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    mcintma reacted to Zeoinx in CLONE WARS CONFIRMED   
    Honestly? If I was a betting man, it would give a gameplay feature that is limited to a Named Pilot, which would allow it to hypersapce INTO the match at any time.  in a specific location or "zone"
    Simlar to how one of the Officers works in Armada.
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    mcintma got a reaction from FlyingToaster in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
    "Flanking: If ship A crosses the midway line of ship B, then ship A is
    flanking ship B."
    Don't recall seeing this before, new design space?
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    mcintma got a reaction from player2422845 in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
    "Flanking: If ship A crosses the midway line of ship B, then ship A is
    flanking ship B."
    Don't recall seeing this before, new design space?
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    mcintma reacted to GILLIES291 in CLONE WARS CONFIRMED   
    Totally agree the Vulture Droid should be cheaper then the TIE at 20 points but I think Calculate alone instead of focus and skill 0 instead of 1 would be enough to drop their cost down 4 points and allow a 10 Ship Swarm. They could have a basic ability either given by a commander/title card or built onto the card as "Linked Systems" where if they attack an enemy attacked by another ship with the same name, they gain 1 attack die or the opponent loses one defense die. Or else they could give up their attack to grant another ship with the same name two extra dice.
    And we absolutely need a Buzz Droid condition card!
    Also Corey and Max called us Separatists because obviously they are Republic traitorous scum and don't acknowledge our Confederacy hahaha.
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    mcintma got a reaction from GILLIES291 in CLONE WARS CONFIRMED   
    I agree Jedi + miniswarm should be a thing for Rep. And definitely  full-swarm for CIS (interestingly, both Corey K and Max Brooks called it 'Seperatist' rather than CIS)
    I see vulture droids as the baseline for CIS, and they should be fieldable in 10, to create a unique paradigm. One less hull than Tie and Calculate instead of Focus, so 20 pts? They should be simple to run to avoid player overload - simple dial and no pilot abilities phps?
    Also want to see vulture droids have some poseability, bc it was so cool to see that thing walking around at the start of TPM
    Also, give us a missile that explodes and releases buzz droids.
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    mcintma reacted to Cuz05 in CLONE WARS CONFIRMED   
    Harpoo- BUZZSAWED!
    Although initially I was all yeaaah buzz droids! Cooool.
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    mcintma reacted to KalEl814 in Has FFG lost their license for Imperial Assault?   
    I recommend that FFG call it Star Wars Imperial Assault Definitely Not a Board Game Grid Based Pew Pew Simulator: Morrowind
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    mcintma reacted to PhantomFO in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
    It looks like Calculate tokens do not count as Focus tokens for the purpose of special weapon attacks. An important thing to note when list-building L3-37 or Leebo. 
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    mcintma reacted to Ravenhull in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
    One thing I hadn’t thought of before, but reading the ‘Actions’ subheader, Vader’s ability is a hair stronger.  Most of us were thinking he could only use it twice, since he has only 3 actions on his action bar, but he can also burn through multiple crit cards that can be ‘repaired’ with an Action, even if they have the same title. So, Vader is a bit more resistant to crits.
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    mcintma got a reaction from Ailowynn in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
    "Flanking: If ship A crosses the midway line of ship B, then ship A is
    flanking ship B."
    Don't recall seeing this before, new design space?
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    mcintma reacted to nikk whyte in Rules reference for 2.0 just hit   
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    mcintma reacted to evcameron in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0   
    u/raithosu over on Reddit has done the hard work of porting YASB over to Xwing 2.0. The builder is probably 90% done, there are still some glitches and some info that doesn't show, but it's very useable right now.
    https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
    Here is his commentary from Reddit, if you do find any issues I'd recommend posting in the reddit thread.
    Hi everyone, with /u/geordanr deciding not to do a 2.0 version of YASB, I decided to take it on myself, as it's the best list builder. I decided to make a new one instead of submitting updates for the old one since people are still using 1.0. The conversion isn't perfect, but its servicable enough now that you can actually use it to build lists without too much trouble. It's a work in progress so if you catch any bugs outside of the known issues please post it here! I had a bunch of PTL'ers help identify bugs but theres only so many eyeballs. It's just me working on stuff right now mainly. Shoutouts to the PTL who have helped convert all the ships and upgrades to 2.0
    Known Issues:
    Some icons dont show up, like target locks, force icons, and some single turret arcs
    Combo actions dont show the second part as red
    Charge stats are not in the files yet
    Cost requirements on variable upgrades are set at the lowest value but calculate correctly
    Secondary Weapons don't have the special arc visually showing yet in the attack stat
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    mcintma reacted to FlyingAnchors in Moment Of Silence: The Price of Freedom   
    flyinganchors.exe has stopped responding. press  Enter key to reboot?  [Yes] [No]
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    mcintma reacted to Maui. in 2.0 Points Values & Slots   
