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    mcintma reacted to Pa Weasley in つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ   
    I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen any mention of this yet. Looks like the waves 1-3 points will be updated with tomorrow's live stream.
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    mcintma reacted to punkUser in I tested my dice...   
    Check out the results:
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    mcintma reacted to Sandrem in [BLOG] Sigh... Let's talk about the Jumpmaster   
    As a big fan of FE JumpMaster, I like these ideas.
    I added these configurations as mod for Fly Casual: https://imgur.com/a/s7MjdPH
    (This update will be released in the end of this week)
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    mcintma reacted to Ablazoned in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    L'ulo- 40 (+2)
    Talli- 36 (+1)
    Resistance Sympathizer- 64 (-4)
    Han Solo- 72 (-4)
    Chewbacca- 70 (-2)
    Rey- 78 (-2)
    Black Squadron Ace, Tubbs, Kare Kun, Ello all -1
    Amilyn Holdo- 6 (Swarm Tactics becomes initiative-scaling)
    GA-97 (It's the resistance!)- 3
    Kaydel Connix- 5 ( can someone explain how she's at all better than navigator?)
    Korr Sella- 2
    Larma D'Acy- 2
    PZ-4C0- 4 (only that much because if c3p0)
    Leia Organa- 15
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    mcintma reacted to Rangor in 2 Jedi and 2 Torrent Strategy / Streams   
    Flown this list to some success, but with R4-P17 on Mace instead of R2. (Top 8 System Open Hannover, 8:1 total)
    As has been stated before, jousting is a No No. 
    No ship can fly faster then the 5 forward, boost bank + barrel roll Jedi. Abuse that. 
    Also, dont waste the torrents, fly them safe and slow rolling towards your opponent. Abuse obstacles to get more green dice.
    Losing one in the fist engagement is fine, as long as the other becomes a blocking thread and the two jedi pick a high priority target apart at the same time.
    Dont let anyone catch your Jedi in multiple arcs unless they are behind a cloud.
    Take target lock with Jedi whenever possible. They need to punch hard. You cant outdance your opponent forever.
    Get rid of any ini 6 ship with concentrated fire early, as they can hinder you Ani.
    May the force be with you!
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    mcintma reacted to Sandrem in Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator   
    Fixed in dev-build.
    New big update will be released ~ on Friday.
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    mcintma reacted to svelok in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    This is without a doubt the worst game of X-Wing 2.0 I've ever seen - thanks, California.
    4x Starvipers LARP as Phantoms and curve roll into one turns for 75 minutes. Across the table, 4x Torrents k-turn up and down their board edge for 75 minutes.  Sinker and Luminara fortress into each other for most of 75 minutes, until, with 6 minutes left on the clock, Sinker finally breaks the fortress only to dial in the wrong 3-bank and fly off the mat. Finally, as the round goes to time, the 4 Vipers and 4 Torrents joust each other for exactly one turn of dice rolls and do irrelevant damage. Meanwhile, the casters slip deeper and deeper into depression comas as they watch no ship leave its deployment zone for over an hour. This was the final of a hyperspace trial with a whopping 89 players.
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    mcintma reacted to Alpha Kenny Buddy in Will you run Rebel Beef If It Doesn't Include Leia?   
    Also Dash + Corran are currently at 204 for ideal build. Hoping for that drop for the big ship build
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    mcintma reacted to ClassicalMoser in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    My take?
    Korr Sella is definitely the sleeper hit. At least for Resistance. I mean, think about it:
    Primed thrusters lets you do stuff with multiple stress
    Rey's falcon lets you do stuff with multiple stress
    Admiral Holdo and several other crew let you do stuff with multiple stress, as do the pod and transport pilots.
    Really, to me it seems the Resistance is definitely the "under duress" faction. They can do crazy awesome things, but at a heavy, heavy stress/strain cost. With Korr, you can now get rid of that at one go. Thannisson? No problem. Sloane? No problem. Panicked Pilot?!?! No problem.
    It's crazy.
