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  1. I just downloaded Vassal and created a Slack Account for this. Is there anything like a Discord channel or something to find free games? I might want to try and get a game or two in before the league, just so I know the controls better. I watched the GSP vids on it, but nothing like firsthand experience. Thanks!
  2. That is very helpful, thanks! I was just going off of https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/ but as I said it stops at the sands deluxe. Thanks!
  3. I got the game on Friday (core box, kazad dun, over and under Hill). I love the game already, but I really want more cards for deckbuilding, so I plan to pick up as many deluxe editions as I can find in stock this paycheck. So far, I feel I can make some decisions, but I basically put in every somewhat viable card and then have maybe 4-5 cards to cut. However, I was also thinking of picking up all the adventure packs for one cycle, assuming the connected quests would tell a story. My options are harad or dream chaser, as everything else is out of print. Any thoughts on which of these cycles is funner for quests? For the record, I plan to get Black Riders, Lost Realm, Voice of Isengard, Sands of Harad, and Grey Havens for deckbuilding purposes. I'd go to the new players guide for this, but it stops just after Sands of Harad, before the rest of that cycle. Thanks!
  4. That Sam deck looks interesting. I am building my card pool up some, with karad dun and Hobbit over and under Hill to have a good dwarf base. If I like the game, I'll likely pick up every deluxe expansion I can get my hands on.
  5. I've been looking at this game a lot in the last week and my core arrives in the mail today. I will mostly be playing solo, might play with the gf a little. I noticed that the rules say each deck can have 1-3 heroes, but ive never seen a deck with less than 3 heroes. Do these exist? (Maybe some sort of tricksy low-threat turbo quest deck?). I can see why the lower resources would be limiting, plus the 3 roles to cover, but I wasn't sure if there was some alternative. I mostly didn't want to waste time experimenting with less than 3 heroes if it will never work. Thanks!
  6. I actually think the "do not" wording is better, if, like in most games, "can't" overrides "can" in this game, although strangely that isn't a part of the Jade rule. I don't know why the province rule would take priority over the holding rule otherwise. If something tells us to do something, and something else tells us not to, both within the same rules reference so with the same amount of legitimacy, does one take priority? I'm not seeing anything that says one way or another, which would make this case ambiguous as per the rules.
  7. Alright, so this is a situation that I hope is wrong, but I just looked in the Rules Reference and I want to confirm: Under Holdings in the RR, the second bullet says, "During the regroup phase, when discarding faceup cards from his or her provinces, a player may choose to discard a face up holding. When this occurs, the province is refilled, facedown, with the top card of that player's dynasty deck, as normal." Mountaintop Statuary says, "Reaction: After this holding is turned face up - move it on to your stronghold province." If I discard Mountaintop Statuary from my stronghold province at end of turn, does my stronghold refill with a face down card? I'm pretty sure no, but I'm not seeing why not, unless because of "as normal", which would make the Holding bullet above completely pointless anyway.
  8. I was looking for videos like this yesterday! Thank you for putting out some content!
  9. Can't wait to listen, I was looking forward to this ep before my first time both playing and teaching this weekend.
  10. That would be a good paint scheme for the Rebels, with the Trooper leader having that sweet duster.
  11. Is traveling to compete a negative game descriptor in your book? In my town, if the game is not 40k or XWing, a tourney of it usually can't attract more than 2-4 locals. If I want to play my army against something other than the one army I've played against a million times, I have to travel for Infinity or Warmahordes or even AoS. I will be friendly and try to have a good time and generally lose these games pretty handily as I have no experience against the other armies. Also, I have a color disorder where I can't see colors very well, and have had to deal with minis players telling me playing unpainted is wrong since I was 11. I don't think there's a wrong way to play, whether it includes traveling out of town to stores or playing unpainted or on terrain that's only felt. I hate hearing what's traditional because it feels unnecessarily elitist.
  12. I'm not sure I agree about your points on resets/rotation. 7th came out in 2014 and 8th in 2017. XWing first and only edition came out in 2012. The competitive scene for minis has been fickle as well, in the cases of warmachine/hordes especially, but even in Warhammers fantasy and 40k. It doesn't change as quickly as card games, but it doesn't have as quick of a release schedule. This isn't always true; casual players continue to play whatever they want without getting the newer and more competitive models, but as someone who played grey knights from when they got an updated book and my full army of halberds was neither cost effective nor dread Knights and my storm shield Termies were invalid, minis meta has painful changes too.
  13. I agree. The jar jar scenes aside, the gungan army in Phantom Menace was cool and different. Same thing with droids and wookies, much more so than Rebels and Imperials.
  14. Yeah I played infinity for a year straight with a friend every Monday, and the LGS even announced it as Infinity/small skirmish minis day on their website, and while we had people look and ask we never got a consistent even 3rd person. I switched to X-Wing after that, but i would gladly play one or both of RuneWars or Legion if people play it locally. That said, I don't think any stores in my town stocked a single copy of RuneWars. 40k presence runs my local scene, with X-Wing being a clear second. This game looks much more like WarmaHordes in scale to me, and that's what I want since that game died locally about 3 years ago. If 2-3 other people want to play the game, I'll probably pick up a core or 2, and might get one to treat as a board game anyway.
  15. Hi all I'm wholly new to TI. I've thought of getting in to the game for a long time, and just last night I spoke to 2 friends who would be willing to set aside a whole day to try out TI3 if I felt like picking it up after I get back from GenCon. So with this well-timed announcement, I'm pretty excited. However, can anyone tell me about a) the races in the core TI3 and b) the other races (it looks like there were 17 in the old game after some brief forum searching). I'm debating on if I'll want to jump in on this, or take my LGS's 3rd Ed copy off their hands so they're not stuck with an expensive and outdated game. While I'm sure the streamlining experience would be good, I don't know if I need however many bonus races, and that's the most important part of any expac rules for me anyway. Thanks!
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