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  1. Hellvlad

    Best Netrunner Expansions

    Cycle out refers to tournament legal cards indeed. However, the last cycle (Kitara) has been designed with the fact in mind that the Genesys and Spinn cycle were no longer tournament legal and the interactions between cards from Kitara with the ones of these 2 first cycles were not play-tested. This is also the case for some cards included into the original core set (not the revised one). You might run into some issues if you mix them up
  2. Hellvlad

    Best Netrunner Expansions

    If you are on a limited budget and don't intend buying everything that came out, I personally feel the deluxe expansions would be the best choice. The 4 first ones were giving you focus on each faction with new ID's and expending significantly your deck-building and strategy options (as there are only 3 runner factions, the 4the deluxe expansion (Data and Destiny) gave you 3 mini faction on the runner side: Adam, Apex and Sunny, that got support on later releases and got some very unique mechanics). Finally the last deluxe expansion Reign and Reverie, is catering to everyone and is a small box full of boons for absolutely every faction. It's totally worth it if you can still get your hands on it. If you have more budget after that, look for the Terminal Directive box, the cards are nice and the campaign brings some interesting take on the game. When it comes to Datapacks, it's more complicated as it really depends on what build you want to focus on. The last cycle (Kitara) was really nice
  3. Hellvlad

    How's your local LCG scene?

    I think you misread why I was trying to say. I agree with you card games are expensive. The problem is the available potential market for it. We are a core of players interested by it but it's not as mainstream as MTG who build on a decades long legacy or hearthstone, full digital and user friendly, accessible from anywhere, attracting people with a free to play economy model. I would be the first one to be happy with the solution you outline. Who wouldn't want to see his hobby cost less? Reality of the market however makes that FFG has chosen this way to commercialize the product for a good reason. And it's in their interest, not in our's the consumers. I don't necessarily agree with them, but I understand. I'm not trying to defend the business model, because as you say, 340$ to get into a card game is a huge cost. As I mentioned when I got into ANR, it took me years of monthly dedicated budget to get back on track and buy all the cards previously released during 3 years., and I only did it because Netrunner had a special place in my hart. I would have been delighted if other option would have been there ot avoid such a money sink. So I totally get your point, and ideally, I'm on your side. But realistically? it's not going to happen. Not only because people are ready to spend money on how the offer is now, but because there is little chance and editor like FFG wil take such a huge risk for one of their product given the player base they expect.
  4. Hellvlad

    How's your local LCG scene?

    The cost of L5R? This game just came out a year ago. Getting on board was easy. Finance management to get ANR was way more complicated as I jumped on it 3 years after release. But for L5R, if paying 120€ every 6 month looks expensive for you, I think you are not choosing the right hobby. You will have hard time finding really cheaper offers given the card volumes.
  5. Hellvlad

    The Pinnacle of Power

    Or allowing scorpion to go to -10 XD
  6. Hellvlad

    What will Wizards Do?

    Seeing the success of Gwent from Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk being in production by CDPR, I would not be surprised if WOTC plans to release a digital version of Netrunner to go with the game. These things happening now seem to be too much of a coincidence, and it would make sense business-wise. But there was nothing announced hinting this so this is pure speculation.
  7. Hellvlad

    How's your local LCG scene?

    In the times of the Lotus edition, old 5R was structured without an influence system. The conflict (former fate) deck was made up with mostly unaligned action cards and even if you could very well play out-of-clan personalities you would pay them more to bring them up to the table. As a result, it was quite unusual to see someone pulling a card out of faction. I don't think LCGs could attract way more people than they currently do. LCGs is a niche product and people really interested in these kind of games will drop the money. Most of us were groomed by CCGs in the past 2 decades and LCGs in comparison look way cheaper. I agree it's still a huge entry cost, but getting rid of the frustration CCGs bringing with the sealed booster packs is worth it into many's opinion. I've seen this influence system being mostly used into FFG's LCGs because they want to make sure every single card will be relevant to you, regardless of what you chose to play. This way, any product released will be relevant to you. They have a limited consumer base, they made sure it will stay loyal as much as possible and buy every single product. From a business perceptive it's perfectly understandable. Look at A:NR: the game is fully asymmetric and none of the cards used by the Corp player have any use for the Runner. You are interested in only playing the corp? Well, you still need to buy all the packs, and if you wanted to get into official tournaments, you better got yourself a runner deck as well. This decision was clearly deliberate to max out the sales and avoid imbalances into the community with a majority of players playing only one side of the game. Now all context put aside, I agree with you that it would be nice to have a game with factions that stay true to themselves and do not blend. But realistically, unless a game will be a MAJOR hit, like MTG level of hit, going this path is unwise business-wise in my opinion.
  8. Hellvlad

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Yeah thanks for reading...
  9. Hellvlad

    How can I trust reviews?

