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  1. hei all, since i havnt found it so far and the skill is mentioned in this topic here: can i revive a ko-ed hero with quick recovery? dont have the rulebook currently...2 problems i see here, but cant check out 1: ko-ed heroes ..can i have LoS to them? 2: if i remember correctly a ko-ed hero who starts his turn can only do a stand up action...meaning that he has no "at the start of your turn"? -> which is relevant for watchmans quick recovery, isnt it? soo..im not sure currently...can the watchman revive a ko-ed hero via quick recovery? thanks in advance yus!
  2. I also Love syndrael as an conjurer via the hybrids...teleportation rune in Act 1 / or the port skill is a must have though
  3. Its all just about the Threats You Build up as an OL...if you do it correctly and Play according to the rules , it will be **** of a Fun to watch the Heroes again and again Discussing their round ...Not knowing which trap Awaits them this time Leading to their next loss in my a opinion rather the OL needs a nerve than the Heroes
  4. haha, yeh...the prohpet though can be skilled so he doesnt need much stamina anyway ....and if you maybe manage to get the staff of light....
  5. really like Okaluk and Rakash as Prophet...he can do heavy healing as well, has somehow one free action due to his hero ability and with prophet starting book (sages tome) he is hardly aimed by OL-traps !
  6. hmm rulewise i would lean towards Sadgits explanation, as well as logically. But both are arguable My thoughts are : The card has 4 sentences -> 1st: Chose an image 2nd: Move each Monster within 3 spaces of it [Farrow, Master Golem etc ignore this] 3rd: Each Monster must end its movement within 3 spaces [since you cant chose to move Farrow he may not be included in this one ...though you could still argue, that all monsters within 3 spaces of the image are meant, independent of being moved or not since it doesnt say "each moved monster must end..." . So 3 possible groups of monsters may be included: (a) movable monsters, that were moved (b) movable monsters, that werent moved and © unmovable monsters ] 4th: each of those suffers the dmg [so now its important which groups in the 3rd sentence were included..either its just (a) or its all 3 of them] as said...i lean towards no dmg for farrow rulewise logically : Its a vortex...a lot of debris may fly around, that hurts all monsters within the vortex [all groups suffer dmg] . Still you could argue, that the dmg comes from the harsh landing on the ground, after being moved [only group (a) suffers dmg]. Logically the latter may make more sence, since heroes should be hit by the debris as well.
  7. Hi, Im Andi and im also a Descent-a-holic i used to force people around me to play twillight imperium with me...or Runewars. I prefer Runewars due to the fantasy setting, so i usually wanted them to learn Runewars..and its easier anyway.....but...they either gave up while i tied to teach em the rules, or they gave up after around 5 hours of gaming saying we could simply play the second half next week or so. After 3 days they usually texted me, that they do not want to finish the game. Once i played a game against myself....Uthuk won against Latari ! it was an amazing game full of tactical decisions and crule battles !!...but i knew the strategies of my enemy...so it felt not like a real victory ....but the loss as Latari player felt real :/ 3 years no finished Runewars-Game freed me finally of this addiction and i forced less and less people around me to play it again. I almost forgot it. I thought i could acquire inner peace again...and harmony...untill it happaned. It was the 18th of July 2016...my Birthday. My sister and her husband gave me Descent 2e as a present....they gave it to me while saying : "its maybe a game similar to runewars, and maybe its easier so we might play it too! Its meant to be very cool according to the shop owner." I started to think about runewars again...how the Uthuk won. I placed Descent 2e somewhere in the corner of my room and grabbed my Runewars game. 3 Weeks after my Birthday i stumbled over the Descent box, cursing it to make me think of runewars again. But well...i was heading to my girlfrind by bus soon...and to kill the boring driving time i got the rulebook/questbooks with me. I like to read Fantasy game rulebooks^^. In this one hour it started to convince me more and more. The more i read, the more i wanted to play it. And the more i wanted to play it, the more i forgot about runewars! And then...my friends really said they would play it...and the more i played it, the more i wanted to own a every single piece of content...arrwghgrhg screw it ... got so many additions since then and due to the fact that i think often about strategies i overwhelmed my different hero groups as an Overlord...to have more insight about the complex mechanics and details of the game gives you a big advantage. My groups all gave up, saying that the game is impossible for the heroes...i did not have any Plot decks at that games. I tried to convince them to play the OL once...but they said no -.