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  1. "Attached character cannot ready, attack, defend, commit to quests, or trigger effects. " It doesn't say anything about not gaining resources, so sacked heroes do gain resources, and similarly those resources can still be spent to play cards.
  2. I was intrigued, so did it for you: I've also included the number of copies on the CE and in the Core Set (where applicable). Heroes: Aragorn (Leadership): Core Set Gildor Inglorion (Leadership): Two-Player Limited Edition Starter Nori (Spirit): Over Hill and Under Hill Glorfindel (Lore): Core Set Bifur (Lore): Khazad-Dum Thorin Stonehelm (Tactics): Two-Player Limited Edition Starter Allies: Neutral: Gandalf (x4): Core Set (x4) Defender of the Naith (x2): Trouble in Tharbad Envoy of Pelargir (x2): Heirs of Numenor Leadership: Galadriel (x2): The Road Darkens Gimli (x1): The Treason of Saruman Faramir (x1): Core Set (x2) Orophin (x1): Celebrimbor's Secret Fili (x1): Over Hill and Under Hill Silverlode Archer (x2): Core Set (x2) Andrath Guardsman (x2): The Mumakil Naith Guide (x2): The Dunland Trap Dwarven Sellsword (x2): The Drowned Ruins Spirit: Arwen Undomiel (x1): The Watcher in the Water Bofur (x1): The Redhorn Gate Kili (x1): Over Hill and Under Hill Woodland Courier (x2): The Drowned Ruins Blue Mountain Trader (x2): The Dunland Trap Tactics: Legolas (x1): The Treason of Saruman Azain Silverbeard (x1): Flight of the Stormcaller Galadhon Archer (x2): The Nin-In-Eilph Defender of Rammas (x2): Heirs of Numenor Lore: Haldir of Lorien (x1): A Journey to Rhosgobel Elrond (x2): The Road Darkens Mablung (x1): The Land of Shadow Henamarth Riversong (x1): Core Set (x1) Ioreth (x1): A Storm on Cobas Haven Sarn Ford Sentry (x2): The Lost Realm Erebor Hammersmith (x2): Core Set (x2) Galadhrim Minstrel (x2): Trouble in Tharbad Dunedain Lookout (x2): Beneath the Sands Attachments: Leadership: Celebrian's Stone (x2): Core Set (x1) Steward of Gondor (x2): Core Set (x2) Cram (x2): Over Hill and Under Hill Spirit: Light of Valinor (x1): Foundations of Stone Unexpected Courage (x2): Core Set (x1) Ancient Mathom (x2): A Journey to Rhosgobel Tactics: Horn of Gondor (x2): Core Set (x1) Dwarrowdelf Axe (x2): Khazad-dum Blade of Gondolin (x2): Core Set (x2) Lore: Elf-stone (x2): The Black Riders Lembas (x2): Trouble in Tharbad The Long Defeat (x1): The Battle of Carn Dum Events: Leadership: Grim Resolve (x1): Core Set (x1) Sneak Attack (x2): Core Set (x2) Ever Vigilant (x2): Core Set (x2) Feigned Voices (x2): The Three Trials Spirit: A Test of Will (x2): Core Set (x2) Hasty Stroke (x2): Core Set (x2) Desperate Defense (x2): The Flame of the West Dwarven Tomb (x1): Core Set (x1) Tactics: Feint (x2): Core Set (x2) Quick Strike (x2): Core Set (x2) Khazad! Khazad! (x2): Khazad-dum Pursuing the Enemy (x2): Trouble in Tharbad Lore: Gildor's Counsel (x1): The Hills of Emyn Muil Secret Paths (x2): Core Set (x2) Ancestral Knowledge (x2): Khazad-dum Daeron's Runes (x2): Foundations of Stone
  3. Orcrist and Glamdring have the text "After attached hero destroys an enemy, ...". This is different in wording to all previous similar cards, which either say "After attached hero attacks and destroys an enemy..." or "After attached hero participates in an attack that destroys an enemy...". Does this mean that heroes with the ability to deal non-combat damage - Tactics Bilbo Baggins or Argalad, for example - could trigger the Responses on Orcrist and Glamdring if they destroyed an enemy through that non-combat damage?