    Angled deflectors is really meh to me. A focus is usually better than reinforce for its versatility, especially at low I and/or against aces. Against swarms it can vary. I've been playing a lot of Wulffwarro lately and I pretty much never reinforce with him since my build lets him get focus/evade every turn. Many, many turns that means he takes 0 damage instead of 1-2, which is infinitely better.
    Remember that reinforce always lets at least one damage in from every single attack. This includes that devastating critical damage, and with less shields, that will hurt even more. Plus reinforce can be flanked and then it doesn't do you much good at all, especially since this is mainly for the less maneuverable ships in the first place. Defenders can't take it, Vader might like it with Hate but then he's giving up another use of Hate before he dies anyway. I see punishers, Scurrgs, and BTL-Bs as its main users, with possibly selfless B-Wings or Boba as secondary users.
    I definitely don't see anything game-breaking here. It all depends on points.
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    mcintma reacted to Micanthropyre in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Can't tell if thread is troll or not, but the concept that only generics require skill to play and are the sole wholesome part of the game is laughable at best.
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    mcintma reacted to theBitterFig in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Leia. ❤️

    In game terms, a much better Kanan, but requiring 2 crew slots.  Points will be interesting.
    Also, the synergy between Kaydel Connix and Leia Organa is so ❤️.
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    mcintma reacted to Makaze in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Disagree on Braylen. Without a dedicated coordinate bot following him around he loses his ability to double mod offense and multiple rerolls on defense
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    mcintma reacted to GreenDragoon in [Blog] X-Wing Analytica - Battle Report with Tucker in a Torrent!   
    We all know there are two hobbies in X-wing. One is playing, the other is talking about it. I have two more, and they are to look at the massive data troves, and to write battle reports. So far I've done that in individual threads, but I got annoyed by having to look them up myself.
    So I present to you X-Wing Analytica, a new blog where I take a look at 1) the meta and 2) where I will write and store my battle reports from now on.
    One out of interest for the data, and the other because I've found that battle reports help me rethink my games. I do that mainly for myself, to be frank. But the X-wing community shares so much, and maybe it is interesting or even useful for some of you. The third reason use is my own link collection. That, too, is something I like to have independent of platforms or devices. Finally, I will also write some other articles from time to time. One on fundamentals is already up. Others in the future will include random topics like my take on list tiers, the occasional take on BoomOwl's tactic central list, or other ramblings.
    I hope you'll enjoy it!
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    mcintma reacted to dsul413 in X-Wing Debrief 6: Centers of Gravity   
    Good evening! At risk of further saturating the blogosphere, my friend @NaKoaLani and I recently started an X-Wing blog focused on game analysis and player improvement. We're both United States Air Force aviators that enjoy playing X-Wing. We see a lot of parallels between how we focus our training and improve our skills at work and improving at this game. We're using the blog as a way to hopefully help other players analyze their games and improve and as a way to hold ourselves accountable to our own improvement.
    We are by no means X-Wing experts, so we're all in this learning thing together. We've got one article and an introduction up, with more in writing!
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    mcintma reacted to Wazat in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
    I predict this won't be a popular opinion; let the salt flow.
    Less rebel beef on the table. I fight a lot of it and I'm kinda... tired.  There's only so much I can enjoy of my opponent's strategy being "I take forever to kill, and in the meantime my swarm will bumble around and kill some or all of your ships".  It puts a harsh limit on what can be fielded against it, and also dampens the fun of a match.  Especially at a tournament: it just becomes tedium. Rebels have lots of neat things going on; they don't need this crutch, and it shouldn't be the defining feature of their faction IMO.  Buff something else to become viable instead. Flatten the top. In general the meta monsters (e.g. 4x phantoms, rebel beef, double-tap shtufffs) probably need at least a light touch of revisiting, especially those that will benefit from the new cards coming out such as Passive Sensors. Help First Order and Resistance. Buff and/or discount these factions that see relatively little play. Seems like many ships in Scum need revisiting too, like Lancer. I like seeing a wide variety of factions, ships and strategies on the table; it means there's a lot more counter-play opportunity, and the game doesn't get boring. ...And those of us who bought into FO and Resistance are kinda wondering when FFG will turn its eye from the prequels and notice these factions again. .....Also some ships I love need FFG's love.  