-....tried to convince them, that they should sometimes more likely head for search cards. that Tarhar as Necro is not optimal. that they should not waste feats for garbage monsters if they are in no hurry. That they should read zaltyres explanations about the different types of movement and many other important details. Well well....and now fml...im more addicted to this game than i was to runewars^^ and again most of my friends do not want to play it again xD its cursed !!! But luckily my sisters husband has a friend, who does also own descent 2e and is heavily addicted to this game ! and there we are almost finished with a campaign : ) ...but we still have a tarhar as necro :'D only possibility my other friend said yes to another campaign^^...but still...we are meeting every 2-3 weeks....feels like an eternity -.-
  8. +4 life with Aurium Mail would make him indeed an awesome tank !!...so it may be worth a lot the skill for this combo in cases where its very important that he wont die but my current experience (at least regarding HoB) is : if you get the possibility to do extreme burst dmg its worth it....all those lieutenants with their black+grey+ maybe another grey def die will fall quite fast against your Hero AND wolf while the wolf doesnt need to be tanky at all if you can make it survive via stalker...or alone for the reason, that the OL cant easily slow down the hero group with Golems blocking necessary hallways in quests where speed is the only relevant factor....so often a Master Golem was in our way....and when he finally fall down he got revived with tristayne olliven deck so he could stand once again in our way slowing us down long enough, that we couldnt fullfill the objectives anymore >__< And if i think about my upcoming HoB finale -> with that skill alone its possible to kill Eliza without having to end her spell....making the whole finale much more liekly to be won by the heroes without her getting 1 free action after each hero ends his turn. guess its just personal opinion and empiric data one has gathered during his play sessions...and of course: what are upcoming ojectives -> suriving or being fast / able to pull out big amounts of damage and : what role does your beastmaster mainly posses -> tank / dmg dealer / support etc....cause if i could decide what skills a possible pathfinder durik beastmaster would possess for my current hero group / quest obejctives i would head for burst dmg straight away. ...though i have had quests where the OL had to kill al heroes exactly 1 time -> more life is worth gold here..especially when the OL uses this burst dmg Plot deck of tristayne olliven ! so if you cant decide you maybe should check your possible finales and try to skill for that these, while having your whole hero / class / skill combinations for each hero in mind, when he reaches the finale (for example -> i have a bard in my group which is able to both stand up on its own and revive all party members in one turn in case a total hero group ko appeared) ..maybe that is where my preferencess for the beastmaster skill comes from at the moment
  9. would like to hear your campaign review of that class after your campaign
  10. yeh, i guess you are right...after i wrote this and when i tried to figure out how i would play that class, i realized that it can be both very weak, or very strong..depending on the situation! Guess i would love that class, since it opens a new strategic level
  11. which hero does the beastmaster posses? in case he is low life / brown def die and beeing targeted often by the OL i may would chose to increase his life with predator...but in mostly all other cases i would surely head for changings skins with mace of aver. 3 green die....thats massive dmg in the end that way. i would further head for stalker directly afterwards, because the OL will kill that poor wolf all time then ....stealing actions from the beastmaster, who is required to have his wolf there to exhaust changings skins. After stalker i would head for feral frenzy...because : 1 attack action for free for the wolf with maybe + 2 green die -> meaning that he may also easily trigger +5 dmg. Other skills are not that important anymore anyway, since they often boost your wolfs chance of survival, which is with stalker already very nice done. Furthermore stalker allows you to repositionate your wolf very effectively, which may lead to even more attacks with that devastating combo since the wolf doesnt need to spend too many actions for moving around. so if its a 4 hero party...where the chances are high, that the beastmaster is not being attacked all time (except its orkell maybe..which wouldnt be the best combo^^) then he should really head for changing skins in my opinion!
  12. short question about bards : if i have the song active which grants +1 fatigue for all heroes nearby....do also KO-ed heroes recover this one fatigue?