    FFG heard my cries of pain! Scurrgs no longer have missile slots, and K-wings lose turret upgrades. A lot of the overloaded generalist chassis lost an upgrade type or two, which I think is really good. The least fun I had in X-wing was looking across the board at a ship with 10 different kinds of upgrade cards and trying to remember what they all did.
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    mcintma got a reaction from Emrico in X-Wing+WEG RPG   
    This brings back fond memories of Star Warriors, the WEG SW ship game (played on a hex-map). It was a super fun game, and integrated directly with the RPG. 
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    mcintma reacted to FTS Gecko in SW The Clone Wars is coming back   
    Makes sense, the best and most original work Disney has put out since acquiring the Star Wars license has been set before the Original Trilogy.
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    mcintma reacted to JJFDVORAK in SW The Clone Wars is coming back   
    I think that this is just what Disney needed to do to reinvigorate the Star Wars brand. After the way The Last Jedi split the fan base(not going into that argument here) and Disney's apparent attitude of not caring about the complaints of their core demographic(again not the place to discuss), the move to bring back a beloved show might just fit the bill. The Clone Wars fans have been campaigning for it's return for literally years, and many will see this bit of fan service as a bit of an olive branch.  It really feels like FFGs move to bring the Gunboat to XWMG after the community asked for it for years.  I am really happy it's coming back. Maybe it can fill in some gaps for Ashoka's story between the end of TCW and Rebels.
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    mcintma reacted to ravehnhuhrxt in SW The Clone Wars is coming back   
    Just announced at SDCC
    So, this could very well be the catalyst to more X-Wing ships in the CW era.
    LAART/i's anyone?
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    mcintma reacted to Magnus Grendel in The ARC-170 in 2.0   
    Plus, Gunner/Astromech is already on the Y-wing; the ARC-170 is the only thing I can think of likely to have Gunner/Crew/Astromech - K-wings and bigger ships lack the astromech, Y-wings lack the crew. Having a unique combination of upgrades is a good way to 'future-proof' the ship because it means there's always going to be an option no-one else can field.
    Garven You want to generate lots of focus and pass it around. This does mean you want to shoot first. Perceptive Copilot or Baze Malbus both let you generate extra focus tokens from a focus action Jyn Erso lets you hand out evade tokens instead of focus (and now multiple people can get evades every turn!) Norra Getting to range 1 means expert handling is a pretty good call. In turn, if you're at range 1, advanced torpedoes are not a bad call, since you don't need to worry (so much) about exposing yourself to range 1 fire. Shara Exactly as per old Norra Wexley, you need a lock and a focus. Multiple Locks means the R3 is an easy sell. Multiple focus-modifiers....there are actually plenty of options. 3PO gets you two calculate tokens, which is nice even if you don't use his ability. Any crew which gives you a force token is the same (kanan is the only one you can really use). R2-D2, however, is much less valuable. 1.0 Norra tended to fly serenely through the fight, taking a kicking and auto-evading/regenerating the damage as it came in. R2 now requires you to give up a turn shooting and runs out of charge. Not such a great idea for the relatively slow ARC. Gonk or R4 works, but both eat actions. Since you need lots of actions to support a two-tokens-per-attack/defence ability, they're probably not ideal either. (Crew) R2-D2 might work. That gives you regen, whilst an R3 in the slot gives you the locks you need to protect yourself. You'll still need a separate source of focus, but Garven can do that. If you're making her really tough and shield-regen-ey, Selflessness is not a bad call. Ibtisam Clearing stress......Braylen's ability was good because it paired with Gunner/Baze and R3-A2 to allow you to fling stress like a monkey with a bucket of faeces and still get tokens (for not dying) occasionally. There aren't so many self-stressing abilities out there now, though, so the ability to dump stress is less important. Hera Syndulla might be nice; since you can pull white or red moves continuously and Ibtisam's ability should stop you ever having to take damage. Without Alliance Overhaul giving you free criticals, you do really want to keep the big forward guns on target, after all.  
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    mcintma reacted to Kieransi in The ARC-170 in 2.0   
    I love the ARC.
    Sorry, can't find images to imbed, so I'll just post the words here.
    Attack 3^ 2v    Agility 1     Hull 6   Shield 3
    Actions: Focus, lock, red barrel roll
    Garven Dreis (i4): after you spend a focus token, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1-3. That ship gains 1 focus token.
    Norra Wexley (i5): While you defend, if there is an enemy ship at range 0-1, you may add 1 evade result to your dice results. 
    Ibtisam (i3): After you fully execute a maneuver, if you are stressed, you may roll 1 attack die. On a hit or critical result, remove 1 stress token.
    Shara Bey (i4): While you defend or perform a primary attack, you may spend 1 lock you have on the enemy ship to add 1 focus result to your dice results. 
    So thoughts? The first obvious thing is that Shara got Norra's old ability and Norra got a new crazy good ability, so both are going to be fun, but they don't neccesarily have to be flown together. 
    What upgrades are you looking forward to on these? What kind of squads will you fit them in?
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    mcintma got a reaction from acesandeights in What would you want in an X-wing campaign?   
    Epic ship support!
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    mcintma reacted to Boom Owl in Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Vader   
    Its time to begin the journey again! 
    Lets start with Vader.
    Basically zero content here but I am so hyped for real X-Wing that I can't avoid rambling about it constantly and reading all the cards. 
    Spoilers: Supernatural, FCS, Afterburners = 93 pts go. 
    Pilot Card 

