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  1. We had a group of 12 people from all over the cities that got together super casual at our homes for x-wing outside of the store/ league and tournaments. Occasional players who buy a ship more for the model. Even though i offered to bring the ships and cards the group lost 10 players with 2.0 and quickly fell apart. The kids group also fell apart but is slowly regaining some momentum. Yesterday there was a 16 and a 9 year old at the MN FFG Hyperspace tournament. previous year there were 6 kids i believe , not huge but significant because when the parents lose interest the kids no longer have a game to play. Conversion kits were perfectly designed 1 for each player for the cardboard and cards (not dials) so that forces a house with 3 players to buy minimum 2 conversion kits just so 2 people can fly the special pilot at the same time. For me I think the reinvestment cost was too steep to make your collection whole , would have been nice to be able to select each ship individually and spread the cost out a little and have duplicate pilots , just like when you bought the extra swarm 6 tie fighters originally you had 6+ of the restricted pilots / bases to loan or give away or have resources to invite new players to your group . Building a synergy with new players is very important for building the success of the game . The good news is as the weekly pay to play tournaments winner takes the cash have diminished and transformed into weekly themed events or Leagues that have distributed prizes to everyone, these events get your hands on more of your collection flying ships you rarely fly. I like playing x-wing so i am staying in , I think it will take a little over 2 years to get back to where we were before 2.0.
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