  13. I think it would be an awesome idea, but i have a few problems with it so far: spellbook: its simply one further spell...so alltogether this could simply be done by saying, that the spellcaster starts with an additional spell, isnt it? ....well if the quest has more than one encounter its clear to save the spellbook for encounter 2 though. But that may be the only reason why it exists...and the case that it grabs one trinket spot...but still...it is a bit less for me so far with respect to the book itself Alder Wand: The problem here is that it is the only weapon or item alltogether which gives you the opportunity to get another spell out of your deck regularly...i would rather say, that you should implement the getting spell mechanic somehow more connected to the book than the wand....but that casting spells requires the spellcaster to be equipped with a magic weapon (like you did with whiplash and bolt) or sth like that...esp since in act 2 BY attack die wont be that good anymore. ..but well ..you could argue, that you simply swap the weapon since the spellcaster can get spells 2 skills regularly too...so fair enough i guess Spells itself : since they neither cost any action nor any fatigue !!! (with that one buyable skill) its maybe too powerful in later quests, where you start with over 4 spells....guess i would go for all 1XP cards+ handwork+defeatism ...i am granted quite some nice free actions that way...possibly 1 revive+1 search action+ one teleport etc. that said i guess i would head for trenloe the strong as steelcaster / spellcaster since there is no fatigue needed....and with that skill that gives him 1 MP for casting spells...and maybe elven boots he may get along regarding speed+ useage of fatigue which he doesnt need otherwise. furthermore he has always +1 dmg and +1 shield. i would skip the role of a rogue then since trenloe will get spells by drawing search cards. And to flip a search card face up again is already a nice thing for the final. Due to his tough character he wont be targeted much i guess..he walks around tries to attack sometimes and recover fatigue that way to walk further, and grabs the search tokens to get further spells and supports with all his spells whenever it is necessary or useful. he wont be able to buy the 3XP cards but i wouldnt go for them anyway, since its A not safe to count on getting them in some cases and B they can only be played once per encounter with your current ruling -> so to withstand one OL-card / plot card effect per encounter for 3 XP with a probability of around 84% seems not worth the effort for me. Same goes for firestorm, though the extra 2 dmg each time could be very nice....but...still i would rather go for a more versatile supporter, who can get a lot out of his pocket for free while beeing tough and strong -> since i get spells for each search token i can easily swap weapons and i am not dependant on the starting weapon. this woud be my playstyle with that deck with respect to the your ruling so far. I think that way the hero group can skip the role of a rogue and go for a bit more aggressive and fast healer, who can also head for obejctives...and the last spot i would give to another Mage i guess. This group could get out a lot of dmg i think and the OL hast to be very careful all the time, since trenloe the tough supporter has quite some tricks up his sleeve !
  14. what are the experiences so far regarding campaigns with 2 or 3 heroes? is it unbalanced or is it quite similar to a 4 hero campaign? cause im really interested to run a campaign with 2 heroes : Nanok as Berserker Syndrael as Steelcaster / Conjurer i think theres much synergy potential in them : syndraels feat grants 2 move actions ! -> fast Nanoks feat also grants 2 actions...attack actions -> strong against tough enemies and bosses -> the combination could be devastating...fast and hitting like a bomb...2 free actions per feat is really powerful conjurer is great in tactical positioning and can easily attack on big distances and even around corners with images ! -> OL has no real advantage in spreading monsters ...its maybe more favourable to hold them together and meat block more important monsters berserker though can attack all adjacent monsters -> OL is forced to spread monsters Nanok has black def die -> awesome at start and with cripple he can make sure monsters are forced to target him instead of going for syndrael Syndrael wont have to move around much -> heroic ability may trigger every turn syndrael can move 5 spaces via her port skill which adds stun on top of it -> she still gets the 2 fatigue back ...and while she stunned a monster (or maybe more) next to her , nanok can walk past by and move one monster one space away from her (if monster isnt large...which may happen quite often, since nanoks feat is strong against few but tough monsters) -> monster cant attack in case OL doesnt play a card or has no ranged attack i already stated out, that these two heroes can be very fast -> syndrael places some images behind them to block hallways(either monsters have to waste one action to attack the images , or maybe the conjurer already has the skill which forces monsters to use one additional MP to enter spaces adjacent to images) -> they can easily outrun monsters and head for objectives both have 12 life at start and Nanok can easily get up to 16 life; syndrael can acquire the skill which gives her 2 life and one fatigue for surge (and with "many friends" thats quite easy to trigger)...so both are hard to knock down weak points : - both have only 2 in awereness -> syndrael wont move often anyway -> no real traps playable at her Nanok though...well...no real solution for this (at least charge can even be played while immobilized) ...and once