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  1. I love all the ideas, I'm planning to invite some friend over and kinda of play test ideas like two orginal core set. I love the idea of trying cheap tournament stuff. I'm gearing my article more to families and couples so I am making an assumption that people will need to field two lists. I even reluctant to sent new folks to the forums, the forums can be overwhelming and what's popular online may not be popular locally. We have one local shop that does an x Ewing league and each night is a theme, or you may have to use non named pilots, or they may do missions.
  2. I think heroes of the resistance is a great purchase. The TFA core and HOR let's someone field a decent fun combo, for 75. I got a bit of flack on Reddit for not pushing the original core, I love the thematic aspect of it, but one anyone gets remotely into store play there going to need the newer stuff. I am not going to promote proxies or online play. My goals for the blog is to bring people together around the table. I want non gamers to feel like they can pick up a real game have fun with family and make some new friends.
  3. I just wrote a blog about how to get into x-wing on a budget, I would love to know what you think since you are new https://butwhythopodcast.com/2018/01/15/how-to-start-playing-x-wing-on-a-budget/
  4. I'm working on some ideas for my next post, like alternative budget buys. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Hello If you may recall I started blogging, my last post was about why you be playing X-Wing. Today, I posted a follow up, on what to buy on a budget. I am trying to build the community, especially around causal play. MY viewers are Star Wars fans but not necessarily tabletop gamers. So I wont be getting into META and that kind of stuff. My goal is to get them into there local shop and give the game a chance. I welcome comments and suggestion, please dm me if you don't like something in my post I'm new to blogging https://butwhythopodcast.com/2018/01/15/how-to-start-playing-x-wing-on-a-budget/
  6. Stew00m

    Vulture Droids

    I would love vulture droids, so I can recreate lords of the sigh, great book. I also want a chopper y wing pilot where he can control another y wing.
  7. Great point about tournaments, I will cover more details this week. If you guys are on Reddit would you mind giving me some love there?
  8. You're correct my plan for article two is doing a lost on how to get start and not be overwhelmed. When we first started playing we did several battles with just the core set. One of our local game shops does theme x-wing nights, such as only generic pilots or missions from the expansions.
  9. The models really are display quality, I wanted to add something to the post about how beautiful the ships are. I'm still trying to get a feel for how much or how little info to include.
  10. I play rebels and sometimes scum, and I have never used my hwk-290.
  11. Great Advice! I try to convert everyone I know. I bought core sets for family members for gifts.
  12. Hey folks I have been playing casually for a while now, we have a nice community locally but it would be nice if it were bigger. I have been trying to recruit people to the game, lots people received a X-Wing core set from their secret Santa this year Recently I had an opportunity to blog about X-wing. I'm new to blogging so please go easy on me, but if you could check out my post and shoot me (DM) some pointers I would really appreciate it. My goal is to reach non-gamers and get them into the this game. My hope is for future posts will talk to about casual X-Wing play and alternative formats. https://butwhythopodcast.com/2018/01/07/thats-one-heck-of-a-pilot-why-you-need-to-start-playing-the-x-wing-miniatures-game-in-2018/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. I took the dialogue to mean smoke got to ben, then Luke sensed it. Guess I gotta go back an rewatch it
  14. I think you right, but what's Star Trek?
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