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    mcintma reacted to Sunitsa in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Aren't we supposed to still be panicking about Han Jake?
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    mcintma reacted to Boom Owl in What Do Players Think Is Difficult Thats Actually Easy?   
    See title.
    Also answer the reverse.
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    mcintma reacted to Racejoe in What Do Players Think Is Difficult Thats Actually Easy?   
    Emptying your wallet at your FLGS when a new wave drops
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    mcintma reacted to Micanthropyre in What Do Players Think Is Difficult Thats Actually Easy?   
    If watching early rounds on streams is any indication....
    Literally nothing is easy in X-Wing.
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    mcintma reacted to Maui. in N-1 Naboo Starfighter Preview!   
    I will have you know that I am a dedicated Ep1 hater and I cannot ******* wait to fly these ****** things
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    mcintma reacted to MegaSilver in N-1 Naboo Starfighter Preview!   

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    mcintma reacted to Hiemfire in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    Also considering it looks like the generics will have 1 less device and missile slot than the TIE/Sa.
    In summary, Lowest I is -1 under the TIE, Calc instead of Focus, looks to have 2 less upgrade slots (though 1 may have been replaced with a sensor slot). The dials seem to be similar power wise to me with the Hyena favoring tighter in advanced maneuvers and getting a red 5 straight as well as blue hard 2s. Might get prorated for the ship ability against it being massed with too many upgrades though. 25 at the minimum and 27 at the cringey max is the range I'm thinking.
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    mcintma reacted to Kieransi in Wave 4 points guess challenge   
    Hey everyone! I'm doing another points guess challenge - whoever gets the most correctly gets a cool prize! 
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    mcintma reacted to ficklegreendice in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    honestly, expect them to rerelease ALL the conversion kit ships before we get to new ships
    I mean, just think about the size of the Resistance/FO/Republic/CIS factions relative to the original 3...they got a while to go
    also, there are plenty of faction-neutral goodies in here!
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    mcintma reacted to theBitterFig in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    >.< The week after my next local tournament.
    Launching a Proximity Mine, then flying over it with a Bombardment Droid looks it would be a lot of fun.
    For certain definitions of fun.
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    mcintma reacted to GuacCousteau in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    As most others seem to be saying, I love the idea of really leaning into the slots not being static for a given ship. While this is obviously something they could have done in 1e with the printed slots on cards, I imagine they were very reluctant for fear of balancing issues. The combination of 'floating' slots that can be fixed easily via the app, as well as the new 2e allowance for multi-dot limited pilots, probably makes it way easier to implement. 
    This is also seems like a great solution for a faction that was always going to be weird by not having many ships with space for organic crew inside - it lets them define identity for their bigger ships through ordnance and upgrade combinations. 
    It seems like the article is implying the true generics will have a single device, torpedo and missile slot each, while the Bombardment Drone is two device only, and the Baktoid Prototype is two missile only. It's a mild shame there's no torpedo focused version, but I suppose that's the torpedo's niche in 2e - more powerful, but also more selective. 
    Will all versions have a the sensor slot, though? We know the Bombardment Drone will, but will the generics? 
    Changing actions based on pilot seems like even more of a shakeup, but I suppose there's already precedence with droid pilots getting calculate instead of focus. Honestly, I don't see how it makes sense on any ship with organic pilots - the instance here is clearly a case of this specific droid being built with a specific function (a command and control unit). Other ships aren't ever as unique in quite the same way, outside of specific named versions which is already covered by the title slot. 
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    mcintma reacted to GreenDragoon in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    With the usual disclaimer that I look at ship combinations here and not the actual list. Based on the mentioned dataset.