    Advanced Targeting Computer Instead of adding a crit, you change a hit result to a crit.  Still very powerful, effectively granting Vader a 3/3/3/2 stat line Pilot Ability The tension of spending force charges on actions at the right moment and saving them is real  Linked Action Focus to Red Barrel Roll is actually pretty great for Vader Opens things up so you can approach, Target lock, then burn a force charge to focus and barrel roll out of arc  Still leaves 2 force charges left over save the focus token for defending against 1 attack and then still have 2 more force charges to deal with additional attacks.  I believe Linked Actions can trigger off other cards that provide the first action, and the link is a may so you don't have to BR.  Initiative 6 Veteran Instincts is gone which is in my opinion a massive buff to anything at Initiative 6 even though a bunch of generics are probably better Still going to be able to out bid your opponent to move last ( assuming no unknown rule changes  )  Now more than ever not taking shots is Vader's best defense. Moving last is still good and often worth a bid and not something I ever feel bad about.  Force Powers

    Best Force Power on paper  Gives Vader the option to basically run a variation on Advanced Sensors and keep Fire Control System equipped Obviously pre-movement actions are good ( see: Nym, Rebel Fenn, Kylo, Corran, IGs, etc. )  Even better in a world where everything uses Arcs of some kind! Have you played Kylo or Corran against other arcs recently? Paired with Afterburners this gives Vader some amount of access to Boost I can't imagine wanting to take that damage all that often Still as a Nope Nope Nope button in a spot thats the difference between defending against 3 shots vs no shots it will get used definitely  Also could be entirely worth it in the end game if it sets up a kill shot etc.  Overall I expect this to be crazy expensive but worth it at anything but the most absurd possible costs. 
    Closest thing to Deadeye 2.0 thats available.  If I can't fit Supernatural I think I will be having to choose between this and Sense or nothing for the bid ( probably nothing for the bid! ).  If I had to choose I would lean more towards sense because it benefits all the ships in your list. There are a couple Talents I would prefer to take in place of Instinctive Aim or Sense but at this point we don't know for sure if Vader can choose between taking a Talent or Force Powers. 
    Force based Intel Agent, but range 1-3  Not much to say about this other than that I would generally prefer that stuff like this didnt exist. I appreciate the options that it opens up though and how it gives lower init ships some tools against high init If you run Vader with a mini swarm of tie strikers sense has maybe a little more value given their premovemet boost and access to allow those 1 speed moves  Could also lead to some shenanigans with Moff Jerjerrod allowing a system phase boost and a reveal bombing striker depending on the order those things happen?
    Not Good. See also, bad. Missiles