    I think you can trust the reviews to be more accurate for unique games than for legacy games. ELgacy games will be dramatically different in their core game play for each player group. If game reviewers were able to to come up with a valid reveiw for Pandemic Legacy, I think they should be able to handle Discover.
  10. Hellvlad

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Truly my problem here is the following (because the game it self, outside the unique stuff looks great): Let's say I buy the game, love it play the heck out of it and want bring some novelty into it, so I can keep playing. On a traditional format, this is what expansions would be for. Here however, my option would be to buy a new game box. 60€. And this is where the "gambling" starts. By design as each box is unique, I WILL have some new components. But how many? If I'm lucky, the new box could be 100% different, and in that case be a fantastic addition to what I already have,. But it could go the other way and see myself burning 60€ for maybe 1 extra character and 2 new items. So yes I could try to look for people ready to exhange parts and bits of components between them, but I really don;t have neither the time or the energy to do so because real life and my hobby time being limited. This is exactly where this model fails for me. And I'm not really convinced that his plus sides are making up for this.. For me at least
  11. Hellvlad

    How's your local LCG scene?

    Your suggestions here requires a change in the way the LCGs are currently designed. You cannot separate clans/ factions so abruptly. There is influence allowing you to use out of faction cards in most LCGs and this is not just for minor tinkering, but actual core deck mechanics will come from there. So even if you segregate cards by factions and sell them separately, players will still need to buy all of them. To my opinion, the online card games have taken away from the hobby the most casual players in average. The remaining core will be people who enjoy specifically the physical support. People who like to collect, who are completionnists and have pleasure to play with actual cards, interacting with a real human being in real life rather than clicking on stuff behind a screen. This is the same thing that happened to pen and paper RPGs , abandoned by so many player who found it easier to get their fix from a MMORPG, on their computer. Board-gaming is a niche hobby, and LCGs are only getting a small fraction of boardgamers interested anyway. Like it or not, LCGs are made for a niche audience and the variety of available hobbies has developed so much since the 90's you will see less and less people drawn to it. Starting from there, it seems natural to me that FFG as an editor will balance their business model with this in mind. And on a separated note, to answer the topic, in the northern part of the Republic of Ireland, I know 2 players for ANR and 2 for L5R. That would be my wife and myself. Closest FLGS is in Dublin more than 1h driving away. Not really an option to be a place to go to multiple times per month
  12. If it wasn't working they would not do it since like ... 2011??
  13. Hellvlad

    Upcoming L5R products

    Terminal directive was a sort of legacy campaign applied to ANR, making you have multiple matches against the same opponent ( between 6 up to 13 if my memory is correct) . The outcome of each game was advancing the story-line and unlocking new cards that could be used only in the campaign context or modifying these cards with stickers. After a certain number of games won one of the 2 factions ( either corp or runner) was reaching the conclusion of the narrative campaign and was instructed it won. Even if it was designed as a legacy game with stickers and instructions to rip stuff apart, you could easily accommodate the whole thing to be able to replay it as much as you liked. but it relied entirely on 2 players. no more and no solo possibility.
  14. Hellvlad

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Sending your games through post without tracking? You must be joking right? I don't know where you live, but that's not an option, and it's not 5€ 😆
  15. Hellvlad

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    If this is the case, I am SO happy I bought in in 4 of them. All these games will retire eventually and I will have the pleasure to have full sets for all these games and play whatever format I want in the many ears to come. CCGs will have no appeal for me in any way On the side let's not forget that FFG was not the only editor to support this distribution model. Ashes, and Epic are also sold in the same way with non randomized content. If FFG drops this model, other will pick it up for sure. The main pain point of the LCG model was the long term attrition of the players being difficult to offset with new blood due to the high entry cost. I think adjustments can be made on the frequency and quantity of packs FFG was releasing the more expansions you brin out the harder it is for new players to get in. Drastically curating the quality of the cards you put in your packs to avoid to have half of them be unplayable and never leave the binder could help.