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  1. Ok, thanks guys. Breaking jostero is my pet project and has been since hired guns expac, with the lockdown on upgrade wing its getting alot harder
  2. Hi, does the auto damage of homing missle trigger josteros free attack? I cant find a definition of when in the stage someone becomes a defender
  3. Rebel Alliance Galactic Empire Scum and Villainy Card Browser About English Log In Submit Bug/Feature Request Unnamed Squadron Points: 100 / Standard Epic Team Epic Custom (0 left) This squad uses unreleased content! Text New Squad Unnamed Squadron (100) Captain Nym (Scum) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 30 Veteran Instincts 1 Autoblaster Turret 2 Bomblet Generator 3 Accuracy Corrector 3 "Genius" 0 Havoc 0 Ship Total: 39 Captain Jostero — Kihraxz Fighter 24 Expertise 4 Cruise Missiles 3 Ion Dischargers 2 Engine Upgrade 4 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 Autothrusters 2 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 35 Jakku Gunrunner — Quadjumper 15 Cikatro Vizago 0 Cluster Mines 4 Pattern Analyzer 2 Cloaking Device 2 Experimental Interface 3 Ship Total: 26
  4. Hi im putting together a poe and epic chewie deck im using the falcon and reversal to combo with chewie data pads and cunning. Letting me turn a few dice then throw them at my foe. To add some control in while i get there im going to put either rey's staff or jet pack in. What do you guys think is the better choice. Rey's lets me get reid of either dice type meaning i have more versatility. But the jet pack dice is just loads better and its dice removal gives me a shield too
  5. Jakku gunrunner Cluster mines, experimental interface, cikatro vizargo, cloacking device Sol sixxa Bomlet generator, havoc, genius 55 pts So this is my starting point for scum bombing fun. Cloacking divice into salvege crane turns the jakku into a hard to hit nightmear who with experimental interface can br onto you then drop the mines. And sol with bomlet and genius can drop as he moves or after and with his angled drops and br he can then br out of range 1 of the bomb. A few mods could be Jakku Take pattern anyliser Sol Add a turret, advanced sensors to br and drop befor moving, vi if taking nym, ordinance if you want punch What to put in the last bit of the list I have a few ideas for this and in reality you can fit most things in after flavoring sol to taste. Another bomber emon azzeman, a cad bane carying jump master or nym An ace Talon bane with the new title, guri with the new title and advanced protons, fen rau an alpha strike N'druu with cluster and fearless, micro bossk with just essentials Or control A slim ketsu for tractors onto mines/rocks, 4-lom for stress control, a space tug jakku Some times two will fit such as a space tug jakku and the cluster n'druu
  6. Ps1 Gunrunner Cluster mines, experimental interface, cikatro vizago, cloaking device, patern anylizer. Its expensive. But it lets me move br the. Drop a bomb on some ones head while being a 4 agi ship. The patern ayliser is incase i want to sloop or revers befor this. But i may lose it
  7. Izikial

    Imperial niche

    I thought the tech slot was sort of impirial. A few other ships hear and there have it. But the majority are impirial ships. Same with ilicit is on the falcon and captured tie
  8. Hi guys. Playing aroubd with a list and im happy to take direction on som changes. Jakku gunrunner Cluster mines, experimental interface, pattern anylizer, clocking device. Cikatro vizago 4x binayre pirate Feedback array Serissu Light skyc Im not overly attached to anything othere than the gun runner Serissu was a last minute hole filler but did do ok in my few games. The feedback z's are to punish low agi or high agi ships as the needs require The gun runner when im better with i may take pattern anylizer of and experimental. But atm being able to move br then drop gives me so much control. Vizago is there to swap clocking into a scavanger crain
  9. Hi guys how do these guys intract. I see one of three possibilitys Cikatro dosnt "discard" the upgrade so the new upgrade given the ilicit token as it takes its place. Cikatro although not useing the buzz word, it dose discard it meaning you can use the token and there for have two ilicits. Cikatro dosnt discard and there for the token isnt used but it dosnt take the first ones place meaning the token gose to waste. What do we think?
  10. If you remove something that gives a slot do you lose whats in the slot aswell
  11. Hi. I love list building and hate stagnent metas so im always looking for something a bit diferant. So im building a liat with zuvio and i need help. First of i need a hand refining zuvios load out And second i need some help on sorting his list buddies So zuvio has; cluster mines, cloacking device, cikatro vizago, pattern anyliser The plan is. Cloack and swap it of to salvage crane and then be a pain Possible ept ptl, intimidation Possible mod, eperimental interface, spacetug, stealth device Ptl lets me bomb then br or bomb focus Intimidation means if i bump then iblpwer there agi Experimental lets me br then bomb Spacetug for the control and another damaging action that works when cloaked Stealth device for more greens After thats sorted the. We need some freinds. Im leaning to talonbain as i have the ahip and never used it. And if i do space tug i can force range changes in talons favor. For otheres i have thought a cheep jabba yv for double glitters on talon and incase i have to discard the salvage crain Guri with protons Zuckuss A bump scout So any thoughts. Im roughly happy with zuvio just the rest. Zuvio will be around 29-32 pts talon also 32 ish
  12. I realy like the ship and want to fly a few of them. But im expecting a bad dial. In a way im hopeing for a bad dial so i dont get told im playing something else broken. It would be nice to be able to play my faction withought getting told its op and unbeatable. I want to just play the game and have fun
  13. Hi ffg. Its my birthday next tuesday could you give me a present and release the dial for the skurrg? Pritty please, thank you.
  14. Thank you. Thank you all for your nerfings i feel so much better. Im trying to git bad. But every game i play my oponant forgets the quad can revers and then i have to tractor beam them as it would be rude not to
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