    Pretty sure this is my preferred missile for Vader out the gate. I want to use this almost entirely based on fun factor alone.  Vader is uniquely capable of making it work at Init 6, with Supernatural, and a couple ways to get full mods.  Bullseye is difficult against a small base but not so bad with practice and makes your opponent play around you at times.  Range 1-2 goes a very long way, and bullseye gets a little easier the closer you get to your opponents ships. 
    I think this would be my second choice after proton rockets.  4 dice, range 2-3, 2 charges, get to keep the lock.  I imagine there a lot of situations where the opponent would just take the damage.  The cool thematic thing is to not use this as an initial alpha strike. Maybe the correct thing to do is to save the missile for when the ships shields are down and its on its last couple hull. Make that choice a choice basically.   

    So force users and cluster missiles are a reasonable match I guess The thought of spending 2 force charges though and having to run away for a couple turns doesn't seem worth it.  Iden Versio will just result in one shot being ignored anyway  Points seem better used somewhere else 
    I think this and the next one are close to rather just have a bid and initiative 6 territory.  2.0 Crits are cool but this just doesnt seem worth the points 
    Might be a nice way to force Han to have to leave the safety of the Asteroid field.  Its neat but something I will most likely ignore for the most part.  Modifications

    Only picture I could find but Afterburners would be my first choice mod if its possible to use with Vader Have you ever wanted to do a talon/k turn and still be able to boost? I can see myself using this occasionally with Vader's 3 bank and a barrel roll after an initial engagement at Range 3 Also of course as a way to just get out of range fora  turn or two and come back with full force The theme on this one is cool.
    If both of these are cheap enough I might consider them but not to sound like a broken record I think the bid is worth more.   Maybe stealth device? I just can't imagine wanting to use anything besides Afterburners with this upgrade slot but maybe ill change my mind the first time Vader is destroyed in 1 round Its possible that two modifications will be allowed based on threat cards. I think in that case I would consider running one of these plus afterburners.  System Upgrades

    FCS seems extremely good in 2.0  There is no bullseye restriction like Predator Vader doesnt want to spend his target lock anyway I see it as just another way to save tokens and force charges for defense basically
    How does this work with Supernatural? I assume this lets you Barrel Roll before activating and then focus with sensors before revealing your dial?  Neat but since force charges already allow Vader to deal with stress or blocks in some way im not sure this will ever replace FCS  Turns off Vaders Pilot Ability so this is probably on the no fly list 
    I wont be using it but I did just want to pause on this one to mention that the additional wording on this is nice.  Questions:
    Any other Upgrades to consider for Vader?  Without points or upgrade slots...what do you think the ideal Vader will look like?  How could he ever be better than a couple named Tie Fighters leading a swarm?  Would you consider Vader a High Skill ship in 2nd Edition or Easy Mode?  In the Luke vs Vader one on one matchup does Vader just always win?  Are there any Support Crew that seem like obvious options to pair with Vader?  Does X-Wing 2.0 also come with a 2nd Edition of the Forums? 
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    mcintma got a reaction from Infinite_Maelstrom in What would you want in an X-wing campaign?   
    Epic ship support!
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    mcintma reacted to LordFajubi in What would you want in an X-wing campaign?   
    Coop play is huge and a major reason HOTAC took off. Even if the AI sucks playing with your mates is preferable to many people instead of trying to kill your buddy. Anything else is debatable but AI and coop play is a must. 
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    mcintma reacted to GreenDragoon in The 2.0 rule book.   
    Agreed completely on the reload, I think that's a good one.
    For BR: the text is
    Place the short edge of the template flush against the left or right side of the ship’s base. The template must be placed with the middle line of the template aligned with the hashmark on the side of the base.
    That means for a large ship that it will roll further to the side but less forward/backwards

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