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  1. Nice build! That's a nasty Hera but she melts down fast. She's starved for mods so AP5 is good. I'll never forget the store tourney I had an enemy Luke intimidated (1 Agi) into lock+focused Hera (w/ Zeb, who BTW does not work on ion cannon) plus had a friendly Thane also with a range 1 focused shot on Luke , and did zero damage *total*. That was 5 (Hera) + 4 (Thane) modded dice into 1 green. IIRC I rolled 5 blanks, spent lock into 4 blanks + 1 eye, spent focus for `1 hit which Luke rolled the evade, then Thane rolled 3 blanks + 1 eye spent focus, which Luke rolled an eye and Forced into evade. Perfect setup, zero return. In fact IIRC Luke did 3 damage to Hera in return as a slap in the face. Haven't played Hera since 😉 Also IIRC you can't roll more than 6 dice ever.
  2. I would assume it would be in this Res aces pack? Bit of a blunder if not - the next Res aces pack may not be for awhile as they have to do Imps, Rebs, etc. before a second Res one.
  3. They'll probably use her to explain the baby Yoda situation to Mando, as she's one of the few that would have a clue.
  4. And that Title ... 14 points is insane for Outrider.
  5. Yeah I feel like clusters are appropriately priced for 2 charges. Just 1 they seem way overpriced to me.
  6. Knowledge and Defense. Light Side only. +1 Force. You may only spend Force to modify defense dice or use a ship ability.
  7. Yeah I often forget that Vonreg trigger due to the weird timing BUT Vonreg is important in Hyperspace to out - Init the Bobas and all the other I5's in HS.
  8. So what happens with the text of Cloaking Device when the token is no longer present? Does the new ship, which doesnt have CD equipped, roll to see if it gets an eyeball and is forced to decloak? Or does CD go defunct until the ship with that upgrade card spends the 2nd charge to cloak again - at which point 2 ships might be cloaked. Weird
  9. I can't even get my mitts on 1 Fireball here in Canada. Even though I pre ordered from FLGS months ago. Dang Asmodee.
  10. If I ever write a manga, this is what I'm calling it
  11. It works and it's strong, but after 1st engage Rey can be starved for Force - personally I like regen-ing 2 force per turn (i.e. in the Cova build) instead of 1. Also Leia on Rey makes her primo target #1 id she wasn't already It's a solid build though
  12. Not just that but I just put Kaz's Fireball title on the Resistance Falcon
  13. Looks like they are not updating the app with new points ...
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