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    mcintma reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Any Guess to What This Is   
    Figured it out 
    It was a First Order Treadspeeder
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    mcintma reacted to Kani Kantai in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    I agree.  Rian was a terrible idea.  The biggest problem Star Wars has at the moment is a lack of one creative executive with a team of competent advisors guiding the story arc.
    The best thing they can do now is just stop mutilating our favourite characters and tell a completely new story.  Solo without Lando, Han or Chewie would have been better, and things like Mandalorian seem like a good move.  I’d rather risk three standalone movies from three different directors than the current formula of train-wreck trilogies.
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    mcintma reacted to GilmoreDK in New Official Epic rules coming - finally..   
    Check the 27 minute mark.  
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    mcintma reacted to Hippie Moosen in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    Luke's monologue seems to indicate that there will finally be a satisfying explanation as to Rey's sudden growth in power. Ya know, something that makes sense in universe, as opposed to "The force just makes an enemy for you to battle when you gain force powers. If you get stronger so does this rando. The force is cheeky like that." That explanation from TLJ is just transparently lazy.
    From what little dialogue there is in the trailer, it sounds like ghost Luke and probably Yoda and the other ghosts from the end of ROTJ actually trained her between films. Either that or she's the force Avatar a la Last Airbender, meaning she's connected to the Jedi that came before her, and can therefore access their wisdom and strength when needed. The second one definitely sounds new for Star Wars and could be interesting, but the first would be just fine as well since it fits what we already know about the setting. 
    I just really hope there is an actual sense of time passing in this movie. TLJ feels like it picks up like 2-3 days after the destruction of Star Killer at most. I can't think of a single other movie in the series that picks up so quickly after the last movie. I feel like losing that passage of time did a huge disservice to this trilogy. The FO lose their most important super weapon but still have the military might to crush the Resistance, and apparently conquer the majority of the galaxy with little effort. It paints them as comically overpowered, despite them supposedly not being the ones in power when the trilogy began. Time passing also helps us with the scale of the universe. A war that ends in a week would not have the same impact as the years of struggle that played out in the OT.
    I wont board the Hype Train for this one, but I wont try to derail it either. Here's hoping that Abrams can make this one both fun, and an actual Star Wars movie.
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    mcintma reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    @Captain Lackwit

    In case you were wondering about that medallion. 
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    mcintma reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    Lando ‼️




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    mcintma got a reaction from imprezagoatee in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    What a strange title! Totally unexpected. Ep 9 being a conclusion of the Skywalker saga, 'Rise of S" seems strange. Assuming they have a good reason and don't Rian Johnson another one!
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    mcintma got a reaction from Bucknife in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    What a strange title! Totally unexpected. Ep 9 being a conclusion of the Skywalker saga, 'Rise of S" seems strange. Assuming they have a good reason and don't Rian Johnson another one!
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    mcintma reacted to Ximatique in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    Kylo's new silencer is neat ! 

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    mcintma reacted to Seraphimtoaster375 in Wave 5 to be Announced Saturday? Where's the speculation?   
    If those wings articulate in the same ball bark as accurate, i will replace my entire Starviper squadron just to have that. And maybe an extra for painting. And another cause what's self control.
    And that pony better be made of diamonds, that's how the Prince would have wanted it
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    mcintma reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Scenes and Scoops from Celebration 2019   
    Here we go‼️

    link on Twitter


    The Hasbro booth 
    The Clone Wars news, trailers, and images
    Nine things we learned about The Clone Wars

