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  1. Since the update today this is how the game looks on my Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.4.4. In Google Play it says the app is still supported for Android 4.0.3 and up. As you can see the app is unplayable like this (there are monsters on the right that can't be seen). Also I've had issues with the "Load Game" screen not always loading. After the update I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as I had all 5 save slots filled and the app would hang after selecting "Load Game". Reinstalling has erased all my saved progress
  2. I'm having the same issue with RTL on my Nexus tablet i.e. Google Play version of RTL. The problem has appeared in the tutorial and also in a side quest in the middle of my existing Kindred Fire campaign. I fear it's going to keep messing with my RTL experience until it's fixed. The problem only started happening recently so perhaps the most recent update to address issues with accessing the Delve DLC might have introduced this bug...? I can only guess. I played extensively with a friend over the weekend using his iPad and the problem never happened, so it appears to be limited to the Google Play version from what I've seen myself and read here.
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