    There were 295 different combinations being played. 67 of them (23%) made up 71% of all lists that were played (995/1402). Out of those 67, 58 made cut. So 9 lists are popular but don't make cut:
    Infiltrator + 5 Vultures (14 times!) 3 T65s (9 times) XYAU (?!, 8 times) ScumFalcon + 2Fangs (8 times) Falcon+Xwing (8 times) 3 T70s (8 times) Belbullab + 5 vultures (7 times) 5 TIE bombers (6 times) Falcon+Xwing+Uwing (6 times) The remaining 929 lists forming 58 combinations made up 232/300 lists in the cut (77%). Filtering for lists that made cut at least twice goes down to 51 lists. Splitting them up means that the forum is not the ideal place anymore, but whatever: Here is the relevant Wave 3 Meta per faction. All percentages are conversion rates! If you have a plan for those, you are golden. Alternatively you can look at the subset in bold, as they are with 25% a bit above the 21% conversion rate, and prepare for those 25 lists that perform well
    Galactic Empire (56/178, 31%)
    6 TIE Fighters (20/60, 33%) Vader + Miniswarm (5/21, 24%), where the miniswarm is 4 TIEs (3/15, 20%) 3 TIEs + a striker (2/6, 33%) TIE Salad (3/12, 25%) Vader, Soontir, X (28/85, 32%), where X is a reaper (3/24, 12%) a striker (7/21, 33%) 2 bombers (6/13, 46%) another advanced (5/11, 45%) 3 TIEs (2/9, 22%) 1 bomber (5/7, 71%) (!!!) Vader and Soontir are educated guesses, I didn't actually check that it's them.
    First Order (19/72, 26%)
    TripAces with SF, VN, FO at 4/15 (27%) Silencer + 2 Upsilons (7/20, 35%) Silencer, SF, Upsilon (3/21, 14%) 3TIE + Upsilon (5/16, 31%) where the 3 TIEs are 2 FO + 1SF (2/7, 29%) 1FO + 2 SF (3/9, 33%) Separatists (9/62, 15%)
    2 Infiltrators (2/12, 17%) 2 Infiltrators + Belbullab (2/11, 18%) Command+Swarm (5/39, 13%), where the command ship + swarm are Belbullab + 6 (2/22, 9%) Infiltrator + 4 (3/17, 18%) Scum&Villainy (10/38, 26%)
    4 Fangs (2/11, 18%) 2 Fangs + Starviper (4/9, 44%) Firespray + Fang + Escapecraft (2/12, 17%) Firespray + Starviper (2/6, 33%) Rebel Alliance (78/270)
    4 Ship Rebel Beef (55/163, 34%) with the combination XXXU (5/9, 56%) XXYU (13/33, 39%) XYYU (5/24, 21%) XXBU (5/17, 29%) YYYU (7/12, 58%) YBBU (3/12, 25%) XABU (3/11, 27%) Falcon + 2 at 12/44 (27%) with the 2: XY (6/18, 33%) XX (3/14, 21%) XA (3/12, 25%) Trench Run (3 Rebels) at 5/36 (14%) XXY (3/19, 16%) XXU (2/17, 12%) XXXX (4/13, 31%) YYYYY (2/14, 14%) Resistance (25/118, 21%)
    5 A (6/30, 20%) (sadface) FourShip Resistance is at 12/63 (19%) with 3 combinations of X and A: XXAA (8/48, 17%) XAAA (2/9, 22%) XXXA (2/6, 33%) (I'm happy about this one as I've long argued that it's a good combination) XA Starfortress (2/12, 17%) XXA Reistance Aces (5/13, 38%) Galactic Republic (26/106, 26%)
    2 Jedi + X (15/61, 25%) 1 ARC (7/32, 22%) 2 Torrents (8/29, 28%) 1 Delta + 2 ARCs (2/13, 15%) Obi + 3 ARCs (7/18, 39%) Delta + 2 ARCs + Torrent (2/8, 25%) 2 ARCs + 4 Torrents (2/6, 33%)
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    mcintma reacted to Dobbs Mottley in Does Anyone Want Dash and Dengar To Be Good?   
    What's the point of changing edition and reworking all the ships if we're going to carry over old grudges? Yes, I think all ships should be decent as a simple matter of principle.
    There's no question that the JM5K was overpowered/undercosted in 1st ed, but one of my great disappointments with 2.0 is that they didn't seem to make much of an effort to turn it into a viable-but-balanced ship. 
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    mcintma reacted to ClassicalMoser in Does Anyone Want Dash and Dengar To Be Good?   