    Jedi:  Fallen Order 

    The Intersystem Transport 

    TIE Echelon 

     Behind the Scenes from Episode IX

    Star Wars Show (YouTube) Stage 



    HoloNet News     ALL Star Wars Films will be on Disney Plus Confirmed by Darth Kathleen Kennedy
      The Mandalorian will be the launch title for Disney Plus, Clone Wars to follow within a year of that.   Second Season is confirmed.   Alan Tudyk will reprise his role as K2SO in the untitled Cassian Andor series.   Disney Plus launch date Nov 12, 2019.
    Cassian Andor series will be released in 2021.
    Star Wars Movies will take a break after Episode IX
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    mcintma reacted to JJ48 in New Pilot Ideas   
    I always thought it would be interesting to have the reloading tug from the TIE Fighter games as a cheap, unique (one dot) support ship.  
    "You do not lose your action when overlapping friendly ships.  Friendly ships do not lose their action when they overlap you.  Friendly ships at range 0 have the <reload> action."
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    mcintma reacted to Punning Pundit in New Pilot Ideas   
    Tycho in a Rebel Lambda, at i5, with 0 attack from any arc. Gets 2 charge, recurring. Ability: At setup, remove all charges. At initiative 0, may spend 2 charges to perform a Coordinate action 
    Call sign: Rogue Null. 
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    mcintma reacted to AEIllingworth in X-Wing Tactics Central   
    Designing Openers with Preset Options: The basics
    The lower initiative ships you have in a list, the more you have to be proactive in your setup.  They who places first sets the trap, they who places second avoids the trap.  It is always worth it to have a set up in mind, because you may eventually play against Han Wedge with a bigger bid than you.
    Rule #1: You may use any of your templates within range one of your board edge.  Use your range two ruler to get exactly to the edge of rocks in the alley.  If your edge is just inside range two from the board edge, you can go straight as quick as you want and not hit an obstacle.  Use your one bank against a range one ruler if you want to set up at a 45 degree angle.  Use your three bank with both corners touching the mat edge if you want to experiment with 22.5 degrees.  
    Setting up with your butt in the corner at a perfect 45 gives you the option to turn up the board or across the board with a bank.  This is especially valuable with high initiative advance sensors boosts or supernatural reflexes because you can dial your fastest straight and charge in behind/run away as hard as you can reactively. This is also great when setting up first so your palp shuttle doesn't get forced into a joust it doesn't want (this is an example from first edition, the concept is still relevant).
    The faster your ships are the more spread out you can be.  Y-wings and B-wings better be no farther than corner to midpoint, or they will get isolated.  A wings, interceptors, and fangs can start in opposite corners and you can probably make it work with speed.
    It is worth it to premeasure a few rock placements that look awkward but you have a way around. For example, a big rock at two from the side, no more than range four from your edge:  If you set a small base ship up with your range one ruler against the mat edge and the ship against it, all the way forward you can five straight boost in, and the next maneuver all straights should get you just past that rock.
    Pre-count some rule off 11.  If you fly something without a 1 straight (vultures) that want to shoot at range three (energy shell charges) and your opponent brings b wings or y wings: set up one straight back from the front edge of your deployment.  This makes it a rule of 12 instead of 11, so you can take the 2 straight, then second move if they had 3 straight you can 2 again, or +1 for each speed slower than 3 they took.  Instant range three, every time, even if you are moving first.
    If you are flying box formations, you have to offset the front and back rows about edge to nubs to avoid bumping corners on banks.  Practice that formation before tournament day.
    Committing last is one of the best ways to get an edge.  Set up to give your self options, set up at high initiative values, or cheat and set up last with boba fett crew.
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    mcintma reacted to Naerytar in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    Hate is an auto-include in my opinion. I wouldn't take Proton Torps, K2-B4, Scimitar or Shield Upgrade. Don't think they are worth the points.
    I've had success with Dooku. The best thing about him is that he's good no matter what your opponent is shooting at. If he's trying to take down Maul, use Dooku for Mauls green dice. If he's going after the Vultures, use Dooku offensively or prevent that third damage on a drone.
    Grievous is great, but only if your opponent is shooting at Maul. So some games he does absolutely nothing. Same with Palp.
    Another upgrade to consider is Electronic Baffle. If Maul isn't getting shot, he can use it to get some force back. It also opens up his movement options.
    If you like to gamble, you can upgrade your drones to I3. It's devastating in some matchups (Y-Wings, Rebel Beef, I1 Vulture Swarms), but 10 wasted points in others (Quad Phantoms, Resistance I5s).
    All in all the options I like are
    1.) Hate + Dooku + Electronic Baffle
    2.) Hate + Electronic Baffle + I3 drones
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    mcintma reacted to __underscore__ in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    With Maul I just don't find the benefit from the title. Dooku has shenanigans that can help make the most of it by using it out of the normal timings, but Maul has a danger of spending a lot of resources to throw a lot of unmodified attacks, imo.
    So from that list I'd narrow it down to:
    1.) Hate + Proton Torpedoes
    2.) Hate + Dooku
    4.) Grievous + Kraken
    5.) Chancellor Palpatine
    I need to try Palp to see how he fares, but again you're spending force that Maul can't spare again. Dooku is cheaper and is direct dice mods so I want to give him a go. Plus you can fit Hate for more force regen whereas you can't quite with Palp.
    Kraken is great imo, and means that Maul can also store his own spare calculate if he has a recharge round. But to get the most of him you can't fly Maul too far away from the droids.
    K2-B4 I just don't find that useful unless I luck out and get a lot of natural evades.
    Protons are expensive for a faction that feels a tad overcosted in general. But, you know, do kill stuff which is useful.
    So for 15 points I'm planning on trying Hate, Grevious, Dooku.
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    mcintma reacted to Hiemfire in Need help - any tips for remembering s-foils, etc., in tournaments?   
    ^ This or if you don't mind buying them Curled Paw has some nice ones : https://www.etsy.com/listing/674217409/acrylic-s-foil-tokens?ref=shop_home_active_2&crt=1
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    mcintma reacted to LagJanson in Need help - any tips for remembering s-foils, etc., in tournaments?   
    Tokens. I have s-foil tokens since I look at the map, not my cards
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    mcintma reacted to TheCeilican in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    I'm not sure it's a cost thing as much as a mechanics problem. 

