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  1. The Campaign mode is seriously - incredible! It would open up a whole new way of playing -and writing shorter small bits and combining together with one long end scenario could give the game a real weight. Of course the the half mad part of me also thinks.. 'and now we can combine it with Arkham Horror LCG' for a full character campaign -- with LCG sidequests... Bwahahahahhah! Quietly takes oneself to arkham asylum....
  2. Hi Folks, Great job as aways on the Valk. I've probably missed an entry somewhere, but is there work afoot to eventually include Horrific Journeys? I'm quite fond of the station and train tiles. And have a scenario in mind.
  3. Just posted over at BGG. best place to collate and play. Thanks for posting here, mate. Hard to get a game in with my regular mob at the moment. And i like the slow pace of it.
  4. Hi Impulse, What an intriguing idea. I'd be delighted to have a tilt at this with you. Playing the game at a more languid pace with a few folks could be a good way to get a game in. Forum plus chat and photos could make it relatively easy. JKW
  5. With these new scenarios that will take the official list to 15, not too shabby. We just need a few more DLC based ones and it helps the replay value as you can take time to cycle back to ones previously played. Apparently the homebrew Valkyerie based ones are quite ok too.
  6. I know! Quite startled by this so quickly. Had vaguely thought that DLC would have issued forth instead for a short while. Still More maps and more boards - and more cityscape by the looks of it. Arkham does grow in fits and starts. Personally i'm hoping for the Arctic expansion one day..where we get tiles of nothing but white
  7. I dont believe the tech is particularly there yet -- but a modified version of the game would be quite the fun idea of VR if and when it matures. Something social, a bit more abstract -- and perhaps rather than real time or turn taking -it could be modified to a clock ticking time out format - so everyone acts simulataneously but there is a measured action time. Also the use of pre-recorded phrases and speech bubbles for characters would be a hoot. This sort of coop/ shared play much better than real time battles for my tastes.. and lets face it, which of us wouldnt want to see the shoggoth oozing through the door? ???
  8. Musing on whether this is a decent rule/ house rule. As far as I can tell - a story Asset, like an Ally, uses up a slot when it first appears as part of the story flow. Once added to deck for later scenarios it of course should behave like a normal card. However I could see a justification for house ruling that the first time it crops up and a player gains control, that it allows you to exceed any slots if you already have it filled as much for narrative as anything. Eg the new Ally is cajoled into joining your party, and it seems to be a bit rude to summarily dismiss Luca as no longer worthy and left behind.
  9. That's a crafty idea Julia, I like it. Could add the the choice of - common items, improvement tokens or clues up front as ways to spend XP. I might consider letting the mission go on until half the party is dead or insane instead of at the first too as a house rule, to fit in more with Arkham horro LCG play.
  10. Given there is no official way to run a campaign with Mansions of madness, i'm musing on how I might utilise Arkham Horror LCG and blend the MoM scenarios in as stand-alone scenarios for characters on campaign. Sadly they haven't included a great many more overlapping 'gator with the upcoming expansions BUT i think there is currently enough to give it a tilt. ( Jenny, Ashcan, Minh, Akachi, Wendy at least) I could see that victory points for MoM could be set equal to the difficulty of the scenario - with perhaps the possibility of additional for a storys significant act ( Defeat major foe - solve significant puzzle?). ArkHorC characters who had suffered madness and trauma would simply start with the equivalent hits to stamina and sanity- although it might be prudent to look at it as hits as a rounded ratio if there was a lot of disparity in the stats between the two games. .. eg Jenny has 8/6 health/san in MoM and 8/7 in ArkHorC I'm less certain how you might enable spent experience points from ArkHorc to be capitalized upon in MoM setup. Additional items of some sort perhaps? Or even additional Clues? Anyone have any other interesting suggestions?
  11. I've been musing, Those of us who are committed players and purchase all the expansions would presumably be keen to see new scenarios (eg DLC ones) that utilize all or at least many components for a richer experience. However when a new box is produced really FFG need to make scenarios that really only focus the components supplied by that expansion and the base game. Does this make it quite frankly hard to get commitment to have 'big stories with all the bits' being generated? How could they market it? For instance is the creation of 'Awesome new campaign' for those who have at least 3 of the 4 expansions going to help them sell more units of card'nboards? Or is the commitment to build such a scenario too much of a loss leader? Anyone else see a way we can get all the bits dragged into games?
  12. Yes the box is much more rugged - similar to the original. Mind you i stow mine in 1 big box anyway
  13. Yes.. There has to be some suspense.... although let us just say that there is an ominous cloud on the horizon....
  14. OK --- SPOILERS (for those who care) List of new insanities... .. .. .. .. Arcane Aspirations Win only if investigation complete and you have a spell. Prepared Win if investigation complete and you have a blade or light source Pact with Yog win and game ends if you have a spell and in same space as another investigator Passive Cannot disagree with player to your left. Otherwise win as normal.
  15. We in Oz are usually the last to get boxed games.. But this time I already have my copy of 'Beyond the Threshold' But the APP doesnt yet have the scenarios/ box to tick for owning the expansion!!!!!
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