    I really don’t get all the hate here. 1st edition was a totally different game. Dengar is less than 20% of his former self, and Dash now offers a LOT more counterplay than before. He will never get more than 1 action, his only reposition stresses him, his only rotate means he has no mods, he’s only throwing 1 attack or else paying dearly to split up his modless fire, he gets absolutely nothing for being blocked, he offers R3 bonus now, etc.
    In exchange, he got 3 dice at R1, loses stress Over rocks, and gets a half-way blackout ability.
    Technically nothing here can be defined as NPE because there’s nothing in it that removes agency from the opponent.
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    mcintma reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Does Anyone Want Dash and Dengar To Be Good?   
    If by good you mean viable competitively, then yes. But I want ALL pilot options to be viable.
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    mcintma reacted to SavouryRain in Does Anyone Want Dash and Dengar To Be Good?   
    I don't have a problem with more ships being viable.
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    mcintma reacted to MidWestScrub in [Blog] The Points Change: A Closer Look Part III - The Scum Faction.   
    Part 3 of the series by Matt Cary.
    Check it out here, and tell us what you think 
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    mcintma reacted to Biophysical in X-wing blog: Starfighter Mafia, Article 11: Starfighter Mafia goes to a Hyperspace Trial   
    Hey everybody.  I decided to start a blog.  Here are links to the introduction and the content articles.  I have no idea if this will continue or how frequently I'll manage to update, but here it is.  Thanks for reading.
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    mcintma reacted to heychadwick in New Star Wars audio drama!   
    Hi All,
    For those of you that don't know, us at the Shuttle Tydirium occasionally make audio dramas in the style of old school radio programs.  We did our first one for our GenCon narrative campaign a couple of years ago.  You can check that out on YouTube. 
    We have a new event this summer at GenCon called, "The Battle for Ord Gorim".  The first background piece just came out!
    Battle for Ord Gorim - Part 1 - Butcher's Bill
    Battle for Ord Gorim - Part 2 - "Scramble"
    To be honest, I don't know the back story or plot and just recorded my pieces.  I was pretty happy with the first episode and think it is better quality than our first run!
    For those that want to hear our old stuff, check out Assault on Greyskull Base - Part 1
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    mcintma reacted to Estarriol in What are the archetypes now?   
    You know what? The meta is so open that you could come up against anything. Fly what you love and so long as you have crafted a sane list it’ll have as good a chance as everything else.
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    mcintma reacted to BenderIsGreat in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    I hope the first 5 minutes are Luke waking up from the terrible disjointed dream that was the last 2 movies, and we get a properly written series continuation. 
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    mcintma reacted to SpiderMana in Ship of the day: VCX-100   
    Hatin' Kanan is an incredibly fun idea, but generally dies before you can remotely take advantage of his 120 points (if you're using Ezra gunner. I never felt it was worth it to pay another 10 points to use the shuttle, but maybe that's what kept me from succeeding with him.) I will continue to attempt to make him work as new upgrades/points changes occur, though.
    Outside of that, in 2.0 I've only flown Hera. Great pilot ability, lots of fun, and I particularly enjoy flying Zebtimidation on her. Four points to not care if you bump (or bump on purpose), and take one of their defense dice away on your 5-die attack roll. At that point, dice mods are just a bonus. I also enjoyed flying AP-5 docked and Composure on Hera, so that she can get a free focus each turn. Expensive, but fun to toy around with. I think I used Luke as a wingman, and had an alternative build with Corran, though I don't recall if I ever flew that one.

    Best moment in a game with her: it was just her and an i1 Defender left on the table. Wasn't putting a ton of damage through, and was largely just trying to avoid getting shot. I dialed in a K-turn for what we both assumed was the last turn, just hoping to get some good dice in and maybe initiative kill him. The problem: I only had one hull. And then. He did a 2k, certain that I'd be flying past him. I used Hera's ability to switch to a 1-turn, which bumped him and gave me a Zeb shot for the win.  
    You ninja'd me  I just got home from work 😜
  25. Haha
    mcintma reacted to Hiemfire in Ship of the day: VCX-100   
    A thread about the VCX and @SpiderMana hasn't jumped in yet. Even has a Hatin' Kanan variant. Wow.  
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