    I think the faction is super variance-dependent in that you've got relatively flimsy ships and for the most part rubbish dice mods.  Roll above average dice and calculate is all the dice mods you'll ever need, you can carry tokens forward with Kraken or spend them on cool effects, and you're a fearsome threat.  But roll bad/average dice and your ships explode before they can do anything, all your fancy networking shenanigans are a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, all your effects turn off and you're just space debris waiting to happen.

    If you took a metric of what has historically resulted in strong squads in X-Wing (being a powerful jousting threat, being a high-I arc dodger, having incredibly strong defences) and the CIS faction almost entirely whiffs on it all.
    They're fun but I think your ability to win/lose with the faction is hella dependent on your dice.
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    mcintma reacted to Refugeanoth in Objurator-class Assault Cruiser. My next 3d-printed epic project ship for HOTAC!   
    What started as more of a challenge for my buddies printers capabilities ended up actually getting made! The Objurator is 4 feet from bow to stern and 2 feet wide and will feature the most firepower and hit points of any ship I've yet to field! Due to the ships massive size, it's likely that her movement will be minimal on my 6x3 play area, but I'm actually working on a design for a 12x5 table specifically to accommodate this and my other larger vessels. I'll be posting updates here as the ship get's built out and painted and as I make the cards for it! 
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    mcintma got a reaction from Kanawolf in Grappling Struts - I had good fun   
    I think 2 points would have been more appropriate (possibly 1, although that's less obvious), -1 point makes a big diff in list-building with these swarmers.
    I've had 2 types of games with  vultures so far: they either pop like fizz candy where I'm losing one+ every round (lose), or they're  surprising me with their resilience (win) ... just madly subject to dice variance and crit draws. I can play better for sure, but I suspect that feeling won't go away.
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    mcintma reacted to Darth Meanie in FFG Panel at Adepticon   
    This would be a great ship to allow all 7 factions access to.
    Unless they are really going to start kicking out Huge ships like crazy, multi-faction ships should be a thing.
    I would be torn about this.
    Pro:  Epic would get much better representation and support.  Finally, the death of "who plays Epic?" snark.
    Con:  I liked that Epic had no meta.
    I also hope that things like the Shuttle Tydirium get to been created as the Narrative part of Epic.  It looks like Armada is already onto its second campaign!!  I cant wait for this to be an element of XWM.
    Did anyone corner the FFG panel about the poor quality of the App at Adepticon??
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    mcintma got a reaction from Odanan in FFG Panel at Adepticon   
    Epic will be the new home of campaigns/scenarios. Let us hope they lean heavily into this!
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    mcintma reacted to Magnus Grendel in B-22 heavy swarm   
    Just noticed that you can field a 5-strong mob of Bellyrub-22s with the cheapest generic (the Feethan Ottraw Autopilot). The Bellboy-22 isn't the most powerful ship in the game but it's a respectable 3/2/3/2, only 1 hit more fragile than the Khiraxz, but with a pair of -blunting shield tokens instead of one, and with the rather natty  ►  and   ►  options, giving it respectable action-manouvrability allied to a pretty decent dial.
    More importantly, since the Blabbermouth-22 is only 37 points, by the time you field 5 you've saved up 15 points....which means that whilst (unlike the more expensive Bubblebath-22 pilots) the Feethan Ottraw Autopilot 'only' gets  , not the more effective  , you might be able to turn that weakness into an advantage because the Bulbsaur-22 has the Tactical Relay slot, allowing one ship to either equip a Hull Upgrade and Kraken, or Soulless One and K2-B4, giving the squad either a general action economy boost or toughness boost. You've even got enough points to take any of the better Bluebottle-22 pilots - Even Grievous himself fits in with 5 points to spare.
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