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  1. Unfortunately, the app's methods of upping difficulty are rather lame in general. I don't want to start with less gold and fame, I just want the encounters to be tougher. Most homebrew difficulty increases I have seen are better than what the app does.
  2. Not a fully 'wasted' turn, but still vastly inferior to having a tank take the hit. A geomancer's summon action is much inferior to an actual action because 1) No bonus surge. 2) No attack bonuses that apply to the hero themselves (this reduces a lot of cross-hero synergies). 3) No using attack skills. 4) What if you didn't want to use that action attacking? On top of that, the tank is way way less likely to take damage in the first place, and if he does take damage, as I said the healer's heal truly is action-free, unlike the stone summon which is a far more constrained action 'refund'.
  3. I really, REALLY should be Nerekhall. The campaign it unlocks is far superior to any other content RtL has.
  4. It's not that the Geomancer is broken, it's that the game really isn't that hard:P You'll find as you get better you will want to make houserules to increase the difficulty. Stone tanking is far from being the best method of tanking, almost any well-built tank will be basically invincible to attacks (plus you won't have to keep wasting actions resummoning, if the tank takes any damage a healer can heal him without spending an action, whereas if a stone gets hurt the geomancer has to spend an action making a new one).
  5. With the release of SOC, our group's playing a lot again, so we're resuming work on the playtesting and rebalancing, hopefully some more people can join in and help!
  6. Thanks, we were just noticing that in our own playtests Some changes have been made.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, made some more changes based on your input and some further playtesting with our own group. Anybody else been doing any testing with these?
  8. You're probably counting viral hex, which is not an action.
  9. Yes, +20 attack that targets everyone is going to do serious damage even when halved
  10. I may be remembering wrong, but doesn't it say you can attack him "as an action"? If so that means you have access to another action, and the only effect of that action is "attack Farrow". Not that you can do any action that performs an attack and have that affect Farrow. Meaning that you cannot use carve a path to hit him.
  11. Someone in my group pointed out that since the rebalance has made a lot of 3xp skills useful/important, the hybrid classes have gotten weaker comparatively, I've made some adjustments with this in mind.
  12. Yeah, you have to get to the second story mission to get going, but from there, any of those combos basically breaks the rest of the campaign. The rebalance thread I'm working on addresses all of these as well as making a lot of the weaker skills and classes more useful
  13. If you're aiming to make the most powerful group possible, there are some pretty extreme combinations. For example, against large groups a Hexer can place all 20 hex tokens in a single round (hex someone, plague cloud to a bunch of monsters, viral hex, all combined with the hex doubler), and a Seer Kel Necromancer can follow up right after by simultaneously hitting every single monster in the room (army of the dead, with seer kel's LOS ignoring ability, hits everyone) and exploit those tokens for a +20 damage full room attack. Realistically speaking, nothing survives this. A simple 2-man combo that will wipe out any large monster group halfway through the first turn. For smaller groups, we have the conjurer. The conjurer can easily keep up 4 images because the RtL AI is too stupid to kill the 3rd and 4th like a good OL would. Meaning every single turn he can attack FIVE times, each with a bonus green die, and the fifth attack getting a +4 damage bonus. This will annihilate any small encounter or boss easily. And to top everyone off, an Elder Mok bard with the staff of light (pick this up in the 2nd story mission) can heal everybody for 5 health and 4 fatigue every turn, while also providing all other characters with +1 damage to all attacks, making your group functionally immortal, not that it was really necessary since every encounter ends in one turn. It's more about the 4 fatigue every turn which ensures that everybody else never has to rest and can always use their most expensive skills. To do this, start off your turn by recovering 1 fatigue from concentration, then moving both song counters to Understudy for 2 fatigue, then activating staff of light twice for 4/4 recovery across the group, then moving the two song tokens back to Mending and War for 4 fatigue, and finally healing everyone for 1 more health with mending while recovering a fatigue. The fatigue balances out so this is sustainable indefinitely. Get Wayfarer so you can move 4 spaces per turn for free while doing this. In our games we generally avoid using any of these combos, as they make it trivially easy, I can't imagine how boring playing with the full set would be
  14. Made some adjustments to Conjurer and Treasure Hunter per those observations, need to think some more on if Beastmaster and Skirmisher need further tuning (any more playtesting reports are appreciated)
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