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  1. Herra for y wing fix and saw for u wing fix, it needs to happen
  2. The thing that I really don't get about FFG, there litteraly passing up the opportunity to make more money. They could easy put together two more x wing ship packs, with new paint and cards. they could also easily make a roque one "aces" set. They literally have a liscense to print money, and there just not bringing the stuff to market. my business is a bit different, but if my clients ask to buy stuff from me you better believe I'm gonna deliver.
  3. I'm not sure what everyone is expecting from these ships or walkers, lets be perfectly honest about the Star Wars universe. It was a pretty crummy place even pre empire, its was constantly at war, Sith war, mandalorian war, Jedi Wars etc. The senate was corrupt, corporations were corrupt. Most of the citizens lived in poverty, gangs and bounty hunters operated with little resistance. The clone wars depleted lots of wealth and resources prior to the official empire. The empire burned credits, how much you think it costs to build and rebuild a deathstar? Vadar was always force choking employees. They murdered the scientist that work on the Death Star, they poisoned the geonosions. They used slaves to build everything, it makes complete sense the designs would be goofy. Look all the way to the old republic, technology really didn't progress that much. Honestly your looking at a period of time more like the the Dark Ages than the post industrial revolution. The first order has more in common to North Korea than any other modern millitary.
  4. The walker is a bit silly, but not offensive, and the star destroyer seems logical. Having worked in government, I know first hand whenever a "program" fails, usually the conclusion is that the program failed because it just didn't go "big enough. I think it's very realistic that the first Order would just keep trying to go bigger and bigger. The Remenents of the empire didn't have much to work with resource wise, so starting with fresh new designs seems unlikely. Also, the empire relied on lots of forced labor, and historically forced labor is not known for technological innovation and creativity.
  5. This same discussion came up in the Fallout Board game discussion. I understand FFG's reasoning for not prepainted, such as cost, and I suspect painting it's actually appealing to a vast majority of gamers. I also believe painting is itimaidating to casual gamers, myself included. I always thought gamming looked like fun at the comic shop, but was intimidated by it. I don't have any friends that are gamers and it kinda a difficult thing to just jump into. X wing got me into gaming, and even now I keep lusting after Imperial assault. Again, the painting just scares me off as the guys who play it locally are really amazing at painting. I think a prepainted collectors set in addition to the regular would bring casual players into the fold and satisfy everyone. My own opinion is I'm going to give this a try, maybe I will even attempt to paint (god help us all) i think if I settle on a few units I really love I will just hire out a custom paint job.
  6. I think the game looks awesome and I can't wait. Frankly im a bit disappointed by all the complaining already about it potentially not being comparable with Imperial assault. I am no rookie to game forums so I shouldn't be " that" surprised but still.
  7. I'm thinking Fen with Ezra and the u wing pilot that removes stress. I kinda actually like the u wing, so maybe fen will allow me to bring it to the table. Lolz, I had to look it up its cassian that removes stress.
  8. Eva Mendes! She be like, "omg you like Star Wars" id be like, "I sure do" she be like, "that's sooo hot" id be like, "ikr" then she would be all like like " I want to marry you" and id be like "cool" yup, that's exactly how it would go down
  9. X wing is the first table top game I ever got into. when I was a kid I'd go to the comic shop to buy comics and I would always see the warhammer stuff on display in the back, and the big amazingly detailed battlegrounds. It always looked cool, but honestly the Painting and assembly always intimidated me. I tried a many of model and train set, trust me when I say I'm not artistic and my personal results never lived up to my own standards. When I saw those beautiful x wing ships and did a game demo at my local store I was hooked. X wing served as a nice gateway into gaming for the temid and we picked up Mansions of madness and started playing Destiney. I think fallout might appeal to non table gamers and serve as a way to bring new folks into the fold. Not being painted is certainly not a deal breaker as fallout is prob my second fav thing after Star Wars. I would however jump at the opportunity to get the collector set.
  10. I think LAAT's if included should be low cost and low health. In the movies it looks like they packed a punch but couldn't reallly take a hit. plus if we do get them I'm gonna need to swarm then so I can show all all my nose art.
  11. I want a LAAT soooo bad, Disney seems to be moving away from the prequels, and FFG seems they rather go with lesser know ships, so I am not holding my breath
  12. @sozin I hate to be negative, Disney is notoriously difficult to work with in regards to Games, in particular Moble Games. Disney is trying to clean up the expanded universe and there position is anything produced or liscensed out after the purchase of Lucas film must not detract from there goal of a consistent unified cannon. Since X wing miniatures allows you to mix and match pilots and timelines, and some of the games is now considered non cannon, i don't see Disney going for it. Sadly, this is why we probably won't see stars wars in lego dimensions anytime soon if at all. The best chance at an x wing skimish app is if someone builds some sort of vasal like app.
  13. Disney retained the rights to all mobile and social games when they licsesed video games to EA. So the good news is a mobile app would not require EA blessing. the bad news is Disney got rid Lucas video game group, and Disney wants to handle moble games in house. Disney is possible worse at managing video games than EA. Disney killed the popular marvel game, by neglecting it then ultimately killing it off. the Star Wars commander game (similar to clash of clans) is run by skeleton crew and is possible one of the buggiest mobile games ever created, reviled only by Dragon Soul. commander should be great, but sadly it's neglected and has substantial balance issues. Last disney pulled the plug on the popular and critically well received infinity "toy to life" game. I know it's not exclusively Star Wars, but Star Wars was a big part of it. The toy to life market, i.e. Lego dimension or sky landers is hudgly lucrative and Disney bailed on it by alleging "supply issues" I think the mouse has done lots of great things with Star Wars. However, I think there handling of video games is quite poor. Star Wars had some amazing games like Kotor, force unleashed etc. Sadly we will probably never see such games as EA is only interested in Battle Front and the old republic mmo. Now I would love a X wing battle app, but instead I'd prefer it to be a toy to life game. I.e. You go to your ffg buy an expansion pack get some sort of bar code and then scan the expansion into the game. I think this model suits the game more, it would not canabilize from store sales. The app could even allow for campaign style missions when unqique pilots are needed to beat or unlock certain features similar to lego demensions. Of course you could still battle in the app like vasal. It would be cool if it included exotic formats and team epic
  14. I like flying the u wing or the attack shuttle.
  15. I just started reading the aftermath series of books, that takes place after the battle of Endor. im only half way into book one and I don't want to spoiler anything, but minor spoilers ahead. I get the feeling that after the victory and a new senate was formed they moved quick to demilitarize the republic. It makes sense that the A Wing would only have evolved slightly. Also, if you look back to the old republic it appears tech evolves slowly in the Star Wars universe.