    Point of curiosity: Previous update inflicted a pretty aggressive nerf to some of my favorite ships -- HWKs and Quadrijets included.  Maybe some day FFG will deign to reverse that decision.  Or maybe they'll nerf 'em more just to be mean to us Jan Ors players. 
    Also: Leia is wildly undercosted and everyone knows it.  It's kind of a given that she'll be pricier, just not sure by how much.  I didn't list it in my top 3 because that's like wishing for air to breathe next Christmas: if you're not expecting that by default, we have a problem. 
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    mcintma reacted to SpiderMana in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
    1: Anything to make Hatin’ Kanan more viable.
    2: Anything to make 8 Vultures stronger.
    I don’t really care beyond that  Well, except that Leia’s honestly too cheap, and I don’t really care for the Phantom Meta that still reigns (but hey I’ve still not played against them hardly ever outside of the occasional Whisper around here.)
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    mcintma reacted to FriendofYoda in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
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    mcintma reacted to Burius1981 in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
    Well, this is good news to be sure.  Things have been feeling pretty stale in my area.
    1.  Leia goes up to 5 or 6 points
    2.  Phantoms go up a few points and Juke comes back down to 4 but still with a net increase to Phantoms
    3.  Further discounts for some large bases that aren't seeing play (YV-666, VCX, Deci all come to mind) or discounted selected crews/gunners all around to achieve a similar effect. (Bossk, Scum Solo, Cad Bane, Jerjerrod, Cienna Ree, Tarkin, etc.)
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    mcintma reacted to ScummyRebel in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
    Take away the ept on those generic phantoms
    split the difference on VTG and bump him back up a point or two
    Significantly discount contraband cybernetics, bump Leia up a few, or both.
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    mcintma reacted to Maui. in Point Changes - They're Coming!   
    1) Resistance: Falcon waaay down. Rey -4, Han -6, Chewie and Generic -8. L'ulo + 2.
    2) Sigmas lose their talent slot and drop 1-2 points or Sigmas and Imdaars +2 each.
    3) Fix the super weird Republic numbers. At the very least lower Barriss, Blues, and named Torrents, but also adjust the generic ARCs to make some kind of sense (init 2 guy +1 and elite guy -1?)
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    mcintma reacted to Xendrick in A Mention of Bizarre Republic Point Scaling   
    You have to keep in mind that while having a higher initiative may not give you a repositioning advantage, what it does do is take it away from your opponent - which is powerful.
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    mcintma reacted to millertime059 in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Yup! I definitely use probability to help me evaluate a game. Determine if my moves were wrong, my list was solid, etc.
    So when I have two ships die in two rounds, when each individually had a >95% chance to live, while my opponents Whisper not only lived, but didn’t even have to spend the evade or force token to do so, despite having a >50% chance to die outright? I know that the end result isn’t because my moves and choices were bad, I was just the victim of variance.
    Knowing the numbers really helps when evaluating post game. It’s rarely 100% dice, but being able to separate the decision from the outcome is important.
    And, yeah, I know the pain of Soontir dying from an unmodified 2 dice attack at range 3 through a rock when I have a focus.
    The salt is real.
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    mcintma reacted to J1mBob in Worlds article - dates, details & Epic mentioned!   
    Woohoo! Epic by this October!
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    mcintma reacted to svelok in When will we see the next points change?   
    I'd like to see Vet Turret Gunner (and other effects that are similar, like Rebel Han or Ezra) priced way more aggressively on turret primaries and expensive on front arc ships.
    VTG up to 7 (it was originally 😎 8 on front arc primary, down to 4 (currently 6) on turret primaries. Let Lando have it without paying Yion prices, basically. (Rebel Han gunner, for example, maybe down to something like 10/6 or whatever.)
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