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  1. Thanks, the other option is to drop youngster in list 1 and throw in pure sabacc with s leader and change Scourge to Stealth
  2. Sorry, only just saw this reply. Yeah me and my friend go to the deeside defenders club in a Thursday but I didn't know about the others, getting to Wrexham is a ballache lol....
  3. Hi there! I'm new to the forum but have been playing a while. I've built up a fairly large fleet over the past 6 months or so. Anyways, after trying loads of different builds with large ships, small ships, and aces I've returned to flying swarms. I've got two lists I've been trying with mainly against a fat han list and had alright success. My questions are: 1) which of the lists would you think would have most success at a tournament? 2) which list is better? 3) can you improve on either of these? List 1: Howlrunner Swarm tactics Scourge Swarm leader Stealth device Mauler Mithil Snap shot Youngster Expose Wampa Total 100 List 2: Howlrunner Swarm tactics Scourge Swarm leader Stealth device Mauler Mithil Snap shot Wampa Academy pilot x 2 Total 100 So one swarm is 5 ships, the other is 6. Howlrunner pulls Wampa upto ps8 for shooting, hopefully to push a damage through for Scourge to swarm leader and expose giving 6 dice attack (7r1). Admittedly it's only once or twice a game when it all lines up and you're out of arc and safe to expose with Scourge but when it does its nasty. In list 1 Mauler acts as a blocker to proc snap shot for a nice extra attack (list 2 uses the academy's to pre block for mauler) and the rest of the swarm does like ice cube when he sees a blue uniform and swarm. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. Hi there, I've only recently started playing x wing (been a 40k guy since I was a kid) but I freaking love this game. It has all the aspects of tabletop games I love but without the ridiculous amount of cash having to be thrown down just to get playing. My only problem is I only know one other person who plays so our games are getting a bit repetitive. Do any of you guys live around Chester or know anywhere that games are on regularly close by? There is only one shop it's played in here but it's hard to find players as most people there seem to just play magic the gathering. I'm not on social media (pesky government wants to spy on everything) so finding games is really difficult. Be nice to get some fresh games and new players to harass.........
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