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  1. Don't forget this is a Feudal system. This is exactly how it used t work as well in medieval Europe. Each local lord will have knights at his orders that he could summon if in need of a military action. Each knight will bring some of his people around and this would in the end constitute a whole army. Local territorial disputes ending in open battles were very common and it was part of the way of living. The Lord was a Dux Belorum, a warmaster that got the loyalty of his knight s by offering them valuable loot and lands. Those were acquired by battling the neighboring Lords or through treaties and alliances, like weddings. Despite all lords being servants of a higher rank noble himself serving the king, these internal struggles would take place from spring to autumn every year. This is what was defining the shifts in political powers and influence among the members of the court. The King was the king of the whole kingdom but his actual domain he owned himself was small, as he gave most of his lands a fiefdoms to the most powerful lords to ensure their loyalty. Rokugan is a feudal system and despite the emperor being from divine ascendence, it makes little difference with the European kings , getting their powers from divine right. All out war between the biggest lords was clearly forbidden as such escalation could put a threat to the entire kingdom. In Rokugan you have the same as Great clans are not supposed to go in all out war between each others. The times in Rokugan history when this happened were times of great crisis worth storytelling and certainly not regular all day events. However balance is necessary as each clan will look for more influence and power. Something needs to keep them in check. Military is necessary in this context to resolve local dispute and to mark your dominance. Finally, military forces and law enforcement forces were not distinct back in time or in Rokugan (magistates don't had actual armies to enforce the law). We would not imagine the army to take action against a ring of burglars or drug dealers, but back in time or in the Rokugan setting Knights/Samurais have the duty to ensure safety of the inhabitants, that not only covers enemy armies, but also bandits, sects, rebellions, beasts... The knight /samurai role was way more diverse than the strict definition we have for military forces today.
  2. What I personally did: I cut out each sticker and use it like this placed into sleeves along the card it is supposed to modify. For the progress board, I just printed some homemade ones made on Excel and ill in the info needed with a paper pencil. And of course I'm not tearing apart any component. I was able to play the campaign 4 times so far
  3. Hellvlad

    R&R Second print run announced

    This is fantastic news. I was not expecting this because business wise it's really high risk. This is a clear nice gesture towards the community
  4. Somehow I just hope no one will be desperate enough to by this so once people will move one from ANR this will be worth nothing and just take dust and be a straight loss for them. Would serve them well for pillaging the rest of the stock and try to rip players off. But this is the real world, so someone will buy this, I'm pretty convinced.
  5. Hellvlad

    FFG Store & Netrunner

    I feel you. I managed to secure a pre-order at the last minute from a web store I found by pure luck when I realized FFG listed R&R as out of stock. I'm still having the feeling of dread that in infamous pre-order cancellation email might arrive one of these days...
  6. Hellvlad

    Looking Ahead

    Indeed, it's a business decision, not a customer-friendly one.
  7. Hellvlad

    The Next LCG

    Pretty much agreeing with all you mentioned here. I do enjoy cards and minis bud these are really fundamentally different hobbies and don't appeal to the same population. Imagining that you can turn your customer base from LCGs to Minis and expect them to follow is commercial suicide. Cards are overall more popular and will attract a higher amount of players than minis. An important part of the benefits made by miniature game publishers are due to the hobbyists who will buy the product for the hobby aspect and barely touch the game itself. Now I'm not trying to be a fanboy of GW but the Runewars or SW minis FFG is producing are 15 - 20 years backwards in terms of design and quality when compared to what GW has. The material choice they made for it is weird: plastic incompatible with plastic cement, but not resin or metal that would have allowed much more details finesse and cheaper casting process. It's unpracical, not user friendly and will not help new player to join in. These don't come much cheaper either ( 25 USD for 8 minis, 3.13 USD per unit against 40 USD the box of 10 tactical marines, 4USD each). FFG is an absolute leader on the LCG market right now. When it comes to minis, the market is heavily contested between GW, Privateer Press, Mantic Games and Corvus Belli to mention only the major ones. I really don't see at this point how FFG could make a substantial revenue without LCGs.
  8. Hellvlad

    End the Run

    Buy a decent amount of FFG shares and you'll be able to sit at the board and have a saying into these decisions and be entitled to receive some explanations. Being a customer on the other hand does not entitle you to such things. FFG changes their business about ANR and choose not to disclose any of the reasons with us. You still have your cards, your game didn't turned into dust in an instant, the other players are still there, everyone didn't suddenly got bored with this game or started to hate it, so I still don;'t get from all these posts. What prevents you to still enjoy it? It's sad that the game development ends, but the game is still here. You are not cheated in any way. Every collectible/living card game comes to an end eventually.
  9. Hellvlad

    Netrunner playmat reprint?

    Android and Android Mainfraime are still scheduled for reprint according to the upcoming products section.
  10. Hellvlad

    End of Netrunner

    This reasoning looks a bit upside down to me. You maintain that FFG is at fault because they wanted money. I am pretty much convinced that if FFG could go on with their development of miniature games AND keep the GW license l along and do both they would have been happy to do so. GW were the ones who disagreed and issued the ultimatum you either stop developing this or we withdraw the license. It is not FFG's fault to pursue in these circumstances the solution that would be the most profitable for them. We don't know exactly why the agreement FFG-WOTC was not renewed, and the details of this meeting will never get public anyway, but it's logical to imagine that FFG would have opted to let down ANR only if the alternative, given there was one, was unacceptable.
  11. Hellvlad

    Kitara Cycle Supply Restriction

    The main issue is that a supported LCG will have reprints made on a regular basis. Here however, I doubt there would be any, FFG will not want to get suck with products no one will be interested to buy anymore. From what I've seen different retailers in EU had decent stocks,. As you're in Canada this might hurt you in shipping costs and customer fees but you have a decent chance finding the last pack available on UK websites.
  12. Hellvlad

    State of LCGs

    There is 0 relationship between manga and L5R. The IP is from the US. I think you have no idea what history this IP has. The previous L5R CCG put together a rather unique community. People don't like it because "it's Japan" (it's not japan at all actually, it's heroic fantasy based on a far eastern setting). Many people enjoyed this setting because of the depth of the universe, the character and the awesome pen and paper RPG that was published alongside. This was a brutal setting where important and loved characters could get killed at any moment, long before Game of Thrones was a thing. Sorry for going on a tangent here but I had to mention it
  13. Hellvlad

    Conquest System?

    After the sheer epicness that 40K was providing to that system, transposing this into a corporate economic war seems so dull. The conquest system would work better in a Terrinoth setting with full out war between different factions. Android was too much associated with Netrunner to have any other competitive game system feel natural IMHO. I think that the coop option with multiple runner players teaming up to defeat the plans of a corp would work way better and would still keep a bit of a flavor of the previous game
  14. Hellvlad

    End of Netrunner

    It's a bit hard to believe FFG would intentionally kill one of their best sellers and flagship games.
  15. There are no ninjas in L5R come on!!