weird it will look to a Japanese audience. I mentally facepalm each time I see what is supposed to be an European / American character representation in a manga / anime/ Japanese video game. ("Asuka Soryu Langley" supposed to be German in Evangelion... Yeah sure 😝) I can only imagine it will be the same once you try to explain the lore of L5R to a Japanese native speaker. So the whole name issue TheHobgoblyn mentions right here, yeah I totally get it. It would get some interest as an exotic oddity at best. And when it comes with the mix between Chinese and Japanese culture, I'm honestly not even sure how it would be perceived given the history between those 2 countries (actually if anyone knows, I would be interested to know!) .
  10. Installation of the first piece of ICE on a server is free. However any subsequent ICE on the same server will cost you 1 additional credit: 2nd ICE costs 1, 3rd ICE costs 2 and so on. This does not affect the rez cost in any way
  11. A few thinks I'd like to point out also here - Coop games are loosing interest rather fast if they are easy because beating the system over and over without struggle will result in loss of interest. The story and scenario can keep you interested, but honestly if you only play for that, it's better to stick with the original books, the original narrative will be far superior. A coop game needs to be difficult in order to remain relevant. And in order to achieve that, some deigns can look as unfair and sucking up the fun out of the game itself. This is where game design is important. If you feel constantly cheated by a coop game, it could be an indicator that this said game could have been designed better. But there is a second point that needs to be mentioned when it comes to Arkham specifically: - It's is embedded with the Cthulhu Mythos. Did you had a shot at Call of Cthulhu pen and paper RPG? This is the only RPG I know of, where in preparation of a session you don't create one character, but at least 3 to have replacements for the ones you will lose during the campaign. The game is brutal and very punishing because this is how the Cthulhu universe works: You mere human are barely an insect near this near-eternal all mighty entities, and only starting to comprehend them will lead you to madness. The stakes are highly against you from the beginning. I think the Arkham LCG convey that feeling pretty well and the sometimes openly unfair difficulty is an integral part of the theme. If my guardian was able to maw his way through 3-4 ghouls gun-blazing and be fully successful without any long term repercussion, it would be an issue. I would feel being in Supernatural or Buffy rather then in Arkham.
  12. Cycle out refers to tournament legal cards indeed. However, the last cycle (Kitara) has been designed with the fact in mind that the Genesys and Spinn cycle were no longer tournament legal and the interactions between cards from Kitara with the ones of these 2 first cycles were not play-tested. This is also the case for some cards included into the original core set (not the revised one). You might run into some issues if you mix them up
  13. If you are on a limited budget and don't intend buying everything that came out, I personally feel the deluxe expansions would be the best choice. The 4 first ones were giving you focus on each faction with new ID's and expending significantly your deck-building and strategy options (as there are only 3 runner factions, the 4the deluxe expansion (Data and Destiny) gave you 3 mini faction on the runner side: Adam, Apex and Sunny, that got support on later releases and got some very unique mechanics). Finally the last deluxe expansion Reign and Reverie, is catering to everyone and is a small box full of boons for absolutely every faction. It's totally worth it if you can still get your hands on it. If you have more budget after that, look for the Terminal Directive box, the cards are nice and the campaign brings some interesting take on the game. When it comes to Datapacks, it's more complicated as it really depends on what build you want to focus on. The last cycle (Kitara) was really nice
  14. I think you misread why I was trying to say. I agree with you card games are expensive. The problem is the available potential market for it. We are a core of players interested by it but it's not as mainstream as MTG who build on a decades long legacy or hearthstone, full digital and user friendly, accessible from anywhere, attracting people with a free to play economy model. I would be the first one to be happy with the solution you outline. Who wouldn't want to see his hobby cost less? Reality of the market however makes that FFG has chosen this way to commercialize the product for a good reason. And it's in their interest, not in our's the consumers. I don't necessarily agree with them, but I understand. I'm not trying to defend the business model, because as you say, 340$ to get into a card game is a huge cost. As I mentioned when I got into ANR, it took me years of monthly dedicated budget to get back on track and buy all the cards previously released during 3 years., and I only did it because Netrunner had a special place in my hart. I would have been delighted if other option would have been there ot avoid such a money sink. So I totally get your point, and ideally, I'm on your side. But realistically? it's not going to happen. Not only because people are ready to spend money on how the offer is now, but because there is little chance and editor like FFG wil take such a huge risk for one of their product given the player base they expect.
  15. The cost of L5R? This game just came out a year ago. Getting on board was easy. Finance management to get ANR was way more complicated as I jumped on it 3 years after release. But for L5R, if paying 120€ every 6 month looks expensive for you, I think you are not choosing the right hobby. You will have hard time finding really cheaper offers given the card volumes.
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