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  1. What a strange title! Totally unexpected. Ep 9 being a conclusion of the Skywalker saga, 'Rise of S" seems strange. Assuming they have a good reason and don't Rian Johnson another one!
  2. This has been my experience, vultures are very variance dependent, and not just dice luck: crit draws are huge. And Kraken has been easily the best relay for me.
  3. I think 2 points would have been more appropriate (possibly 1, although that's less obvious), -1 point makes a big diff in list-building with these swarmers. I've had 2 types of games with vultures so far: they either pop like fizz candy where I'm losing one+ every round (lose), or they're surprising me with their resilience (win) ... just madly subject to dice variance and crit draws. I can play better for sure, but I suspect that feeling won't go away.
  4. Epic will be the new home of campaigns/scenarios. Let us hope they lean heavily into this!
  5. My Hyper lists that I re-created AFTER the deletion event just disappeared again, they were there this morning ...
  6. This stream, around 22:30, a vulture lands on the buzz droid swarm (BDS) - there was some debate as to whether BDS should then blow up. I think they played it right ("no"), since the BDS text "you cannot overlap an object this way" only takes effect when triggered by the prior sentence "If an enemy ship moves through you ..." IMO Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsKQxwAf4cc
  7. Seems to be a hyperspace problem? My Saved Hyper lists are gone ...
  8. As expected, the Rep ARC is more aggressively priced on release, shades of the RZ-2 situation. I don't think it's a big deal, but these Rep ARCs look priced to play.
  9. OMG they added maneuvers int the top bar - yay!
  10. Range 0 does not appear on the range ruler, but is used for describing the range of objects that are physically touching. After a ship partially executes a maneuver, it is at range 0 of the last ship it overlapped. An object is at range 0 of an obstacle or device if it is physically on top of it. Unfortunately it appears not
  11. Kylo was full health and would have been in no trouble at all if that nib hadn't existed, I moved there with a plan But your point is taken for sure. It was (obviously) too risky. I was thinking, guides could be inset into the plastic base like a 0.5mm slot you could fit the maneuver template in. Get rid of the nasty ugly in-the-way nibs LOL. An idea for 3.0
  12. I should specify for posterity that the rulesy term is "Guides"
  13. No shade at all on my opponent, I was just wondering if the nibs had been a problem for others ‘commonly’, and venting my personal angst that that seems an awful huge swing for just a nib. If I ran FFG I might change that rule (obv would run it thru playtesters 1st) but that’s just my opinion.
  14. OMG you have my axe!
  15. Brutal, only thing worse than nib overlap is nib-on-nib! 😂
  16. I hear ya, but for me the nib just feels extra insulting as it’s just a prop for movement, and on the “sometimes your opponent” front I sure hope so, none have been so kind as to ever do that for me tho
  17. LOL probably, I was seeing red after that overlap so my memory is fuzzy. I've watched a fair amount of streams and haven't seen this yet. I guess it just feels nuts to lose so much for a nib-tip, but I suppose the rules are simpler by saying 'nib is part of ship'. But ... just ... aaargh!
  18. Last turn. Kylo lands with half the nib (just the very tip of the nib) held up on the outjut of that asteroid. This meant the planned BR+boost [Edited from focus/BR - gettin old] to get out of Wexley's arc doesn't happen and range 1 shot on the 1-health Bastian ahead of Kylo (just off camera) is lost. *And* flying thru a 'roid next turn (not SNR Kylo) had there been time. Lost the game by a couple points on MOV (store tourney). Argh! all that for a stupid nib-tip. Sorry, needed to vent wondering how common this is for fellow players ?
  19. If these are 4 points they will be autoinclude at 3x per list IMO. They are better by far than, say, a rigged cargo chute at 4 points.
  20. I'd say 7-10 points, it's likely you'll get at least 1 crit *plus* force either wasted actions next turn (barrel roll or fly near a rock etc.) and/or wasted shot(s) at an Agi 3 target. Loose Buzz Droids will mess with your opponent's plans and get in their head. These look really good to me, compared to say one procket at 7 points.
  21. If you go with thanisson, put phasma on him
  22. Nice article, one thing I haven’t seen discussed is how to proc Dengars ability - list building and positioning choices to encourage the opponent to shoot dengar instead of avoiding him - despite his ini6 I don’t think he’s a super great end game ship due to dial and front arc locked nature.
  23. Nice lists, I feel like I have to take Ptorps on Ewings or you're not using that ship ability you're paying dearly for to enough extent. You can fit them in the Z-less list.
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