he has charge he wil mainly walk via charge anyway-> so tripwire becomes more and more irrelevant....and pit trap is easy avoidable as well by simply investing one additional fatigue for 1 MP in case its important to be save from the stun effect - both have only 2 in willpower -> weak against disease -> Syndrael will recover a lot fatigue on the go anyway though...so not thaaat tragic for her Nanok will wear the belt that lets him easily walk on water spaces and boost his willpower by one despite these weakpoints though : i think this duo hits very hard and that monsters are usually dead before they were able to really threaten them...so im sure, they will eradicate barghests before they could howl more often...or they will have zombies down before they were able to give them disease (but well...they would outrun them anyway) If i was OL i guess i would head for Basic 2, since i surely cant win with power / frenzy ...and blinding speed is much better than run due to Nanoks attributes. Its a pitty i would not have dark charm against this low willpower duo, but at least grease trap which may help to either dmg nanok a bit, or get rid of an image token which could destroy my plans, if it walks to close to me, or simply steal them one action if they slide into the wrong direction. Dark charm may be not that good anyway because on syndrael : she wont have the additional green die from many friends, wont she? and dark charm on nanok : well...he has a black def die to guard him -> so i guess it would only be useful to either kill an image with it, or move the heroes farther away..which is to some extend also possible with grease trap....poison dart in basic one would be useless too. Furthermore Uncontrolled power from basic 2 would help the OL a lot i think . But i have a question regarding this : is syndrael a mage in that case? i dont think so, but im not sure...if she would be treated like one in case of uncontrolled power, this OL-card would be very effective then against that duo. and cards i would buy as an OL : imploding rift, and maybe go for infector deck since this duo wont get that much dmg from my attacks. so i can make attribute rolls harder for them and weaken their defense/attack a bit...but im not sure if this pays off enough. further i may go for the ariad plot deck since its strong against low willpower parties. I can easily move this duo around as an OL that way (with some monsters too) but is it worth it?....if i move them into lava or pits+immobilization they will easily get out with port/charge...i can only move them away from their objectives ...(at least if i cant get out a combo like moving them into lava, and while they enter that field i give them max fatigue dmg and immobilize them) ..its possbile, but clever heroes may hardly open the opportunity for this. guess it would be really hard for the OL..even while exploiting this low willpower the low aweareness can be exploited via explosive runes, but it would just give a bit dmg to them. wondering about your thoughts on this duo! and how you would cancel them out? EDIT: just realized that nanok has 3 in awareness...thought he would have 2....well...this makes it even harder to get all 4 MP out of blinding speed -> another plus for this duo
  15. i think as well, that its a bit controproductive...but not that much...guess there are not so many changes necessary....but for example Tahlia as beastmaster : she may often be forced to summon her wolf -> one action lost, so one action less to trigger her bonus 2 MP...and slow in general to get near enemies since beastmaster doesnt really have skills that allow her to move and attack at once. This gets even worse if you watch her stamina ...simply not made for beastmaster in my opinion. And as you stated out, the heroes want these classes, right? I would rather say your heroes shall go for Nanok as beastmaster then...faster, can push away some little monsters (synergy with roganna in case she needs the additional dmg or in case you want to push some monsters more close to the shadow walker) very good at start and when the OL heads for big blocking monsters (which he cant push around), his feat. give 2 additional actions / attacks which is very nice against mighty monsters ...furthermore he wont be expensive..you cant buy him heavy armor (and he has black die anyway) -> may be good, because lyssa may need a lot of gold -> 2 runes as weapons -> Mana Weaver i would suggest -> and rune armor...quite expensive...but would be worth the price i think. he would have 4 in strength...so if strength may become important for quests its good to have him too EDIT: i would also recommend to play Lyssa more likely as a beastmaster...or Jaes as skirmisher, as someone stated out earlier @frogTrigger: I think as well, that rogues are not that important in your current RtL campaign since there are not that many objectives that differ much from killing Monster X or Y in the usual campaigns though i would recoomend to have one in your party, since they are great for objectives / gold income via search tokens -> have to say, that i think, that the best rogue class in RtL is stalker, since he has a skill that allows your heroes to grab search tokens without using actions...thats really useful..especially since you do not need to scry through the search deck anyway without the treasure chest regarding your setup : i would have had syndrael and grisban swapped their classes, since syndrael has great synergy potential with respect to her hero ability and that porting skill the knight starts with...though theres also a nice synergy of grisban eating all attacks / conditions and easily get rid of them ( or at least most of them) so fair enough i would say
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