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  1. Seconded, and for getting us hooked to a game that we can't even play (in its intended setting).🙂 I guess you are prepared to get those questions first that you can answer the least. Anyway, interesting topics to read about could be: how to deal with power creep, lessons from playtesting, or even failures in design (that may or may not have appeared in public) ...
  2. I guess the Miniatures games were all transferred precisely because they were doing great, and AMG is seen by Asmodee to become their major miniature-game developer. That is, if they get the money to hire good developers, or any at all. Core FFG may continue Keyforge because it's moderately successful and they own the IP, but they may be forced to terminate or sell other product lines.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the FFG website as a whole will be removed merged with the Asmodee site, and someone was just kind enough to notify the forum users in advance. They probably had some kind of service/hosting contract which cost money. Amodee US doesn't provide a forum on their website, or any information at all. (Asmodee Germany still maintains a large forum, however, with subsections for some 100 games.)
  4. vbulletin. I don't think it's free, and hosting anyway needs a subscription to some cloud service (or ads).
  5. Yes, the BGG forum software feels ... aged. At least, it delivers a compact listing of topics, and there are some bells and whistles. (For true Star Wars OT style, I may consider switching to Usenet, to be read on a CRT monitor.)
  6. There are a couple of X-Wing repaints shown in the image section. The images have text captions. I don't know how to link those images to forum posts, I admit. I'd guess that such posts could be tagged as 'variants' - from a certain point of view.
  7. @DarthHenryAllen Thanks, indeed. There is another ... When I discovered X-wing, I was lurking the BGG forum before I came here and found that there was much more going on at FFG. But for almost any single (board) game out there, BGG will remain a safe place to gather. The only problem with the boardgamegeek site is that there is a separate page and forum for every single version and expansion. I'd expect the main discussion to be at https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/252328/star-wars-x-wing-second-edition The X-wing traffic there is low, but this need not stay like this. It's a proper forum, not just a timeline quickly disappearing into the void. Just a reminder about the BGG forum sections: All Reviews Sessions General Rules Strategy Variants News Crowdfunding Play By Forum Organized Play This should essentially cover the subsections of this forum, right? There are image and file sections, which already have some content and could carray more (custom cards, repaint images, etc.). Just in case ...
  8. Part of this was made public. Half a year ago, an Asmodee manager talked about the result of those negotiations in some detail, in a youtube interview. The renewed Disney-Asmodee agreement was to span five years, and it involved a plan of dividing FFG into a miniature and a boardgame section, both which should continue to develop and support Star Wars products with full support from the mother company. Now it appears as if they did something similar, but during Covid in a rush, cutting down resources and staff all at the same time, keeping only the SW license manager as a head of studio. Getting rid of all community relations is collateral damage. AMG and the FFG remnant will have to rebuild what's left.
  9. AMG likely won't host anything right now, they just got three full-size games from Asmodee and probably zero developers who can work on that. Their job offer that was posted somewhere sounds like Asmodee granted them one additional position for a new person to handle all of this simultaneously. (I hope I'm wrong.)
  10. Seriously, in this forum I can (could) search for and find info that was given weeks or months ago - and still useful. Discord - really? Reddit at least has threads. There is the BGG forum, X-Wing traffic there is ... low. Did I miss anything? Dreaming of AMG community forums - did they even hire a developer for X-wing?
  11. While there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to play X-wing in person for me (even before Covid), reading this forum, real people talking about the game has become a substitute drug. (The other one being FlyCasual.) Never tried Discord yet, maybe one should follow the crowd (if it is gathering there) ...?
  12. This one -? https://disboard.org/de/servers/tag/x-wing-miniatures Any other recommendation?
  13. The solo rules were labeled as alpha stage on purpose, both versions - calling for user input for internal development, far from release. Probably this was made public as a reaction to the pandemic situation, otherwise I don't know of any public alpha-testing for FFG games? Even without the move to a new studio, I wouldn't have expected regular updates or an official product featuring solo mode before mid-2021. An early announcement by AMG - maybe.
  14. These could appear or be announced in 2021 - if combining existing leaks and teasers makes sense. Huge ships for Rep/Sep. May contain scenarios (see Hyperspace ring). Squadron packs for Reb/Imp. New ships for Res/FO. Huges maybe later. Razor Crest + 1 ship for Scum. Campaign pack with co-op mode and structures (could be plastic, more likely book + cards + cardboard
  15. New feature: Offline mode! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/11/24/updated-programming/ Finally.
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