  4. The escape tests are "at the end of the quest phase", and we've had a ruling that effects that last "until the end of the phase" have gone away before that Forced effect triggers.
  5. More or less two months between packs this cycle, so expect Fate of Wilderland in (probably early- or mid-) June.
  6. Played Flight from Moria for the first time with a fairly standard Puprle Dain/Dwalin/Bifur deck. That was a really fun one to play unspoilt Dwalin died in the last round but we managed to escape nonetheless!
  7. Not wanting to be a spoilsport, but does the Knight of Minas Tirith / Hirgon combination actually work? Wouldn't the Knight's Response trigger and the attack resolve before Hirgon's "Then, ..." takes place?
  8. So I think 2,3,4 are all clear if you know 1: If the answer to (1) is that you engage the enemies one by one, resolving Forced and Response to each before engaging the next, with you choosing the order, then the answers are: (2) no, the responses wait until after the Forced effect clears (3) yes (4) if you had 26 threat at the start, and chose to engage the Uruk Soldier first, then your threat would be 28 when you engaged the Orc of Mordor, and can't use Sam's Response. But you could always engage the Orc of Mordor first. However, if the answer to (2) is that you engage all the enemies at once, then resolve all the Forced effects, then all the Responses, then the answers are: (2) still no, and this time you have to clear *all* the Forced effects before any of the Responses come through (3) You can't ready him with a previous response but the rest is fine (4) I *think* the event sets up the Response and then they all trigger, rather than checking if the event still happened when you're looking for Responses, so you would be able to use Sam's ability for all of the enemies in this case. Which the answer to (1) is, though, I wouldn't want to say.
  9. https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/escape-from-dol-guldur-deckbuilding/
  10. Does anyone have an official ruling that this works at all? Because the two effects are: "the first player may choose one to be the "current quest" until the end of the phase instead of the quest card that is currently active via the quest deck. " "Forced: At the end of the quest phase, if no progress was placed on the current quest this phase, place 1 progress on the current quest (bypassing the active location)." It looks to me like there's a passive trigger at the end of the quest phase that ends the side quest being the current quest, and this will resolve before the Forced effect with the same timing, in a similar manner to Sneak Attack or Eowyn's +WP going away before tests created by a Forced effect "at the end of the quest phase". So the "current quest" will always be the main quest, sidequests or not.
  11. Guys, the quote is "the sixth and final The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game", stop panicking
  12. Bizarrely, I can still access it on my Vista machine, but not on my Windows 7 machine or Android phone. (All on Firefox, I haven't tried other browsers).
  13. Thankyou both (and dalestephenson earlier). That's a good way of thinking of it, Seastan, I'll remember that.
  14. Another, vaguely related question: if a Forced effect instructs an enemy to engage a player it's already engaged with, does it engage that player? That is, do when-engaged effects trigger when that happens? For eample, in Return to Mirkwood, Attercop, Attercop has Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, Attercop, Attercop automatically engages the player guarding Gollum, regardless of his threat. If you're guarding Gollum and already engaged with Attercop, Attercop at the beginning of the encounter phase, does that Forced effect trigger again, so you can ready Sam, draw a card from Lore Pippin, get a resource from Mablung, etc? Or to pick an example where it's terrible for the player rather than good, if you're on stage 4 of Return to Mirkwood ("Forced: At the beginning of the combat phase, all enemies in play engage the player guarding Gollum.") and there's a Mirkwood Bats in the staging area ("Forced: After Mirkwood Bats engages a player, deal 1 damage to each character controlled by the player guarding Gollum."), and you have higher threat than the Bats' engagement cost, do you get hit twice by that Forced effect, once when they engage you and again when then they engage you from the quest card effect?
  15. Try https://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/lotrquestlog/#/home
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