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  1. mcintma

    Arc with 2 x E-wing escort

    Nice lists, I feel like I have to take Ptorps on Ewings or you're not using that ship ability you're paying dearly for to enough extent. You can fit them in the Z-less list.
  2. mcintma

    Republic Upgrades Article

    I'm going to retreat to a cave in the Himalayas for 10 years to ponder this deeply ...
  3. mcintma

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    Purple evade is jamming beam I guess. It's ... there... maybe get used someday but 'free'
  4. mcintma


    ARCs remain overcosted, I can only assume they were left high so the Old repubic version can come in cheap (a la RZ-2). Sadly, you cannot use Afterburners on ARCs (or any non-small ship) ... Arc Norra would LOVE that.
  5. mcintma

    They're up!!!

    Right, a solid hypothesis, it's just that ... Hatin' Kanan aint "Hatin" if he's not being shot It feels weird because you want to let the Hate flow, but it could be that saving all your Hate for the end game is the way to go! I'd been playing him as a damage sponge (hence Chewbacca) with 2 flankers
  6. mcintma

    They're up!!!

    By no means am I claiming to be a master (or my list the best version), but a few things became clear: - it's dependent on rolling alot of eyeballs with all those force points, but with the VCX rolling no greens you're hoping to roll hits/eyes on reds, but I rolled hits/blanks such that I noticed my force was always at 4. Had trouble getting locks because Kanan is easily blocked OR tractored (you would think not due to large base, but with 0 Agi Kanan took 3 hits and was tractored over a rock which ruined his entire day) OR the guy I locked would arc-dodge the clumsy Ini3 VCX - timing of hate was often bad: you'd get damaged at Ini 4+, not spend force because 0 green dice, then come to Kanan's attack at full 4 force but not because of hate, just because no force was spent LOL - hard to keep friendly ships in the VCX arc if you are going for the double-tap attacks, with again the VCX getting blocked or tossed about by tractor, but I feel you have to attack 2x or 120+ points cannot be viable - with eveything to track on this build, I must admit I missed a few hate triggers and Kanan's ability at least once It's fun though and I got the idea from you Spidermana so Thanks Just don't feel it's meta PS. one more thing, I think Ezra gunner (18) is the brick holding this down, taking VTG (6) and instead Ezra in the shuttle could be the thing?
  7. mcintma

    They're up!!!

    Attack Shuttle - •“Zeb” Orrelios - 38 •“Zeb” Orrelios - Spectre-4 (34) Dorsal Turret (2) •Leia Organa (2) VCX-100 Light Freighter - •Kanan Jarrus - 128 •Kanan Jarrus - Spectre-1 (84) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Cannon Turret (4) •Chewbacca (4) •Maul (11) Hull Upgrade (2) •Ghost (0) •Ezra Bridger (18) Hate (3) RZ-1 A-wing - Phoenix Squadron Pilot - 34 Phoenix Squadron Pilot - (30) Ion Missiles (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  8. mcintma

    They're up!!!

    Not really, I tried out hatin Kanan and found too many things need to line up ideally, including your rolls, in order to get the 120+ points worth from him.
  9. mcintma

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    Put the YT2400 on the shelf till July, too many better options now
  10. mcintma

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Yup. I still like Bistan for multiple shots, or VTG got cheaper. So getting 2 modded shots is do-able (perCop, Lando...).
  11. mcintma

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    The Rebel YT1300 is gonna be hot. Han/Lando way down, plus discounts on Crew Lando, Chewbacca, PerCop, wow. Meanwhile the YT2400 looks dead until July.
  12. mcintma

    Rebel point changes; The impact

    Whaa-? How do you lose your crew slot thematically But thank goodness, because Leebo-C3PO was dominating the meta ... LOL
  13. mcintma

    No more Han/Roark double tap

    This coupled with Dash not going down in price much means Dash is not going to be seen on the table alot, until at least July
  14. mcintma


    Except Ezra Gunner, looks decent to me!
  15. mcintma

    They're up!!!

    What the heck Ezra gunner stayed at 18 ??? That seemed like the obvious one to me